The 1rst of July, 1966

Mrs. Violet B. REED
Beverly Hills. Calif., USA

My Beloved ONE

Sister and Disciple


Thanks for recent news. All seems well once we realize how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy life peacefully and without hard feelings or crude passions.

Well, my case at the UN Washington really progress. I am to have all problems eradicated in about a month or so, and then we´ll great each other again, miraculously if we may say so.

Washington and the UN are rather well disposed toward me and my little family. But I am about fed up of this refugee and exiles problems of mine, and if I get no full satisfaction pretty soon I may yet return to Cuba. I can no longer withstand this atrocious inhumanity of the world. Communists may eat me all raw if they care, but at least I know of what I would die and when. As it is, after four years of futile efforts, I am still and unwanted refugee, a despicable exile, a stupid idealists who sacrificed his life to honor his own conscience and his democratic principles. I say stupid, because the so called democratic and christian world laughs at my ingenuosity and considers my noblesse as beloved crazy mood of my idiotic spirituality. Mankind is gone berserk, and I am wondering if it is so possible to entertain noble spiritual designs. Nowadays, the more people brag about peace the more they hate and want to enslave the whole world. And the more they claim to be “Saved” and “God inspired” the more brutal and monstrous they prove to be.

Just the same, I am a fighter, and I don´t think that I want to throw the towel. I still believe that some people deserve to be helped, and that they may yet prove that mankind is good for something better than what is now going on the face of this civilized planet.

Cheer up. I´ll keep you posted about developments. My biggest problem now is my five tons of luggage (and Museum, Files, etc.). Where am I to put all this stuff? Must I take it along to the USA? I am wondering. No little problem.

Anyway, I have never yet met any problem that I cannot lick or solve. Best of health and joys all through.

Best wishes and Blessings,