This is true YOGA and if it is not

I N T E G R A L   it is neither

SCIENTIFIC nor trustworthy and commendable

This is true YOGA

A General Course of Study and Practice


         This is perhaps “Your” chance of a lifetime. So be sure to make the right decision NOW

         Our educational organization is unique and worldwide, directed by idoneous as well as prestigious men of science of the East and the West. All activities are conducted under strict medical attention. Our different Courses of Study and Practice, specially prepared for young folks, ladies and mature gentlemen, and for people according to their language, namely, English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, etc. so as to correspond to both, their psychology and their ethnic conditions.


THE ONLY WORLDWIDE SERVICE OF HUMAN PHYSICO-MENTAL-SPIRITUAL CULTURE extent, dedicated to research and application, and giving to all people the advantages of Self-readjustment, reconditioning, reenergizing, disintoxication, repolarization and overhauling of the entire human personality, in our Academies as well as through Correspondence Courses specially prepared for the modern physique, mentality, and culture of each country.

         We also have a Special Intense Scientific Course of BIOPSICOLOGICAL AND PHYSICO-MENTAL CULTURE for the better understanding and greater development of human capacities. TRY IT. It will fascinate you. Its results are simply SENSATIONAL.

         Obviously, progress is fast nowadays. The SCIENTIFIC AND SPIRITUAL SINTESIS is as hand. But it is neither a form of new faith, a mystic fad, a syncretization of religions, nor a metaphysical “YéYé”


SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA is guaranteed. It is absolutely safe, easy and effective method following the precepts of the great modern biologist and medical genii, Dr. Alexis Carrel.

         This is positively the most marvelous discovery of all the ages as it deals in


         This is now possible, at will and in the privacy of the home. Unquestionably the answer to the excessive, abusive, unreasonable mechanization and denaturing of people. Through it,the DIGNIFICATION OF HUMANHOOD becomes a reality, as it promotes body health and vigor, sound mental functions, balanced psychoemotions, and youthful happy living. It increase the Human Capital, develops innate individual powers.


YOU are among the fortunate few who NOW are within reach of a privilege to develop your self more completely, as well as the capacity to top cosmic energy and live with the greater powers of the universe, which belong to all people – but only a select number will really dare to take advantage of it, and live more fully.

     The Science of Self-control, Auto conditioning and Physico-Mental energizing constitutes the foundation of real character building, personality development and the attainment of a greater, more significant human destiny is unique. It actually corrects biogenetic and mental dysfunctions, banishes fatigue and surmenage, eliminate anxiety and timidity, and also eradicate fear, liberates from psychological complexes, worry, inhibitions and oppressive limitations.   In fact, it enfolds astonishing new bio spiritual powers, brings more zest for living, and adds pep to your youth and life to your years.

WHY NOT OVERHAUL, restyle and reshape your whole personality, and make yourself a brand-new destiny- right away before it is too late? --- TAKE TIME TO LIVE: correct past errors and learn not to be a victim of illness, worry, anguish, evil forces and just “bad luck”. We must become “ourselves” more amply.-

ACQUIRE the rhythm of life that brings success and happiness.   LEARN to polarize your “fields of forces” and to tune the infinite cosmic power.


         Here is the real secret method for the immediate mastery of life within your reach. TRY IT, discover the Truth, and prove to yourself that there is no longer any more mystery or unknown secret power.

         Become physically trim and fit, mentally alert and creative, and spiritually superior and powerful. Learn to use your magnetic forces and the powerhouse of your mind. Acquire proficiency in your profession so as to be “top” among the best anywhere life requires your presence.

FORGET THE PAST. Start a vigorous and prosperous new cycle of life.   THIS IS SOMETHING YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BELIEVE IN. SIMPLY TRY IT, AND YOU WILL BE CONVINCED – you will love and continue with it during your whole lifetime. JUST TRY, you owe this much to yourself, and then you shall never regret it, nor have any motive for doubting.

         Only through our astonishing Scientifictechniques is it possible to take full advantage of life’s bountiful riches and coincidently deserve the blessings of true harmonious living, synchronized with the perennial universal powers. Our Motto is:“KEEP SLIM, TRIM, FIT, DYNAMIC AND HAPPY”

       THIS IS PERHAPS “YOUR” CHANCE OF LIFETIME. You may not have another opportunity. USE IT!

         This sort of Research and Practice is not to be obtained anywhere else, because we hold the exclusive rights of “Discovery and authority”. SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA is not only an educational method, but also the Trademark for the International COPYRIGHT.Its beneficiaries now number numerous thousands in every continent, but it could only be a Blessing if they were millions to share such an extraordinary discovery. – Nobody can really do without a teaching of practical significance, which applies equally to people of all races, faiths, nationalities and social conditions, regardless of background.

SHOULD YOU BE INTERESTED in starting one of these vital Courses kindly let us know. We will be glad to help you by facilitating the payments. But reminder: SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA has nothing to do whatever with any sort of mystic fad, oriental magic, or modern contortionism which go under the guise of “yoga”, “yoguism”, “Hatha Yoga” and what not.


PROFESSIONAL GENERAL COURSE. 99 Lessons.(Human Metamorphose)

INTENSIVE ILLUSTRATED COURSE (For Ladies, Gentlemen, Youths, all different).



These Courses may be obtained in French, German, English, Hindi, Japanese or Russian. Soon in Arabic, Malaysian, Chinese and Jewish.

All the Course are AIRMAILED,- and served on the basis of Academic plan, that is one lesson each two week upon receipt of students’ Exam papers.

Members of the Cultural, Fraternal, Spiritualist, Religious, Philosophical and Naturist organizations under Contractwith us, my obtain these extremely important as well as interesting Courses, completely FREE. Please note that payments should be made by Bank drafts payable on New York, or in English (Trade) Funds, Deutsche Marks and French Francs. For students in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Central Europe, where transfers of values are extraordinary difficult when not impossible, payment may be made to their corresponding National Section of our unique Worldwide Educational Organization. In countries where such facilities do not exist, AGENCIES will be immediately opened so as to extend our fields of cultural and humanitarian action.

WANTED - Instructors of SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA, for well-established Institutes.----- Persons wishing to prepare for such positions may apply for Home Courses of intensive Study ----------------------------------------------at reduced prices