Relaxation enables us to obtain integral self-control.

Self-control is the keystone of individual accomplishment and of true Spiritual conquests.

Genius is utmost self-control. Lack of self-control lends the psyche and body to all sorts of freakish developments and unholy conditions, vices, mental quirks, intellectual confusion and unbalance, dissolutions of motives, lack of will and unstable feelings. Most great conditions of sickness also derive from this mental and material devitalization.

Meditation really begins when we have obtained through self-control. Otherwise we are only playing with psychosomatic fancies, and self-complacency in psychoses, either provoked by ignorance or by undue mental delusions.

When we cultivate sensorial pleasures and mental delusions we only cater to devitalizing factors, and we leave ourselves at the mercy of strays forces and morbous or wicked propensities of the self. Selfishness, greed and all instinctive passions that make human nature or character sink into conditions of animality are, in fact, due to such failures or lacks of self-control.

Individual consciousness must need be developed into forms of self-control. In fact, consciousness is vague, unstable and insignificant when we do not control our mental mechanism. Then, also, our vital mechanism within the material body becomes automatic and unhealthy. Unwholesomeness, roguishness, sickness, vices, all these detrimentary conditions of human livelihood are derivates of psychosomatic discontrol or automatism. Vitality needs to be controlled, too; otherwise it becomes sluggish and uncreative.

Genius could never happen in uncontrolled minds. Genius is always the expression of self-control, mental as well as material.

Meditation is the great remedy for Initiates. Initiates are Masters in Meditation.

Meditation is the keynote of real Spirituality and the only springboard to true Spiritual experience.

Meditation frees us from sentimental myths and fancy postures. Delusions are fruits of raw mental action. Delusions must be eradicated, or at least well controlled, just like desires, hope and aspirations, if we really want to live in vital plenitude and Spiritual Consciousness (Bodha).

Meditation must make us transcend ordinary sense-consciousness, and lead us toward mental (Budhi-vital intellectuation) consciousness.

It is by means of Meditation, indeed, that we can develop higher mental qualities, and awaken Spiritual Consciousness. Only through this magnificent process can we really reach SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS in its variegated modalities and tempos.

Sensorial consciousness has to be super passed by Mental consciousness or "intellectual zeal and delight". We do not mean mystic fancy or metaphysical complacency, but, rather, Mental creativeness and conscious creation. This is also known as Suprasensoriality.

Meditation will have to be replete with meaning, consistence, and forcefulness. It is only through Meditation, in fact, that we develop our inner conditions of consciousness in the higher mental Plane.

Meditation stands for intensive mental activity, energetic will, and dynamic Spiritual realization. Vital creative conditions can only arise through this process, which opens avenues of consciousness.

Wonderful experiences are undergone thanks to this process, until we become capable of conscientiation or expansion into cosmic or natural vitality in our own environment. It is then that we may sense the real meaning of life, and inclusive contact the Holy Presence, that is the Universal Mind or Holy Ghost.

We cannot enjoin too much the practice of Meditation. This should always be made, in fact, in private and in deep consciousness of self, so as to transcend egocentric conditions or concrete person (al) ification.

Meditation will, in due course of time, enable us to attain integral self-control, and command over vital energy within us at their sources as well as in their variegated forms of projection.

Maha Chohan
Kut Humi Lal Singh