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There are several fundamental facts, which, being basic in the fabrication and process of life should be well borne in mind. These are the ABSOLUTE JUSTIFICATIONS OF LIFE:

  1. Spirit is eternal, perfect, non-composite, non-evolutionary.
  2. Life is a process, not a determined plan. It is in constant definition; it is never absolute.
  3. Decisions, efforts and endeavors contribute determinedly to the characterization of life.
  4. Will is a governing factor of life.
  5. Freewill prevails, yet it is subject to the general trends and predicaments of the Mind functions.
  6. The mind is composed of Life-Essence, which struggle to achieve consistency and pre-eminence over circumstances within and without. Yet, all consistency and success will depend concurrently on the meaning of TATTWAS. 
  7. Life is characterized, shaped and conditioned by the Mind. Yet it is all conditioned and manifested TATTWAS (Vital Elements, primary principles of life).  
  8. The Mind is the contact process between the outside world and the inside Realms of Vital Elements and developments.
  9. Life is what we make it, according to our own mental dispositions, preparations and abilities. It can be of a high standard, in keeping with the Capacity to deal with TATTWAS and meeting higher planes of life-conditions.  
  10. Man is part integrant of Universal Nature, and can never be severed from it.
  11. Man is subject to evolution, to untold heights, even to Divine Realizations, according to his own endeavors, yearnings and aspirations.
  12. Man is the maker of his own destiny, provided he does not tamper with Nature’s laws, or ignore Universal Principles. Otherwise, he will be subject to all sorts of misery, morbid conditions and hellish designs.
  13. Man’s evolution, health and happiness depend on his own purports and designs.
  14. Morality is the ability of man to abide by Universal Principles and Natural conditions, according to imperatives created by the TATTWAS.
  15. Spirituality is righteous living. Communion with higher powers.
  16. Human Society is a conglomerate of individuals who are conscious of their moral duties, and with conscientious Spiritual designs, intent on the well-being of all.
  17. The imperatives of conscience are Universal absolutes in equal circumstances… In the lower kingdoms of Nature, they are known as Intuition, inspiration or Spiritual Powers. We are consequently, responsible for all happenings affecting us, in a way or another. Destiny is the course we choose, ignorantly or wisely, as it may be, and it is entirely of our own fabrication by means of desires or wishes, yearnings or passions, thoughts or whims, ideals or bullying, planning or dreaming.
  18. Birth is predetermined by ourselves, and so is death. We die according to our own energetic conditions, and we are born following the pattern of our stronger mental designs. Thus, do we link ourselves to the remote future of unoccurred events and liberate ourselves from the confusing past. But we are always the responsible determining factors of life.
  19. Love is our ability to link ourselves to heavenly designs and to follow Divine genius.
  20. The genius and the moron are made alike, only their degrees of consciousness differ in opposite conditions. The same may be said of the satanic, the sage and the saint, the wholesome citizen and abject dictator. Their conditions will vary only in the measure that their consciousness varies.

No amount of meditation could help us solve our problems and those of the world without taking into due account these Justifications of Life, and we would appreciate your assistance in forging ahead and toward the solution of all existing problems, within and without, either individualistic or social in character.

(Lesson N° 11) 

--- * ---

Learn to justify your life as much as you would like to always enjoy the highest Blessings of the Universe.

Now, in order to be able to UNFOLD and GROW, you must learn how to GIVE.  Unless you GIVE yourself wisely, you are bound to disastrous failures and tragic disillusionments.

GIVE, but give appropriately. Do not be dissipate and unconscious. GIVE considerately, unselfishly and joyfully, but GIVE only when you must.

Do not GIVE when you sight will not be duly understood and appreciated.  Do not GIVE when your Gift is bound to be harmful or hurtful to others.  Do not GIVE if you expect gratitude or some sort of recompense.  GIVE only when your gift will be a Blessing of Light, Comfort and Joy.

(Lesson N° 14) 

--- * ---

The importance of a Teaching lies in its immediate results, not in its interpretative and mystical transcendencies. 

If you can achieve better purposes and give life a more dignified meaning, you may rest assured that we will rejoice at your experiences.

Let there be UNITY among us all. Let us be, indeed, Brethren of a same kind and blood and soul. Let us UNITE so as to better fulfill our individual aims. Making society an ideal way of harmonious and wholesome living.  Let us offer each other peace, security, respect, kindness and devoted goodwill.

(Lesson N° 17) 

--- * ---

 “Friendly, sound, open, wholesome amity, is the basis of brotherhood.  It is also the basic condition of Spiritual Communion throughout the Universe.

 “Friendship is, therefore, a condition of Universality”.

“Culture is the foundation of Spiritual attainment. It is, therefore on culture that we depend for true, deep and universal communion and realization”.

Cosmocracy is the means toward the fulfillment of vital designs because it rests on unconventional friendship and unconditional spiritual conditions in each and all individual.

Let us cultivate this friendship, so that we may in due course of time become the true artisan of Universe and partners in the supreme Spiritual Kingship of life.

No one should ever cultivate evil thoughts toward anybody or behave indignantly under any circumstance. We must cultivate this condition of Noble Individuality, so as to live in harmony with the higher laws of life and in concordance with Universal Principles.

A real friend never indulges in foolish gossip, and neither tolerates or adhered to any form of behavior, which is indignant to oneself or anyone else.

 (Lesson N° 16)