The Universal Religious Alliance and

Universal Holy Realm, Inc.

World-wide Confederation, Cooperative Brotherhood and Commonwealth of
Autonomous Religions, Faiths, Benevolent Fraternities, Mystic Orders, Philosophical Academies and
Spiritual Sanctuaries,
Divine Kingdom of the Golden Rule and Spiritual Communion

Absolutely a non political, non sectarian, non profit and impersonal organization. Membership on the basis of excellence and achieved in Spiritual UNIVERSALITY and in Moral INTEGRITY. All problems can be solved. Word Peace and Brotherhood begins with each responsible partner-collaborator. Mutual benefit rehabilitation, protection and respect of the rights and dignity of the individual

Grand World-wide Brotherhood-Commonwealth under de Fatherhood of God




Following its well-established Practice of meeting in Grand Assembly at least once every year, the WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN or Permanent World-wide Parliament of all Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies as an Open Forum of Humanity under the direction of the Spiritual Hierarchy fulfills its aims of seeking a better understanding of world problems and of furthering world peace and the Universal Brotherhood Commonwealth of Man, and also of accomplishing its noble mission of affording Spiritual enlightenment and guidance to all earnest seekers after truth and to devotees of Divine Law.

This special notice and INVITATION is extended to all people and organizations, whether they are or are not registered Members of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE AND HOLY REALM, INC. and to all sincere students of life an earnest devotees of all religions. All are heartily requested to partake in this epoch-making gathering.

As usual, also, the Heads of Religions, Fraternities, Spiritualist Societies, Humanist Associations and Philosophical groups which are collaborating Members of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE AND HOLY REALM shall hold a Grand Spiritual and Religious Council, or special SPIRITUAL SUMMIT MEETING.

The main speakers will be the Official Delegates and the Universal Spiritual Missionaries whose sole raison d`etre is to limit and erase conflicts, heal the soul and body, awaken the conscience and enlarge the perspectives of all people as also to pacify and equilibrate interests, harmonize sentiments, unify endeavors and ideals and promote true friendship and spiritual communion among all people.  Absolutely no controversial propositions, political problems or unfriendly attitudes shall be permissible, although the basic problems and ills of this world will be duly dwelt upon in scholarly manner until real solutions and adequate remedies be found.  No untoward criticism or expression of strife and violence in whatever manner shall be permitted.

All Official Delegations are requested to announce in advance their participation, mentioning the fields of their preference. However, there is no Veto or Censorship among us.

Grand Assembly meetings will be reserved for registered Official Delegations exclusively.  Special public meetings will also be organized.

May we have the joy and privilege of welcoming you personally at this grand Spiritual rendezvous of all lovers of Divine Law, Spiritual Values and the universal Religion of Love, Righteousness and Wisdom, as well as of all defenders of sincere world peace and sincere promoters of the Brotherhood of Man?

All Checks or Money Orders

should be made payable to:

Treasurer …………

Sophie Berg USM

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
President of the Universal Holy Realm, Inc.
70 West 46th St
New York
36, N. Y.

Note attached:  Our main Officers are still held up in Cuba, deprived of the right to travel, and the general archives and files as well as the WORLD LIVING MUSEUM OF MAN are also in Havana. We trust that our chief leaders and the archives will be freed in time for  the Grand Assembly in New York City.

New York City, the 15 th of March, 1962


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