Aum Mani Padme Hum !



“There is nothing mightier, more useful, more beautiful nor so necessary as Truth.-“



Purpose and Aims

(Amplification of our Message of May 1931, in Batavia, Java)

Proposed, Convocated and Organized by the:
“Universal Union for the Diffusion of Budhic Philosophy”

“Oh, Light of Asia, lighten our dark West
With Wisdom garnered from thy Holy Quest,
Show us the Path which leads to Sorrow´s Cure.
The Sorrow that all living things endure,
Thy gentle Teachings in our minds instill,
That none can prosper who treat others ill.
But he who can cherishes goodwill to all
Earth´s living creatures, whether great or small,
Through their content his sufferings shall cease,
And he shall walk the Path of the perfect Peace”

G. Lyster.


By the Venerable Anagarika Lhasshekankrakrya

First Edition .- Copyright, June 1933
Publication Number 4
Address: 2 Rue Charles Bonnet.- Geneva.- Switzerland.
Or Das Budhhistishe Haus.- Frohnau-Berlin. Germany



Namo Tassa Bhagavato   Sama Sam Buddhassa

Purpose and Aims

Unbiased consideration of the values of the Teachings of Budhas, discernment of their lofty realism and noble characteristics, should lead to the conclusion that here, indeed, the Science or Reality is dealt with.

The Philosophy of Realization, or the system of sublimation, is opposed to all the existing systems of thought. This is the conclusion of sincere en earnest minds; but, as yet, it remains to be publicly demonstrated. It should, it must, be demonstrated, for the sake of Truth itself, as well as for the improvement of our species and directing of our minds to sublime Aims and Ideals. Such considerations lead to the inspiration and proposal of a European-American BUDHIC Congress.

Furthermore, the Teachings of Budhas (wholly Enlightened Ones) have been disseminated in Europe and America by Orientalists often bewildered by both text and commentary, and also, by certain pretenders to “revelation” and “initiation”. The public is confused, being confronted with teachings capriciously interpreted; and the public disastrously misunderstand. Thus are served the willful designs of uncofessed enemies of the true, traditional teachings, and of ignorant and capricious theories. Again, there are other programs for our Congress to deal with, and not small ones. There is the drift of the majority of adherents to Budhic Thought toward sensorial, illusory, anthropomorphic, metaphysical, and even, ceremonial forms of organized “Buddhist Religion”; copying foreign cults and employing strange ideological galimatias that are obviously antagonistic to pure Budhic Thought, and antithetic to the very attitude of Budhas themselves.

Consideration of the necessity of straightening out such a state of affairs led to the plan of the Congress, destined especially for the Western mind, created for the sole purpose of coming to an understanding on the primary point of this grand system of Thought to take the bearings of this system in its application as a needed Solution to the Problems that are leading our species to disaster, and to take up a position with regard to the differences between the Buddhists conception and the actual thought trend of the world, both East and West.

The Anagarika (Homeless) Lhassshekankrakrya, actual President of the Universal Union for the Diffusion of Budhic Philosophy, who stirred interest towards the realization of a European-American BUDHIC Congress, and worked out the plans of organization, travelled throughout the world, lecturing, harnessing goodwill for the event, getting in contact with the different thinkers of the world and preparing the official spheres of the public of all countries for a sympathetic attitude, and even, collaboration. This Congress is considered by many to be as important as the one that met under the direction of the Emperor Agoka after the death of the Budha Siddhartha Gautama: and, indeed, it may be a turning of the Wheel of the Law, a reaffirmation of the Dhamma or Teachings of the Great Enlightening Ones. We have a firm belief in that due to the fact that it is the very first time in the whole history of mankind that such a Congress of thinkers of all schools are to meet, unprejudicedly and without dogmas, with a common aim of general understanding on principles pertaining to the positive enlightenment of humankind.

To avoid misleading concepts that have come into general thought through wrongly interpreted philosophical conceptions of the past, we strongly stress the fact that Budhic Thought is not “a religion” as commonly viewed, but a SCIENTIFIC PHILOSOPHY in its fundamentals and, in its transcendence, is a pure sublimation (inner urges rightly attained, with the aid of the Teachings here referred to). It is a Pure-Thought Trend, a lofty attitude of Mind. It is now in Renaissance, Budhic sense (Higher Mind) and Bodhi-Budhic essence – (Truth) are now being newly expressed in accord with the latest scientific discoveries and the present outcome of the general bankruptcy of formerly consecrated values, leading, indeed, to the expression of entirely new line of force or faculties and qualities (virtues?) out of our very Ethnic Potential as “creative conscious imperative”.

The actual live and sound forces of our species must be once and for all concerted and duly directed. A Reconstruction is at hand. We work for the building of a New Age through right research and attainment into the domain of the inner forces of all forms of human endeavor. This is a straightening of human destiny through a wakening of our inner forces and returning to a true living, to a sterling spiritual revival.

Doesn´t our plan justify itself at the face of the actual turn of events of our wearied, worried, warring world, with the noisy downfall of all time consecrated values and futility of all pompous international Conference for Peace, Disarmament and Economic normality and other welfares?

An Organizing Committee was elected after communication between the most sincere Buddhist residing in the Western world. Persons eminent in different fields of human activity are invited to second our efforts and to offer their adhesion and collaboration.


“Search untiringly for truth and bring unto light those principles which will harmonize with the crying needs of the hour” Abdul Ba

            The present disturbances in world affairs, brought about by a thousand and one prejudices and false concepts, confront us with a radical inversion of all spiritual values. The higher human attributes are translated to a perplexing idealism, to contingent remedies for evils, to limited and incomplete efforts which reflect the eclipse suffered by reason and are surely leading to dissolute morals. Such phenomena are a proof of the interference with true ideals in all human enterprises, of doubtful values and effete metaphysical postulates of reality. Indeed, nothing is more menacing for the future of civilization or more perplexing as to political security and the economic equilibrium of the world. These problems, more acute each day, betray our spiritual discomfiture, the servility of intelligence in the service of error, intransigence and willful authority. But this selfsame misery calls now, in extremis, for an urgent revision of the whole erected order of things and for a revaluation of the former consecrated values that have not only fallen in disgrace but proved their utter futility, proved their inexactitude. Yet, from such chaos is expected to spring the germ and foundation of a grand and glorious future!.

The revision now called for is not only urgent, but an absolute necessity. The impending Renovation of the values of the world must need rest upon a conception as yet unexploited, and will be the outcome only of an Attitude of Mind in accordance with the New Aims. Such is what we mean by BUDHIC THOUGHT TREND.

Any earnest efforts now towards a revival of the true Ethic Potential of our species, towards a reform of our dis-axed inner forces and abilities, constituting thus a wonderful Crusade for paramount Ethics, would deserve the best attention. Not a few are ready to cooperate in such a constructive urge. The First European-American BUDHIC Congress is designed for the organization and word-wide establishment of this Crusade of the Soul (Mind, Spirit, Conscience, Elan Vital or Para-psyquic power), and our present object is to co-ordinate all efforts and group all the able ones who feel sympathy for such aims and are willing to work for their success. The Victory will not be that of any “ism”, “theory”, “doctrine” or “party”, but that of a wisely concerted effort of truly Lion-hearted and Noble-minded ones.

This gathering and work is to be conducted without any distinction of race, creed, sex and age nor to whatever prejudices and dogmas commonly accepted now days.