Barcelona, 6th of August, 1966


Sister and Disciple


Well I thought I would add a few remarks for that answer you are to make to this Church Service. Please be careful in your expressions, because we want to remain on good terms with them.

But we must clearly tell them that I have never had the slightest intention of crushing the U.S. immigration laws, or to tell anyone what to do. I simply requested if my residence was possible. But inasmuch as I am a refugee, having a rather hard time like all displaced and exiled people all over the world, it is only natural that I AM A LITTLE IN A HURRY, AND THAT I DISLIKE ALL DELATORY MEASURES, HAVING NO TIME TO LOSE.  Tell them clearly that I feel discriminated and that after so many questionnaires and insistent details on my life and private thought I cannot but feel subject to inquisition methods. Above all, we must realize that I am not an ordinary person; I am a victim of political persecution, and without a legal home. I am a highly cultured person and also a leader in many ways in world affairs. This is why I hold the belief that I should not be treated like any simple emigrant. If it is so difficult to admit me into the States, I earnestly believe that in a week’s time we have ample opportunity to find out if this individual is admissible or not. So why two long months already, after having responded to three questionnaires? Are all the political refugees treated with identical slowness and parsimony? Are all the Cubans who land in the States also subject to excruciating questionnaires, inquests and demands as to on what they are going to live? I am not exactly a beach roamer or a long haired bum. Or must they be further inquisitional so as to discover a motive for giving me a flat refusal? If this is the aim, I´d sooner have it straight. We must be human, after all. (Say all this, but always in the way that it is me who is responsible for the expression, not you).

Looks like we are getting somewhere, anyhow. I am glad of this letter of the World Church. If you do see them, although you don’t have to, speak as little as possible, and make clear that I feel like being treated unfairly. At least this is my impression, and also that of my many friends throughout the world.

But what news on your side? You do not write, so you must be busy. I trust your mother is now much better of health. Please let me know.

Let us cheer up, and do things well, and all will be alright, I am absolutely certain.

Best wishes and receive y my purest Blessings