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July 4th, 1976

REMINDER:  It would be (it is) a brutal mockery of a problem that is already so tragic to expect the victims of inhumanity to plead their cause and to make concessions to the people who provoked their ordeals”

PEACE, JUSTICE, BROTHERHOOD, LOVE, WISDOM, FREEDOM are easily mentioned by foolish people. But no one should be deluded or misled. Such things cannot be discussed or obtained through compromises and bargains. FIRST we must eradicate the causes of evil and wickedness. Neither PEACE nor LOVE or FREEDOM can rest on anything but true sincerity of purpose, righteousness, mutual respect, kindness, goodwill and noble mindedness. As long as these are absent, denied or minimized it shall be futile, deceitful and disreputable to mention them. Let FIRST those who have stolen spoliated, murdered, laid and cheated make due amend and PROVE that they can be trusted, believed, admired and loved thereupon.

“A nos enemis, faites-leur savoir qu´ils ont eu tort de nous hair”
A ceux qui nous respectente, dites-leur faveurs, dites-leur que quand leer tour arrivera, ils seront heureux d´avoir des amis comme nous, si nous sommes encore lá”

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig

*   *   *


Matter:  Dr. OM Lind’s case (Unsolved)
Please answer to: the Luminary Heart for due transmittal


Paris, 15th of June, 1962

 Commission of Human Rights
New York City.- N.Y.


The problem of Dr. OM Lind, Blanche Ledran, Marie Peurozet and Micheline Héraud, the four Spiritual Missionaries who were freed by communist Cuba after a technical detention of almost two years remains the same and takes deeper and more tragic aspects every day. These people are not being attended as they should by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, which claims that it cannot do anything but offer “advices”. To any sound mind, the fact remains that all Human Rights seem denied to them by most nations, inasmuch as they are now REFUGEES without refuge, EXILES without asylum, staunch defenders of Peace and the Universal Brotherhood of Man converted into helpless wanderers who are not even considered as human beings in need of a home, a country where to settle, or a nation which would guaranty their democratic rights, their Spiritual Values and their persons as well as their lives.

To begin with, this problem is not duly handled as these Spiritual Missionaries actually ESCAPED the devilish fury of Communism in Cuba thanks to a strange concourse of happy and unquestionable circumstances, among them Divine Intervention, the awakening of Human Conscience, effective  and intensive WORLDWIDE MEDITATION AND PRAYER, the solidarity and joint action of hundreds of different religious, fraternal, spiritualist and philosophical organizations, and also the timely endeavors of many nations separately as well as the UNITED NATIONS  and the ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES. There has never been a sense of refuge in the escape of these persecuted and martyrized people, the which is amply proven new by the fact that they are really without refuge despite their having be turned over by the UN to the High Commissioner for Refugees.

The crude reality, indeed, is that after three long months of having been freed by the monstrous communist hordes of Cuba the plight of the fore mentioned Spiritual Missionaries is growing day by day, and this predicament is by itself incompatible with human dignity, or in no way congruent with either the Golden Rule or the Charter of Human Rights.

These people have accomplished a signal service to all humanity by remaining unshaken at their post and refusing to be beaten, until they were told to go. They did not FLEE even under excruciating political persecution, undue police pressure, deprivation and torture, preferring to die rather than to yield to subjection. They were finally EXPELLED from Communist Cuba, by sheer use of force, when so may nations demanded safety for their life, and due respect for their persons as well as protective measures for the Museum and the archives, suffering physical and moral maltreatment until the last moment when they were placed on a plane bound for Amsterdam almost without their knowledge an hour earlier. Of course, most of their funds and private belongings were then legally confiscated and such predicament alone could not easily be construed as the case of simple emigrants or of desperate refugees who seek protection from the ignominies of either vicious political tyranny or brutal religious intolerance.

In pure truth these four Spiritual Missionaries have become legendary defenders of Human Rights and eternal Spiritual Values, which they considered vital to their existence and prized even above their own personal needs. During around two years the whole world learned of their plight in Communist Cuba, and developed a profound admiration for their gallantry under conditions of exceptional duress. Such conditions hardly fit in the current description of mass exodus and terror-stricken refugees. Neither can the Museum and the archives – comprising 18 crates, weighing four tons – which were finally released by the communist government of Cuba together with Dr. Lind and his collaborators be impavidly considered as refugees, more so when we realize that the World Living History Museum of Man and the archives of the UNIVERSL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE were the real leit motive of this extraordinary case, and four more victims would have had for the monstrous communist regime of Cuba no more significance than a few dry leaves in this tropical tempest of political nightmare.

The World Living History – Museum of Man escaped destruction, indeed, only because of the feat homeless devotion and extraordinary gallantry of the aforesaid Spiritual Missionaries, and the whole world knows that this Museum is unique in its kind, in the sense that they correlate art, parapsychology, religion, science, humanistic accomplishments and spiritual attainments in a gigantic, unprecedented an ennobling effort of promotion of the genuine Universal Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man: a) to restate the truth of ancient civilizations which never die altogether; b) to further the research and study on Comparative Religion in an attempt to instaure the supreme Religion of true Love-Wisdom and Spiritual Communion, and to demonstrate the wonderful world of Spiritual inspiration wherein God and Man become one. Last but not least, c) it establishes a Universal Epicenter of cultural, religious, scientific and spiritual syntheses as well as of creative inspiration. It is also priceless because it could never be duplicated if it were lost, as well as because it comprises the original files and archives of many ancient religious and philosophical organizations.

In ultimate analysis, we may safely assert that these four Spiritual Missionaries of Cuba are living symbols of the magnificence of Spiritual Values and Human Conscience. It is, in fact, the extraordinary moral and spiritual meaning of this exceptional case that makes it so noteworthy and of portentous historic importance.

In reality, this case bewilders us because of its inhuman content, and like many people throughout the world we would like to know what it means exactly to be free under such circumstances. In fact, we already wonder if the gallant battle against the cruel and inhuman policies of COMMUNISM which was triumphantly led by Dr. Lind and his three collaborators during their ordeal in Cuba is duly appreciated in all its value by this great international body. All these tragic conditions assume still greater dimensions, of course, when we consider that the GRAND SPIRITUAL SANCTUARY OF ALL THE RELIIGONS in Cuba was destroyed by Communism and that the four Spiritual Missionaries in reference risked their lives to save the Archives of the Sanctuary and the WORLD LIVING HISTORY-MUSEUM OF MAN, being the legal depositaries of this most precious patrimony of all mankind. However, as thing so, the question arises as to whether mankind will be allowed the right to enjoy it, because all these cultural jewels and spiritual treasures cannot eternally remain in crates, risking deterioration and loss.

This tragic predicament makes us think seriously about the reason why the United Nations could not or would not grant forthwith to the four Spiritual Missionaries in reference and to all people equally maltreated and persecuted adequate shelter and legal protection in one of its Mandates Territories.  We already know that no country will afford humane asylum or a charitable shelter to such personalities at once, without passing through the lengthy and tremendous complexities of legalism and policies which render the possibility of residence so difficult, and the application of Human Rights so complicated.

To those who tell us that the application of Human Rights requires time, we answer with the shameful view of million of Refugees throughout the world in a day and age of fast travels around the earth and projects of cosmic space conquest, if mankind is not yet capable of making peace and well-being a reality on our tiny planet, we do not see why nations should think of visiting other cosmic worlds. Who sense can there be in modern ultratechnical civilization, indeed, if we cannot find a solution to the problem of refugees on this earth, WHY dream at all of world might and grandeur, or of cosmic splendors, if in the course of such conquest people lose their heart, their soul, and their dignity as well as all Human Rights? Is that the ideals of the intelligenzia of our day and age?

All these considerations come to our mind because we resist the thought that the UNITED NATIONS cannot solve the problem of these four Spiritual Missionaries now in grave predicament in Amsterdam after having escaped from the satanic fury of Communism. We easily imagine what a little effort and some good sense could do where – until now – big statements and speeches have utterly failed to accomplish. Or are we mistaken?

We could also query as to whether the world is so rich in human values and cultured people that it can do without such personalities like Dr. Lind and his prestigious collaborators. Were it so, we would see again here a contradiction, as a highly cultured civilization could not produce such a social cancer as man’s hatred toward man and the REFUGEES´PROBLEM. Or could it? These questions arise today in the mind of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world and it requires an answer, right now. Whether United Nations?

As we see current happenings the case of these four scholars constitutes a test for the UN because a great part of mankind is judging its efficacy and practicability as well as the manner in which Human Rights are either interpreted or applied by this International Body. If Human Rights were applied even only once to the extent of their full meaning, we think that it should be on account of these four Spiritual Missionaries and Officials of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE.  It would be a good start, indeed, and also a wonderful way to demonstrate in a practical manner to all mankind that the UNITED NATIONS is not merely a hope or a beautiful mirage, in a war-weary world wherein brutal distress and the civilized man’s inhumanity toward one another constitute the main keynotes. If the UN is not in a position to help these four Spiritual Missionaries, it means that it is well nigh time for it to become more practical and to find ways and means to justify its being the hope of so many individuals all over the world.

Would it not be uplifting and commendable for the UN Officers to understand this and to put more attention to this particular and most interesting case? The four Spiritual Missionaries acted in behalf of HUMAN CONSCIENCE during their terrible ordeal in Cuba, and Humanity is eager to see what is the real worth and import of so much martyrdom and sacrifice can be in the light of the Human Rights which are now so highly proclaimed and vaunted at every moment in the Official speeches of the Delegates to the UN. Mankind will be the judge.

Hopping to hear from you in the near future, we remain,

Very sincerely yours,

Cristobal Zapata Troncoso                                 Louise Sossler
General Spokesman                                          General Spokesman