Scientific Biopsychological and Physico-Mental Culture

(Self-bio energizing, readjustment, reconditioning, restoring,
rest, recycling and repolarization)


This is the newer science that fashions the mankind required by the New Age. Exactly what YOU and most people need NOW



The Rehumanization and Respiritualization of Man, now possible and at will.- Unquestionably the answer to the excessive, abusive, unreasonable mechanization and denaturation of Humanity. This amounts to the dignification of humanhood through good health, vibrant spontaneity, creative consciousness, youthful vigor and happy living, in short the unexpected though much needed increase of the Human Capital and a better utilization of the innate Potential of the individual.

The science of self-control and physico-mental energizing, character building, attractive personality, youthful vigor and of greater, more significant human destiny. It develops new mental faculties and astonishing new biospiritual powers, corrects biogenetic and mental dysfunctions, and banishes fatigue, fear, timidity, surmenage and anguish, while it also liberates from complexes, inhibitions, fears, worry, anxiety and other limitations. Also brings more zest for living, adds pep to your youth and life to your years.

  • Here is the real secret method of the Sages for the immediate mastering of life within your reach.
  • There is no longer any more mystery or unknown secret power.
  • By physically trim and fit, mentally alert and creative, and spiritually superior and triumphant.
  • Learn to use your magnetic forces and the powerhouse of your Mind.
  • Acquire proficiency in your profession or calling, so as to be “tops” among the best.
  • Forget the past: star a vigorous, powerful and prosperous new cycle of life.
  • Why not overhaul, restyle and reshape your whole personality right away, before it is too late. Take time to live: correct past errors and learn not to be a victim of illness, limitation, nervous tension, mental irrigation, spiritual void, evil forces, and just “bad luck”. We must rehumanize ourselves so as to develop more integrally and live more happily.
  • Increase your servers of energy, and learn how to be a “transformer” of forces into winning vitality.
  • Acquire the new rhythms (now unknown to you) that bring success.
  • Become the living expression of your own better dreams, ideals and hopes.

Only throughout the astonishing Method and technique is it possible to take advantage of life´s bountiful riches and the blessing of the true creative rhythms by living synchronized and in harmony with the perennial universal powers. Our motto is “Keep slim, trim, fit, dynamic and happy

The privilege to develop human possibilities more completely, from inside out instead of only physically, and to tap cosmic energy and live in consonance with the greater powers of the universe belongs henceforth to all people, yet only a select few will actually take advantage of it – the rest shall not dare, or will continue satisfied with their lot of suffering, misery, “lostness”, limitations, and incapacities. However, YOU could be among the fortunate few who will not miss this chance – who will take full advantage of this great opportunity NOW.

Our educational organization is not only unique but also worldwide, being directed by idoneus as well as prestigious men of science of East and West, and our activities are conducted under strict medical attention.

Our Courses of Study and Practice are numerous, and most of them may be obtained in English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, etc. so as to correspond to both their psychology and their ethic conditions.[1]

THIS IS THE ONLY WORLDWIDE SERVICE OF BIOPSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICO-MENTAL CULTURE extent, dedicated to research and application, and giving to all people the advantages of Self-readjustment, reconditioning, reenergizing, disintoxication, repolarization and overhauling of the entire human personality, in our Academies as well as through correspondence Courses specially prepared for the modern physique, mentality and culture of each country.

[1] Courses available in different languages, currently limited until adequate resettlement is achieved at the Great Headquarters Official of the World Universal Alliance and the Spiritual Universit, his educational section, refugees without shelter since the rescue of communist Cuba.