Unfulfilled hopes



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            It is obvious that the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is fulfilling its original aims of guiding mankind toward a better destiny and of establishing a real Spiritual civilization for the ushering in new age. It has accomplished even more than that, as it has become the only nuclei of real Spiritual Communion, as well as an oasis of genuine Human Brotherhood.  It is, in no way, a new brand of religious hope, a free-lance representation of all Religions and Faiths, or some sort of enterprise for the exclusive purpose of selling out a literary production of dubious quality. In fact we have nothing to sell, neither medals nor distinctions, or books which merely repeat over and over again what has been said and explained all along the ages past to anon.

Neither would it be fair to say that the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is merely a Debating Club, an association for gargantuan purposes, a Society for Mutual Congratulation, or one of these exclusive mystical groups, which claim to be Divine Life and Holy Heaven on earth by Divine Command. Indeed, the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is far from being deserving of comparison with organizations of questionable character as its endeavors place it well above crude suspicion. In fact there is nothing either purely theoretical or based on promises in it, as it stands on a definite Spiritual dynamics which makes Religion, Fraternity and Philosophy something meeting the needs of man as well as really and positively functional and fitting for a new age.

            Now the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE advocates a Spiritual dynamism, which makes Religion more real and effective, not by dreaming about tradition and the past (vain) splendors of fleece worldly prestige and riches, but, rather, FOR TRUE HUMAN REHABILITATION AND HAPPINESS and real SPIRITUAL COMMUNION AND HIGHER REALIZATIONS ACCORDING TO GENUINE DIVINE TEACHINGS OF YESTERAGES. Our modern times are replete with material wonders, and scientific progress has made of life a delusive mirage, but meanwhile, mankind is degenerating into a maelstrom of beastly passions, effete morals, lack of vital dignity and deplorable Spiritual void.

            Instead of continuous preaching, perfect academic speeches, soap-box political rhetoric, sumptuous pontifical recommendations and garrulous metaphysics of secret diplomacy let us have consistent goodwill, good examples in righteousness, and effective humanitarian idealism, for, sooth to say, despite so many centuries of different forms of fastuous religious declamation, philosophical formulations and pompous ceremony the world is tremendously disillusioned, desperately heart-sick, and head deep in wars, regimes of violence, economic-social problems, racial hatred, churching fanaticism and intolerance, utter Spiritual distress, and flares of hatred and strife.

            What really counts in the long run of life, of course, it is not the doctrines, promises, hopes and traditional prestige vaunted but the vital efforts and creative accomplishments. Our past speaks lauder than words. As for the immediate aims and purposes of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, they are namely:

The moment is for action,

 not dreaming and nice speeches:


*a)- Seek grants of tracts of lands from every country for the purpose of establishing Autonomous Free Zones with Co-operative Colonies for the benefit of all people who are under our legal protection.

*b)- Obtain official recognition from all the nations, as Supreme World Spiritual Organism, and also establish Legal Representations as Spiritual Embassies in all the countries of the world.

*c)- Cater funds through public spontaneous donations and bequests to build and operate a worldwide Radio television Station, so as to give free programs on Divine Truth and Humanitarian endeavors to all mankind, and to establish several printing plants in different parts of the world to publish Courses of Study for free distribution.

*d)- Hold international Rendezvous d’Honneur under the chairmanship of the Heads of different Religions, Faiths and Fraternities to further World Peace, Understanding and Co-operation among all the nations.

*e)- Establish World Spiritual Missions in all countries for the purpose of furthering the better knowledge of all Religions and true humanism.

*f)- Promote the establishment of an International Court of Justice with Spiritual and humanitarian jurisdiction in all the latitudes of the world, and

*g)- Make all the nations of the world recognize the Universal Citizenship Passport and the International Ministry Passport.

            Obviously all Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies have more chance to be right and more powerful, morally and spiritually, than single Churches or small groups of people.  At least there is more of Divinity, Truth and Humanity in a UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE than in exclusive orthodoxies and mirror sects or clans.

            All these accomplishments, among so many others of no less significance, need to be upheld, furthered and defended. Needless to say, those who so behave are its immediate beneficiaries, whether they are or not Members of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE.



“Avoid evil, do well, and ignore the howling’s  of freaks.” – Swami Jñanakanda    

“It is a crime to have the opportunity to do good, and to ignore it”. -  Plato