The ROSE+CROIX, let us understand it well, does not associate a series of doctrines or dogmas or pre-established formulas whose end is to meet an only clan, or in one association diverse people around one form of belief and with a common objective sustained under the same doctrinal terms.

There are many individuals going around proclaiming they are "Rose-Croix". These people are no more than foolish entities that would find their right place under the rightful care of a hospice for the mentally ill. They are extravagant fools that talk of "travelling in astral" of having "grandiose powers" and of healing all world sickness, using herbal medicines; they are mad beings that see ghosts everywhere and that believe themselves to be the most perfect creatures of the creation... They are embodiments of foolishness and confuse false rhetoric with Wisdom.

The same name "Rose+Croix" is a distinctive symbol that explains its fundaments and finalities. The Rose represents the plenitude of the superior possibilities of the self, expressed in all their forces. The Croix allegorises the multiple conditions of life in general. To be Rose Croix implies to have accomplished the total triumph of the Superior Inner Forces over the multiple circumstances of life. The R+C is an attitude of triumph towards life and of positive success in all spheres of life.

This Course, Theoretical and Practical, is of rigor for all Students, since it prepares them for more advanced studies.

Creative Attainments: Integral education of the self; building of the creative will; spiritual culture; shaping of character and vocation; nurture of emotions and aspirations; destructions of illusions; undoing of all wrongs; development of mental faculties; utilization of universal nature’s forces; success over psychological complexes, biological flaws and karma; development of the possibilities of the self; conquering of all deficiency and limitation; enjoyment of the universal intelligence; living in harmony with the Cosmic Conscience; high wisdom.