Scientific Development, Reconditioning and maintenance of the Integral Human Personality – Biopsychodynamics, Bioeconomy and Biopsychoplastic

Theoretical and Practical Course of Study of HUMAN CREATIVE POWER

Science of Human Perfectionment and of duly enjoying life



People are prone to take excessive care of their homes, cars, planes, watches and other mechanical devices of their preference, BUT THEY SEEM EXCESSIVELY CARELESS ABOUT THEIR OWN BIOLOGICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL MECHANISM, as though they had no interest whatever in what happens in the secret parts and planes of their own being. People generally recognize the existence of certain senses, but they hardly put a single mite of sense in realizing that the human person is much more than we care to admit.

But why should we take more care of our car, our watch or our electric lighter than to our inner being? Is it reasonable that we should worry about the paint coating of our car or of our house, and ignore completely what is going on in our whole being, beyond the realm of our material senses and physical plasticity? Now if we overhaul our car, our bicycle and our home furnitures, why not OVERHAUL OUR BODY ALSO, that is to say all our being? Why should we abandon our personality to luck and destiny or to its own automatism? Why let it run about wildly like an abandoned and ignored piece of machinery, which does not concern us in the least? Or do we still claim as uncivilized people of yore that human people are simple animals who live at the mercy of eventualities, and mechanical entities powerless to contradict the decrees of providence and mysterious forces?

Nowadays, man enjoys the magnificent possibilities of science. We can actually cultivate our potentialities, increase our own innate qualities and faculties, an even develop creative powers, in terms of consciousness as well as of accomplishments. People have discovered that they are not blind tools of crude forces, but rather, the makers of their own destiny and genuine partners of God, at least. Those who reach the higher spheres of realization may, of course, become the privileged Sons, the Ate-One-nified.

The fact is that EVERYBODY needs at one time or another to undergo a real “check up”, an overhauling, and refitting, or some sort of readjustment and reconditioning, much more so than all simple mechanical devices. For people are not constituted of matter alone … there are those nerves, and all the emotions, and also the endocrine complexities as well as the psychological complexes, inhibitions, traumas and what not. And there are also the much significant though much ignored mental functions, which integrate the essence of the mechanism of life itself. Then arise the spiritual defects and failures, which must likewise be accounted for. Man as a whole is constantly in need of trimming, pepping up an up-lift.

Most people ignore all this. Others merely realize the possibility of such things, then brush them off with a nonchalant “I HAVE NO TIME FOR THIS”. In reality we all need this INNER RECONDITIONING ere suffering arise and sickness sets in. We should all take advantage of present conditions, and stop lingering and failing to ourselves. WHY WAIT TILL IT BE TOO LATE? Even tomorrow may be too late to react favorably.

*   *   *

Our techniques which consist in utilizing the numerous forces and faculties of the mental mechanism, from simple perspective to creative consciousness are of course beyond the common reaches of biology, somatic medicine, biochemistry, heredity, psychosomatology, psychology and sociology, since its realm is located in the conscious and supraconscious Minds as well as in the ultraconscious or Spiritual being. Nevertheless our Laboratory is a genuine Scientific Synthesis, which leaves no important clue without du analysis from the interrelated and interactive point of view of the integral human being.

We follow this process: Biodynamism, Biodefense, Mental hygiene-stability-mechanism-realization, Un-sub-supra-ultra consciousness, Fields of perception, Faculties: memory, will, imagination, initiative, inventiveness, creativity, etc. . . ., Mental Concentration-condensation, Relaxation and release, Cosmic energy absorption and digestion, Harmonizing the subjective (Psyche), Tapping the transcendent powers of the subconscious mind, Psycho-emotional balance, Psychosomatic hygiene and activation, Physico-Mental interaction, Endocrine correlation, Nervous circuits, Blood purification and circulation, Muscle tonus and coordination, General metabolism or biotic digestion, Physiological correspondence, Integral equilibrium and reconditioning, Character building, Moral structuration, Self-respect and confidence, Lordship of the overself, Overcoming worry – disappointment and disillusionment, Getting rid of bad habits – sickness – fatigue and anxiety, Transmutation of emotions – imagination and desires, Triumphant life whatever odds, etc. etc. …

Our different Courses of Practique may be more adequately defined as SELFTREATMENT. We merely guide people in their designs and objectives. This is a unique and up-to-date scientific education. Now, lest we forget, only RESULTS count, as they are the best proof. They are also our best propaganda. Why not T R Y ?

We are technicians who readjust, recondition and develop integrally Human Personality. We are the only existing engineers who utilize to the utmost the Human material to the greatest advantage of all those concerned, whether individually or collectively.

We improve the Human Capital, and we strive for the better application and exteriorization of the innate Human Potentialities.

People are human beings, God´s creatures, endowed with extraordinary capacities of intelligence and wonderful powers. Must we be reminded about that? Do we also need to be told what to do in order to be capable, successful and happy human people? In fact, why should we thrive like victims of life, instead of gallant, victorious and happy makers and masters of our destiny?

Should you be somewhat on the disadvantageous side of life, individually we recommend one of our Courses.

If you are a captain of industry, or business owner, head of either shipping aeronautic or transportation units (or combines), Church leaders, factory manager, president of a Banking concern, director of an athletic or sports association, University principal, Scholl headmaster, hospital manager, director of a prison or a chief of the national armed forces, it is basically to your advantage to consider our services as inevitable.


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Young folks may not need readjustment, reconditioning and integration, but they do REQUIRE due attention so that they may grow rightly. People are much like plants, and it is to their own advantage to be “cultivated”, to be set on the right course of life, and above all to receive all the benefits of adequate training and energizing. This last function as far as gardening goes, corresponds to the sun and cosmic forces. In this case, however, as human beings that we are, it corresponds to the Teachers or Guides in BIOPSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICO-MENTAL SCIENTIFIC-CULTURE to fulfill such a noble task. Ordinary schoolteachers can do a lot, and so parents; but it takes a lot more to set human nature aright. History is there to prove it.

Considering human nature in all its forms and manifestation we have thought also of young folks, as they require a training of their own. They should be avoided the incongruences and trials of current daily civilized life, by means of a proper education process from deep within. Not from the outside. They should taught to cultivate themselves and get accustomed to a righteous way of life through Human Power. Once they realize they have it in themselves to be excellent citizens, they will arise with erstwhile spirit to prove to the whole wide world that they can do better than their forebears.

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Out of sheer curiosity, our Courses have naturally their significance, but their main importance rest in the fact that NOBODY and NO GROUP OF PEOPLE WHATEVER can afford to ignore the need of our Scientific Services.

Perhaps a simple essay may convince YOU about all this.

We dwell upon undeniable realities. But people are slow to realize what is best for them. Therefore we offer you two brief studies, theoretical as well as practical, so YOU may experiment for YOURSELF:


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