Dear Friends,

Inasmuch as we are about to leave for our new World Headquarters, all stocks of literature are being liquidated. No new editions shall be made until further notice.

We never send out COMPLIMENTARY copies or our journals, which are reserved exclusively for the Active Associate Members.

Please, Please, PLEASE do not be mixed – avoid confusing us with any sort of daydreamers, moneymaking outfits, or Heaven-sent groups. We are above all idealists who choose their friends, who work only through EDUCATIONAL, impersonal SERVICE and unbiased BROTHERHOOD channels. We shall ignore all mail received from people who mistake us for what we are NOT and can never BE.

The New Age civilization BREAKTHROUGH is not, and can never be the private property of any single person or group of people.

ANOTHER THING: Please criticize us CONSTRUCTIVELY, but not just for the sake of fault finding, or to obstruct well-meaning endeavors. We know what we are, so do not try to tell us YOUR POINT OF VIEW. WE DON´T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE´S private points of view. If they criticize constructively, OK, they are most WELCOME, provided they give us the collaboration and the means to improve our SERVICE TO GOD, TRUTH and MANKIND.

If you accept our views, we can be very good friends in the future, and mighty useful to one another.

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig
World Coordinator

January 01, 1966

Timely Reminder: UNIVERSAL CULTURAL, HUMANIST, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE FOR MODERN TIMES, Inc. and the Spiritual University in Colombia. January 01, 2002.