Golden Bond COURSES OF STUDY for

self-regeneration and self-rehabilitation


(Extract for ARIEL magazine)

“Preparation is the key to success. Ward off problems by being prepared”. K.H.

In order to correct our mental defects and develop good qualities, we must be intent on our own rehabilitation. To expect betterment otherwise would be foolish. We should never expect anything but he due results of our own endeavors, consisted aims and aspirations, and patient efforts. Only our own personal experiences truly count in the great equation of life and we are only the outcome of our most intensive and most sustained efforts.

Today is the result of our yesterdays, and we constantly become in accordance with our most effective mental designs and attitudes. If we have no real, definite aim or design, our Mind is bound to be idle and to have fruitless attitudes and consequently fare without guidance, norm, purpose, nor abilities. We cannot expect to have a Powerful Mind if we let it be the victim of outside forces, or unharnessed and uncontrolled. When the Mind is unkempt and unbridled, it gives the world its countless fools and its great criminals, and on the contrary, a cultivated and controlled Mind produces the great leaders, artists, inventors and geniuses and saint that enliven the world history and enriches the human patrimony.



The Mind is susceptible to all the changes which we care to cultivate and benefit by.

Begin by CONTROLING your Mind.

Once you are decided to achieve changes for the better in your personality and character and life at large, you have had your most difficult asset well gained. Make your DECISION, and let it be clear-cut, definite and final.

Never change your decisions, except when you have attained complete satisfaction in your aims or plans. Every time you compromise with circumstances, or try to justify your limitation or weakness, you simply deny yourself the chance to succeed, and you actually waken and limit yourself further still. Success in life is based on conquest, achievement, and if you don´t know it yet, the more you live the more you will discover that success is a personal matter, and that only personal enterprise and effort really pave the way to it – all other kind of success is sorely limited and passing, if not utterly negative in the long run.

As often as you can, practice the relaxation of your whole body. Learn to ease up your muscles and nerves, and rest your mind as much as you can, as though you gave yourself a real holiday. Take a suitable position on a couch, bed, or chair, and try to forget the world, your worries, and all the problems that ordinarily assail you. Try to live without confusion and cares, anxiety, or “being on edges”, for this only brings you further complexities, and it breaks your nervous system and produces poison in your whole body. People who do not relax often, soon grow weary sick and old, or insane and decrepit.

Relax as often as possible during the day. At night, when you retire, RELAX AT WILL, and you will fall asleep easily. This practice will teach you the wonders of personal control of the Mind over itself and over the body.


Once you have succeeded in the exercise, try to make your Mind work only in a given direction, or as you prefer. Never allow your mind to wander, or drift in fancy. Be the guide and controller of your Mind, not the toy and victim.

As the jokey governs his mount, you must keep steady control of your Mind. Once you succeed in this you may be confident that you are in a condition to control other people as well. Remember this: Success is the result of painstaking efforts, and triumph over self and circumstances.

This, of course, is necessary, if we want to learn how to use the greater Powers of Life that move within ourselves. We are as a great as the forces which we manage to control and deserve to command!


Our main purpose is to direct our own affairs and govern our life. If we cannot do that we may as well decide to be a slave of everybody and of all circumstances. Our own weakness toward ourselves marks our degrees of merits, and also our right and abilities to control others and outside conditions.

Besides, remember, Nature is pitiless toward the weak. It seems to be telling us constantly: “Know or Suffer; Transcend or be a victim; Be mighty, or perish”.

This is mighty important because when we direct our life we actually distribute our inner forces, and impress on them certain qualities.

When we make AFFIRMATIONS, or settle on certain items by making firm decisions, we actually enrich ourselves. We enlarge our personality, awaken and enliven our conscience, and positively widen our horizons.

However we must know how to use this great Principle. We get as much as we give; but we develop the ability and the Powers by means of inner decisions. Whatever we choose to decide upon, will mark the course of our mental functions and designs. Thus, it is in our advantage to know how to use the Creative Principle.

Let us make AFFIRMATIONS. Yet, these must be well defined and timely. Make your Affirmation simple and easy to grasp. AFFIRM your needs, but in the right manner. Be positive in your decisions. AFFIRM conquests, not needs; make your Mind function creatively. Say to yourself: “I AM HEALTHY, STRONG, VIBRANT, SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY”. This affirmation is consistent, and it keys up the mechanism to creative functions and leads it toward a positive design.

Never say: “Better times will come”, but “Better times are coming”; or “God will provide”, but rather, “God provides”, Make your Affirmations in an active mood and in a PRESENT TENSE, nor CONDITIONAL, or leaving things to the future.

Use our Affirmations as often as possible, but specially when your Mind is energetically disposed for a new conditioning and for new assignments. That is to say, make your Affirmation when the Mind is at rest, in your better moments of relaxation, or when you Meditate. Only then will your Affirmation be effective as decisions and driving motives.

When you make your Affirmation duly, you sink, so to say, an order into the Mind, and also at once bring the whole mental mechanism to a standstill, and set it or atune it to a certain key of dynamics. The Mind always responds to such Affirmations, and sooner or later we see these take shapes of reality, or crystalize in forms that we cherish. In fact, our Affirmations condensate mental forces, and thus make our ideals and designs real, actual.

We must of course be conscientious in our practices and also persistent so as to allow them to become effective. If we are automatic about it, the Mind will not be able to understand it, nor have the time to get wholly aware of it. Prayers may of course be Affirmations. However, when we make an Affirmation we must know the functional principles of the Mind, and also proceed in harmony with natural trends. A sentimental praise, or an abstract request may appeal to our mystic beliefs, but can in no way be effective. What currently makes prayers so effective is no the actual formulas, or the utterance of prayers, but the mental attitude of the devotes who pray.

Affirmations must also be sustained in our Mind until our ideals and aims become completely achieved or attained. No matter how long we bear them in Mind, the longer the better, since this means that the Mind has a definite design, a task, a goal and a success to achieve.

Furthermore, it becomes more developed and better trained. It grows in strength and abilities as it dwells more firmly and more insistently on a definite motive or purpose.

A Mind without Affirmations is, even at best, a task less, goalless and fruitless Mind.