Where Ignorance is a Curse to Vital Processes

Again, why bother about World complexities, if we are to be perplexed by them all the time? We should not seek new forms of attachment, but, rather, new ways of Liberation!. Our basic need is for self-realization, or better understanding of our needs and more accurate application of our own potentialities, but not through self-assertiveness or self-righteousness. The individual is nothing by himself, except when he SERVES others, because Service is the great means of fortifying, purifying, elevating and expanding ourselves! Self-assertiveness is but the method and ideal of fools who believe that they gain something by increasing their individual conquests or their personality. Self-delusion is a very common ailment among men, particularly among those who would do almost anything so as to get unlimited POWER, AUTHORITY, WEALTH and all that goes with it in a world that whirls around lust, greed and hate. They would do, in fact, anything except commit suicide in order to satisfy their selfish designs, which are born about of ignorance, lack of earnestness and willfulness.

It is most difficult to convince worldly souls and empty hearts that earthly conquests are vain, that victory engenders hate (Dhammapadha 201), that an unruly character leads to all sorts of vice, that nothing leads to solitude and sorrow as much as selfishness; that there is no need of glorifications, perfume or pomp when we harbor pure and lofty thoughts; that a thousand victories on the betterfields are not worth a single control for one minute over our own temper and passions; that wisdom is a mightier wealth than all the old and diamonds of the world gathered; that an act of justice is worth more than all the empires of the world, and that compassion is the most effective of all virtues. Yet, so long as man has the power to hurt with his tongue, his eyes, his hands or his mind, he is neither Spiritual nor Enlightened, and his religions remain worthless, and delusive his political tinkering.

The qualities of a person´s life should be evaluated by his own good thoughts and happiness. Anyone without good thoughts and unhappy is a living evidence of the failure of his ideals, whether they be religious or political, metaphysical or mystic, agnostic or contemplative. Man´s life is worth exactly what his ideals stand for in practical terms, not what they mean or propose. Even the most elaborated of speeches in the mouth of heavenly patricians are futile if they are not given an immediate form of reality.

Just what would be the way acceptable to all human beings, no matter to what race, creed or nationality they belonged, that would bring about the conditions indicated in this treatise? Mere belief or Faith is not enough, because it does not modify human nature nor improves man´s character and behaviors. Then, it is imperative that individuals be capacitated for the higher realizations and better forms of living. Mental grasping is a great part of this conquest over life realities, and the understanding of one´s self is no doubt the major part of wisdom. However, man must be transformed in both his biological and psychological structure and mechanism, and he must be capacitated for the rehabilitator aspects of the function of life and to annihilate his karma, tap Universal energies, commulgate with more perfect beings in higher planes of existence, and fulfill the better missions of Life in the purest Spiritual sense.

If we judge by what the world has come to, we cannot but grieve for human destiny, for its pathos and indignity is a monument to selfishness and all the meanness, fiendishness, barbarism and Satanism ever to exist!. This is what some people drunk with intellectual juggling and mystic humbling, call cultures and civilization.

From: The Supreme Justification of Life. Maitreyanm. By: Koot Hoomi Lal Singh