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It is not necessary to revolve around the Sacred Writings seeking to interpret them, since they are clearly written and well explained. The causes of mayor division among Christians are their efforts to interpret the evangelious. It is not a matter of belonging to a determine church or to proclaimed following the faith of the Lord Christ, but to abide by his Sacred Teachings without whimsical interpretations and conventional and sectarian efforts. His Truths are clear and unquestionable. We are true Christians when we live in the way that Christ lived; it is not a matter of mere faith.

"It is a fallacy to proclaim to be Christian and at the same time behave in a way totally opposite to the Teachings of Christ. On the other hand, before pretending to be seen as the saviours of others, imposing them the truth of Christ that they themselves do not understand, let us ensure ourselves that we are truly aware of Christ. It would not be worthy trying to save others when we are in more need of efforts to be saved"