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Low-cost SCHOLARSHIP for everybody so that there can be no more excuse for not knowing, for being a victim of “fate”, or for being a failure in all the activities of life.


Officially published by the



Grand Crusade against ignorance, superstition, fetishism, charlatanry, etc.


True YOGA is neither a superstitious faith nor a secret metaphysical religion, or a mysterious sect, but rather a method of awakening of conscience, of improvement of mental conditions in general, of biological regeneration, of moral build up, and of dignification of man to the higher most degree.

It is above all, an effective training that shapes and vitalizes the mind and the body as well by developing higher faculties, and by influencing the vital organs, the glandular and nervous system, and the biogenetic functions. It fosters the Mastery of Destiny, and promotes a more joyful and more dignified, as well as a more peaceful healthful and happy way of life in the most scientific way possible.

It reveals the greater and nobler side of life, and promotes matchless ideals. If anything at all it is the real Universal Science of Life.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Course of Yoga is the only one officially authorized and issued by the Maha Yoga Sabha, or Esoteric Yoga Grand College. Not to be mistaken with fanciful publication by charlatanistic “schools” or “societies”.

This General, Theoretical and Practical Course of Training is presented in illustrated form.


This unique General Course of Study and Practice in MIND electronics covers all the aspects of the mental structure, mechanism, definition and projections, and is destined to serve as well as Post-Graduate Scholarship Research in Parapsychology.

All the phenomena of the Psyche such as mentalisation, hypnotism, telepathy, telekinesis, psychorytm, double personality, soul projection, hypochondria, sublimation, creative consciousness, psychomental transubstantiation, mystical miracles, expectation, memory, regenerating meditation, vital rehabilitation, psychopathy, subconscious coefficient, searship, premonition, somnambulism, psychosolution, formation of talent, will power, genial faculties, etc., etc. are treated for the very fist time with scientific insight and precision.

Notable personalities like H.G. Wells, Stefan Zweig, Prof. Einstein, Dr. Foveau de Courvelles, and Dr. LeRoy have praised this unique Course of Study, claiming that it should be taught in Prevocational Schools, Theological Seminaries, and Professional Capacitation Institutes as well.

Amply illustrated. May be obtained right at present in almost any language.


The only responsible publication of its kind, authorized issued by the Sovereign Order of the Temple. Profusely illustrated, richly presented Course of Study on the Templar history, culture, philosophy and endeavors in ancient and present times.

This is unquestionably one of the best media to obtain solid culture and a wide knowledge of history from legitimate sources of information and above whatever form of prejudice or interested denaturing of Truth Templar Knights were often slandered and persecuted, but always admired and imitated. Genuine Templarism has its roots in the foundation of the ages variegated cultural expressions, appearing as responsible temple and palace builders as well as educator in ancient Egypt, in Vedic India, in the millenary clans of Japan, and in the mysterious Aryan-Huighurs of the Blue race in Central Asia, presently, three great religions owe it their best characteristics, namely, Judaism, Christianism and Islam. The Spiritual Noblesse of the Order of the Temple is secular, much older than the Bible and the Pyramids of Egypt, yet it stands as the cornerstone of modern history´s main achievements.


Anybody can really Heal. Everybody really deserves the wondrous blessings of this mysterious science of SPIRITUAL HEALING.

SPIRITUAL HEALING, however, is neither simply a faith, magnetism, nor hypnotism. It is, rather, Human powers linked to the Universal Sources of life. This course of Study and Training is practical to the utmost, and it constitutes the best evidence against illness and suffering, as well as the noblest proof that “sick people have the right to be cured, without being exploited”.


This General Course of Study and Training is amply illustrated, having been re-edited many times in hundreds of thousands of copies. An up-to-date reprint is now presented, with special sections for the Medical profession, Educator, Entertainers, and social leaders. Hypnotism is absolutely inoffensive, except in the hands of vicious and irresponsible people. That is why we do not offer it to the general public.


This Course of Study is specially prepared for the students of life who have already been informed by theosophical spiritualist and mystical writers. It is not, however, in any way related to metaphysics and charlatanistic orientalism, or occultism. It is, rather, the science of Natural Laws and spiritual Principles.


Man is intimately related to the Universe. Also, definite Laws govern human relations. Human destiny is mysterious, in fact, only when we do not understand the underlying factors of life.

Man can govern his own life intelligently, and, also, be the Master of his fate or future at will. The whole universe casts its shadows and lights on us, and we can successfully enjoy life, or be merely a ward of fatality.

The Science of Universal Harmonies teaches us all about this. In fact there is really no need to be despondent, weak, sick, worried, impotent, and unhappy.

To know oneself is man´s supreme need, and obligation. This Course of Study in the fundamental biogenetic and spiritual revelation of the famous Twelve Labors of Hercules, which reflect the age old Cosmic Houses of the mythological Zodiacal influences.

To know one´s place in the universe is man´s first need and duty.

STUDY, so as to awaken in conscience, to create, to succeed in life, and for genuine leadership.


In an age when numerous forces are vieing for world supremacy – some of them threatening to rule, no matter how, even by sheer, force, or violence – it is important to know exactly what is happening, and what future there is in reserve for man.

Shall we be ruled by ruthless communism? Must we remain indifferent? Are we to be forced to believe and practice this or that particular religion? Must we yield to fear and threats that arise around us? Or should we live Independently as best we can?

What we can do, at least, is to learn how to think freely, so as to better appreciate the blessings of freedom.

Free Minds make free people anywhere and under all circumstance.



This Course of Study is an advanced research on the Divine Science which reached its greatest splendor in the Pharaohnic Courts of ancient Egypt. This portentous wisdom-magic-holiness of the Spiritual Realm is now eclipsed by a dark age, but not vanquished, and not in the least outranked, as it remains the heritage of Initiates who live in retirement. According to the prophetic revelations of the Pyramids the age of “spiritual void and of hardness of heart and savage bloodshed ‘will disappear and the Spiritual Light shall again shine for the rescue of humanity. Amply illustrated record of the spiritual magnificence of Esoteric Initiations, which amplifies the spiritual horizon and develops extraordinary mental perception, and restore us to the eternal cosmic truths of Divine essence.


Very precise treatise on the mechanism and utilization of the inner powers of man. Cosmic realization and mental replenishment. Man as a part integrant of the universe. Relationship between men, and between God and Man. The scientific technique of control and use of mental power. The real nature of biopsychosomatics and hypostasy. How “miracles” are made. Spiritual Healing as a scientific religious accomplishment. Wherein lies the difference between Mind and Matter, according to the age old Science of Will Power. How Mind energy and concept become creative. When conscience is the mainspring of life. Consciousness as a way of life.Idealism as a source of values and noblesse.Self rehabilitation or self-regeneration. Self-delusion or self-destruction.Concentration and diffusion. Transmutation. Transfiguration. Biogenetic mutation by spiritual action.


Fanciful Metaphysics, mystical delusion and scriptural interpretation changed the face of the world in their time. The time of scientific realization and achievement is now at hand, however, as of yore, among the great Esoteritian Initiates. Witchcraft, like superstition and fetishism work certain wonders, as hypnosis and conscious deceit reveal. Other psychic conditions and spiritual faculties, nevertheless, demonstrate that human life is not dependent exclusively on articles of faith or on the might of instinct and/or casual mechanical laws of nature. In the whole universe life is well balanced and due to well-established principles, which command respect and create order. Much more proper it is to speak, in fact, of the Science of Conscience, as the antithesis of the “fate of fear”. Faith is good, if people are good and practice it, but it is fatal otherwise, or at least it does not suffice to restore human dignity or to rehabilitate human nature. A new world is within the grasp of all who will dare to know the Truth that makes people really free, serene, noble-minded, healthy, creative, and happy.

THE MAGIC OF GIVING, or Science of Tithing

It is perhaps rather ironical to speak of a science of tithing, yet due to some mysterious portents wonders can be a scientifically accomplished through the art of giving. Many people are too selfish to understand this, and are too mental blind to realize it. Still, since time immemorial the great sages have taught that “it is far better to give than to receive”, and that “there is no Divine Blessings except in gifts made without spirit of return”. Some great philosopher have said that they are richer when they have no possession whatever, while others would prefer to have as much as possible so as to accomplish more with the “loaned Divine beauties”. All the truth about this can be ascertained, indeed, by actual practice. Only those who dare to try may know the magic of this mysterious science.


Fee people actually know that there is a Science of Cosmic Realization, or of intelligent relationship between natural principles and forces throughout the eternal universe. No, this is not a sort of faith, as faiths come and go, rise and fall. Since 1922 when this Course of Study was first developed in the for of Public Lectures in Paris, we developed also the branch sciences of COSMOVITALITY, COSMOTHERAPY AND COSMOSOPHY, destined precisely to promote the regeneration of man, a nobler way of life, and a stable civilization. Cosmocracy situates man as an intelligent being amid the wonderful intelligence of universal life, and gives us a wider purview and more reassuring sense of existence.


This is perhaps the most needed as well as the most expected of all our practical Course of Study, as it stands for all the forgotten items in a world wrought with ignorance, superstition and fetishism, and torn by passions inspired by ruthless materialism, sectarian religion, and perplexing spiritual issues.

Tremendous amounts of money are spent unceasingly for material power, church endeavors, vice, military preparedness, interplanetary travels, monstrous politics, and for the exploitation of man by man, yet so little for the precise knowledge of the vital springs and mechanism of human personality, or for the dignity of people. We offer here the secrets of life in all the natural, eternal splendor, which those who vie for world hegemony seem to prefer altogether. KNOW THYSELF. Why not? In fact, how can anyone know much about anything at all without knowing oneself?


A method of Integral Education that keeps the mind healthy and facilitates an existence of genuine creative consciousness and mental alertness, from early childhood to advanced age, avoiding the dangers of psychopathology, mental disintegration, outbursts of passions, wrong and evil penchants, deterrent thinking and delusions, etc., etc.

Genuine “education” is definitely not the age-old indoctrination system and the current brainwashing and regimentation methods of questionable domestication. Religions fail and nations labour with little humanistic results, while vice, war, social injustice, economic ruthlessness, and political complexities which make for world chaos amply demonstrate that civilization is by no means culture, and that education lives much room for improvement. The real rehabilitation is still to be accomplished. We wonder if man´s self-education for self-rehabilitation is, consequently in line now, as mankind must seek liberation from the grip of instinct and the common fetters of materialism and superstition.


This is another Course of Study, which should be obligatory in all High Schools and Colleges, as it reveals the real potentialities of man and teaches at once self-mastery and the fashioning of our own personal destiny. As with our other Courses of Study, there is nothing “metaphysical and mystical” about our educational purports and projections, and we start from the basic principle that each and all individuals are endowed with the necessary faculties and potentialities to accomplish the better destiny which man is capable of yearning for. In fact, man is as great as the ideals and the mysteries he caters to, loves, serves, glorifies, and lives for.

THE UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL MINISTRY OF MELCHITSEDEQ, or Spiritual Self-Realization and Divine Service of Life:

In ancient times the Truth was the exclusive privilege of real Initiates, but it was held within reach of all earnest students. As of yore today, the genuine Spiritual Ministry is the privilege of all the select souls who live in and for spiritual excellence. Truth is eternal as well as universal, and there is no possible departure from this absolute principle of life, as it is not subject to the accidents of time-space, or to the incidents of human passions and delusions.


The sages of yester ages were poor theorizers, but most sagaciously practical in their designs and endeavors. The title of this Course of Study is necessarily modernized so as to make it more understandable. Its science is, however, as old as the world, and there is nothing that modern knowledge could add to it advantageously, because it is based on sound principles and unquestionable experiences, or conquests over human pain and illness, including the control of pre-natal pregnancy conditions, neuroendocrine dysfunctions, defeat of old age, and the psychosomatic conflicts. Kundalini or the Tree of Life, and the Chakras or Biodynamic Centers remain the source of human health and Psychosomatics, and this knowledge is yet to be incorporated to “modern science”. This is unquestionably one of the greatest gifts the modern medical profession could cater to.


Among the numerous Natural Sciences, which are most carefully developed under the aegis of the World University of religions and Spiritual Science, none is perhaps so enticing and commendable as that of Human Body Modeling. Exactly for what purpose and how is the human body developed, and for is it as it is, or how could we make it better if possible. This is what people are supposed to learn to advantage, so as to enjoy complete health, beauty, vigor and happiness. Fundamentally, this is what ancient Yoga aimed at. Today we wonder why mankind should remain the easy prey of common ignorance and superstition, and prefer fetishism and silly conformism. People are, indeed, the masters of themselves and the shapers of their own destiny, no matter whichever may be their preferred religious indoctrination or political partisanship. What is of prime importance now is whether people will continue to be victims of Fate and Fear, or sagacious makers of their own better personality and “way of life” to enjoy and in supreme excellence.