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for self-regeneration and self-rehabilitation


"This above all, be thyself"

It has been said by Hermes many thousands of years before the christian era that "Man is free from all bondages because he knows and uses his intelligence, and he is the channel of expression of God, for the truth is the same below as above". Lao Tseu (650 B.C.) also said: "The truth alone can make us really free, but not all people like to know the truth, as most ignorant people prefer to create artificial forms of truth of their own liking".

Strange as it may seem, later-day forms of civilization and culture, or of religious revelation and Spiritual realization merely reflect those of previous times, or ages. The more modern are the faiths and sciences of man the more they are enriched by previous faiths and sciences. No new faith or science is really original, or absolutely unique or superior, because other faiths and sciences will no doubt follow as time passes, gathering more knowledge and nobler aspirations, and responding to more active and better prepared minds.

The whole truth is never completely known. At least, meanwhile there is life there is always opportunities and needs to know more, or to seek still more human perfection in one way or another. Also, the heart needs more opportunities of expressions, and as long as we can love there is something to learn, some improvement to be obtained or ways of proving our superiority of mind (intelligence) and heart (feelings and sentiments).

    1. When a person claims to be perfect, it is dangerous, because this person suffers a form of self-delusion and megalomania.
    2. When a person is satisfied with any sort of destiny, it is a sad thing, as there can be nothing more pitiful than someone who refuses to progress, or that has lost all mites of self-confidence.
    3. When a person is eager to change, it is a wonderful sight, as then we behold the wonder-making efforts that lead to the conquest of a better destiny.
    4. When a person is completely indifferent toward life and surrounding events, we see human tragedy at its highest pitch, and then all vices and forms of delinquency and crime are possible.
    5. When a person is willing to conquer a better destiny, and actually doing the best to improve inner conditions and self-respect, and to acquire preeminence and excellence, for sure this person will create a better surrounding and a much nobler destiny.
    6. When a person merely has faith in the future and in Divine powers, and will do nothing to make it real, this is sheer folly, or stupidity, because real faith is at once moral elevation, mental training, and spiritual accomplishment. To believe in unreality is simple self-delusion

      Which kind of person are YOU, dear Student? If you belong to the category of people who will do the necessary efforts in order to accomplish a task, or to fulfill an ideal, or to really create what you need, YOU belong here, and we shall do our best to assist YOU. If, however, you belong to the category of persons who believe that life owes you a good destiny, and, therefore, must give it to you, without efforts on your part, or if you actually believe that God will be all for you merely because you claim to have faith, you are lamentably wrong, for nature owes you nothing outside the results of your own efforts, and God can be linked to people only in the measure that these strive to make their beliefs and knowledge absolutely real and positively effective.

      No amount of knowledge can be vain, or useless, likewise, no amount of effort can be futile, or fruitless.

      * * *

      We can help all Students to an inconceivably great extent. In fact we do assist them enormously, and we continue to inspire and guide them throughout life.
      Sincere and earnest Students will always find us ready to afford them moral uplift in case of need, or to enlarge their mental horizon, and also to raise their spiritual standard.

      Never hesitate to call on us.

      * * *

      Remember, here nobody tries to impose on Students any sort of Faith, or allegiance. All Students are free to believe as they choose, and they must realize that this freedom is a patrimony which they must transmit to their kin-Brothers ever and ever.

      What makes people really great, fundamentally speaking, is what they ACCOMPLISH, not what they believe or what they claim, or make believe.

      WARNING to all the sincere Students of Life:

      BEWARE of arising sects, mystic clans, colleges of mysteries, metaphysical sanctums, arcane schools, heavens of Divine magic, etc., which are in reality only centrums, imperiums and areopagi of charlatanry and imposture.

      For trustworthy and commendable religious, fraternal, spiritualist, humanist, mystical and philosophical organizations Students may advantageously consult the Membership List of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, and also the General Reports of the PERMANENT WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN - the Open Forum of Human Conscience and Dignity.


      The ancient Huighurs of Central Asia used to say:

      He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool, shun him.
      He who knows and knows not that he knows is deluded, assist him.
      He who knows not and knows he knows not is sincere, help him.
      He who knows and knows that he knows is wise, follow him.