Barcelona, 6th of August, 1966

Mrs. Sonia BERG
New York City

Sister and Disciple,


Thanks for that letter of the Church World Service. Answer them quickly and tell them that I have millions of friends throughout the world so it is only natural that the UN Refugee Bureau should hear about them, and it will hear much more henceforth, as time passes and no real solution is given to this gentleman, a HUMAN BEING OR/OM Lind.

Tell them also that the Church World Service in Madrid has offered to send me a Health Service Card, well over a month ago, and still nothing has been fulfilled, so it is only natural that people throughout the world begin to distrust the Church World Service, and to believe that there is obvious discrimination against this one single person.

Tell them also that Pres. Johnson has said that all Cubans have a home in the U.S.A. There is no reason to keep ONE CUBAN CITIZEN OUT on lingering motives or pretests, just to let time pass. People who suffer cannot have patience, and it is not justice to offer satisfaction and attach strings to all offers, or to delay indefinitely real solutions. Justice too little or too late is absolute INJUSTICE.

Tell them all I say, and also that Mr. Lucero has offered me board and given me a house in Torrance, and Mrs. Sanders has offered me lodging for me and all my secretaries. Others have offered the very same, while myself at 65 I am like in the prime of youth and in full capacities of production, not likely to wait over two months as I already have, to make myself a living just to satisfy other people who worry over my support.

Tell them I have always been my own employer, and I intend to continue to be, that I have a Museum of my own and no such a person can depend on any Church or government for support. That I am a well known and pretty able lecturer, philosopher, art critic and world traveler, and well capable of supporting myself under all circumstances as I have always done throughout my life in all countries.

The Madrid Church World Service man Mr. Molina said that customs duties would have to be paid for the Museum of Dr. Lind. If it is not so, It is no fault of us if we have been mislaid or misinformed. In no country in the whole wide world Dr. Lind has had to pay for his Museum, which is primarily his work bunch, his collection of panels for his lectures, and his private library, as well as the archives of societies (religious mostly) which are connected with his worldwide activities.

Dr. Lind as well as all his collaborators and friends throughout the world wonder why it is so difficult for him to be admitted into the USA, being a great savant, and why the UNHCR has to delay over four years to solve such a single problem of a refugee. Besides, Dr. Lind is not particularly interested in coming to America exclusively, and with so many great  complications and restrictions, as all he has always said is to find a country humanitarian, democratic, christian and civilized enough to grant his a genuine permanent and respectable residence. After waiting four long years, he would prefer to be favored by America, but if this is to delay so much and be so complicated and difficult, he will accept any other country. It stands to reason that no human being can be well satisfied of conditions when he is forced to submit to all sorts of intricate bureaucratic demands and still have to wait four years. Dr. Lind, if we may remind you, applied for residence in the USA in 1962, when he was finally liberated from Cuba, and he is still expecting an answer, and answering himself the very same questions made by American Consular Officers.

May we remind the following: Dr. OM Lind is a Cuban citizen, as well as a human being who suffers the perplexing and harrowing condition of all the refugees of the world. He may have been deluded in the belief that it is true that all Cuban citizens are entitled to a home in America. It is true that he did not cross the Miami strait swimming his way among sharks, but he still is a human being who requests a just human treatment. This is what he has emphasized to us, and we cannot say more about his own thoughts and future aspirations. Please kindly consult such matters with him.


Please write the above in clear and pleasant phrases. Always write what you have to say, and when you confer with officials, immediately write a confirmation of the matters treated, so that we may always have evidences of what is being said and done.

You may also tell them that Dr. Lind is a religious leader and Spiritual Guide with world status. His hardships are beginning to cause serious wondering throughout the world, as his case seems to be one of prejudice, or at least that he is not being treated fairly.

Write with nice words, and tell them to hurry, as time loss is never recuperated. Tell them if I was able to establish my own Museum and University in Cuba, I can still do so in America and even on the Poles if need be, etc., but tell them that I SAY THIS, and you merely repeat what I say. Thus they will not bully you.