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Author: Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig



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“Man is as great as the Mysteries he knows, caters, loves and serves”

Ill. Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig

Saviours, Redeemers, Guides and Enlighteners of Mankind have been numerous in the course of the ages, certainly many more that we can now account for. They were all great personalities, their virtues were many, and their Teachings unquestionably reflected the purest sentiments and the most perfect Wisdom.

Of course, each one appears today as we observe retrospectively quite different to the others. Their individuality was guaranteed, in fact, by the time of their actuation and the characteristics of their allotted mission as well as by the needs they faced according to circumstances. What make them so vital as expressions of human beingness and also as Divine Teachers are their authenticity, their impact on history and the results of their sacrifices.

Naturally, sacrifice spells consecration, and no such great human rehabilitator is deservant of mistreatment or to be hailed as heretic, idolater or deceitful impersonator. In reality each one of them has left such imprint on his time that he cannot be subject to disrespect, because he represents a part or an episode in the long process of human evolution and quest for vital realization.

In the same way that Divinities never die, great Benefactors to Humanity never lose their status, because they incarnate a definite set of values that belong to the Realm of Perenniality. They emphasized eternal Truth by means of admirable feats of self-surrender as well as of extreme heroism, and their deeds speak for themselves. They were not victims of circumstances, for they actually decided their own fate and determined their own destiny. This is the reason why they are not simple repetitions of a sort of blueprint martyrdom, as though they imitated one another. In reality they are great Missionaries who fulfill their Mission. What is more, none ever contradicted the others, for they all respond to human needs while in the Service of God and Eternal-Universal-Spiritual Truth. That is why also none has ever claimed to be exclusive, or either first or last. They all demonstrate a great degree of consciousness and Spiritual Realization, and they gamely lend themselves to the Consecration which they are certain of rating deep in their being. Their sacrifice is their crowning feat of self-integration and also the supreme demonstration of their Spiritual Truthfulness and consistence.

There have been many false and imaginary Messiahs, mystical impostors who sought to be acclaimed as Saviours or Redeemers. Charlatans have always existed. But we have no intention of referring to them here, as their realm is as passing as it is fanciful.

We have mentioned elsewhere a conventional sort of Messiah and Redeemer, an imaginary composite Saviour that integrates the most striking qualities and attributes of all the known Deities. It has been the leitmotif of all Great Poets to imagine a super deity and Messiah with the measurements of all human hopes. Greek, Hindu and all the other romance builders of mystical taste have fashioned their own Universal Saviour, in the same way that Pygmalion created his Divine dream. But they remained for others to shatter such perfect dreams or to deride them once their failure to meet the needs of reality became too obvious.

The Greek Philosopher-Poet-Sociologist Plato spoke loudly of the Crucified Man in the Heavens. This has been construed as pure fancy. Nevertheless, Albeit Plato was in his own right to imagine as he pleased, Historians tell us that there is more than simple imagination to this assertion, for the Ancient Sages of Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, autochthonous America, Polynesia, etc. conceived the cosmic man in connection with astrology and cosmogony, that is rather scientifically. In fact, the apparent movements of the sun around the planet Earth do give the impression of birth, ascension, crucifixion and resurrection. And associated with such concepts, at certain moments of history, the vision of the Crucified Man of the Heavens becomes more evident. In ancient India, many thousands of years ago, this Cosmic Man appeared crucified with marks of nails and a crown, thus symbolizing the duress of a great task as well as the final triumph over all the conflicts, problems and difficulties of life. According to ancient Chinese tradition the first man appeared on earth coming all made, naked, and like flying down from the splendorous heights were the sun is king. Also in Central America and Mexico, among the Mayas, the Divine Saviour QUETZALCOATL is said to have appeared out of no where, the same as the first pre-Inca Divinity. In ancient Egypt, Osiris also is the spiritual universal sun that is behind the shining one, metamorphosed or transformed into the first human being.

It is said that in the time of Alexander the Great, some 340 years B.C., there was a common belief about a Great Crucified Man in the Skies. Historians like Guignant refers to this in Religion of the Ancients, Sir Godfrey Higgins in the Hindu Pantheon, Kersey Graves in the World´s Sixteen Crucified Saviours, and Max Muller in different comments on the Vedas.

Whether this tribute of recognition and admiration, so generalized throughout history deserves further comment is a matter of personal judgment. Evidences speak for themselves. But setting aside the power of imagination we must still take seriously into consideration historic records and tradition, which is in ultimate analysis popular memory in the form of legends.

Plato who lived between 428 and 348 B.C. was unquestionably a master of creative thinking and positive reasoning, little inclined to mysticism, though in a way a fancy idealist. But he could never deserve an accusation of freakish metaphysics and religious imposture. His concepts command respect at all times, and when describes the Crucified Man in the Skies he is no doubt deadly in earnest. It is possible, of course, that in those ancient times natural phenomena somewhat contributed toward the belief in a Cosmic Man apparently crucifies or at least giving rise to such ideas. People have always associated natural events around them with the living conditions of mankind. We know of popular sayings that may correspond to certain forms of thinking or of belief that would prove such assertions.


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