The 1st of July, 1966

Mrs. Sonia BERG

Beloved One

Sister and Disciple, NAMASKAR

Yours of June 26 is at hand. Infinite thanks for all, and for the nice speech for the Brothers. I trust they are happy, and that the documents have finally arrived, and that they are working really well now. When I get there we´ll develop the best Masonic Body in the U.S.A. All we need is clean minded people and really respectable citizens.

Please write to U Thant as to Kennedy, but requesting an interview, as legal president of the U R Alliance, regarding matters of World Peace. We must work in the right manner now, to prepare for when I am there. We shall have two immediate objectives.

  1. See U Than to held at the UN a Grand Meeting of our organization, and
  2. Work with Kennedy and other people in the direction of obtaining a government financial support and other assistance (land, house, etc)

These two objectives are already in the air, and I am working with others toward this goal. To U Thant, do not mention our problem of my being a refuge, but simply that we would like to use the UN Chapel, and address the Official Delegations. This, I would do myself. To Kennedy, maybe the best is only to mention my case, but not mention the Worldwide UNITED RELIGION, as he may be a Catholic bigot. Who knows? These people believe only in one religion: their own.

Mail reaches here very well. No need to register except when you send money, and this not the case. Spain is a fine country, and most progressive. There is no religious freedom, of course, as it is Roman Catholic 100%

…. Sorry you have to work. I wish we could solve our financial status problem, and all would be easy on us all. We do have to have a nice World Headquarters in N.Y. City, alongside the UN. People respect organizations when they have huge buildings, fantastic cathedrals, etc, even if they decay and create awe with their repulsive emptiness.

Well cheer up, and let us hope that in about a month or so we´ll all be together. God Bless you all.

With purest though and Blessings.