The New Age Luminary Hearths (Centre Luminaires du Nouvel Age, Centros Luminares de la Nueva Era) are usually constituted by 10 or more ACTIVE ASSOCIATE-MEMBERS, or any group of 8 independent Students of the Courses of Study of the Spiritual Universities in any part of the world.

When these NEW AGE CENTERS OF CULTURE AND HUMAN CONSCIENCE become sufficiently developed and are well organized, they can include all sorts of SOCIAL SERVICE facilities, thus becoming duly Chartered Social and Cultural Centers of the New Age Worldwide Brotherhood - Co-operative - Commonwealth of Mankind.

(THE NEW AGE LUMINARY HEARTHS cannot under any circumstance becomes the private pen, court or property of any person in particular, regardless of claims or motives. Human beings and humanity at large should never be the "subjects" or the wealth-makers of any sort of self-centered leader, Hatha yoguic superman, "Divine man", day-dreaming mystic clan, or babbling traveler. The distinctive characteristic of our organization consists, precisely, in promoting absolute freedom of conscience, of thought and of expression)

All the Social SERVICES as well as the numerous CULTURAL activities of the New Age Luminary Hearths are ABSOLUTELY Free. There, the Courses of Study of our EDUCATIONAL DEPARTMENT (Human Sculpture, Human Metamorphosis, Scientific Integral Yoga, Spiritual Realization (BODHA), Cosmocracy and Biosophy, Radiomind or Telepathy, Color Healing, Spiritual Regeneration, Multi-Consciousness, Creative Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Biopsychology, Radiesthesia, Mental Magic, Social Success and Leadership, etc.) may be allowed in person. These same Courses of Study may also be obtained Via Air Mail by all persons desiring them, when they become ACTIVE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS of the New Age Worldwide Brotherhood - Co-operative - Commonwealth of Mankind.

Connoted Public Lecturers, prestigious Educators, Scientists, leading Churchmen of all the religions, Artists and well known Writers are always invited to occupy our Tribune.


Excerpt From: General Membership Handbook (full text at disposal)