Our Universal Spiritual Mission


Only the Truth can set us free”

            The Public Exhibit of the general archives and the collections of art masterpieces, advanced science, magnificent Temples of worship and Palaces of learning, Egyptian Monuments, studies of compared religion, current human events, ancient civilizations, bio-psycho-dynamism, Transcendental Yoga, Spiritual Sanctuaries and Divine Law is again proving that it amply fulfills its purported social and educational functions. Each year since its creation in 1908, this wonderful institution has repeated its success in the favor of public interest.

            The idea of producing faithful reproductions of valuable Museum pieces, through photography and etchings lithography and even simple printing, and placing at the reach of people throughout the world by means of a travelling organization, explaining them in trustworthy University fashion, is a way of increasing the power of modern scientific research and communication means, in the service and to the benefit of human culture. The public is beneficiary, furthermore, of the consultation facilities of authentic scholars, masters of art, and men of science who meet their cathedra obligations on the spot, thus making the Public Exhibit a living affaire.People interested enjoy, therefore, untold facilities, not having to travel around the world in order to meet and benefit through the contact of all the jewels of the common heritage of man, which is placed so to say at their feet. They may even obtain copies of whatever item of their choice.

            This unique Public Exhibit is without precedent, of course, because it reveals for the first time and with exclusive rights the interiorities of the Spiritual Sanctuaries, and also offers an ample assortment of consultation data for all people, thus tending to increase public interest in the nobler aspects of life and afford as well constant contacts with the trustworthy sources of right information.

            The fundamental purpose of the UNIVERSAL HOLY REALM AND RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE in promoting this sort of LIVING MUSEUM OF MAN, which is equally a TRAVELLING WORLD UNIVERSITY OF HUMANOLOGY AND LOGOMATICS centers around the need of increasing the love for truth among people, and also, to afford a genuine media of right information. Originally, the Temple of Spiritual Realization is presented in dimensions of human potentialities, and Divine Law becomes a living power, each time more, as the World Congress of Man or Grand Universal Parliament of all Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies prospers in the different latitudes of the world, blending Science, Beauty, Ethics, Human and Divine Essence through genuine Idealism, Cosmic Realization in term of creative consciousness and Spiritual Communion and Noblesse.Therefore, the much dreamed of Unity of East and West, and Union of Love, Service and Wisdom become accomplished realities. The essential elements of the Sciences, Arts, and Letters also be conclusively reduced to their basic elements,and placed in the better SERVICE of God, Truth and Humanity.

            The immediate aim in life is to solve all problems andalso to foster a better destiny. Naturally, all the forces in the different realms of universal nature must be harmonized, and individual success rests in such a clue, or objective, which is essentially the mystery of life. Leadership can likewise be complex and multiple, as it is a delusory leadership that rests in mystical postures or that depends on metaphysical formulas, precisely when life demands solutions to complicated problems, to ward off evil and to defeat fear as well as tragedy and chaos. Indeed, what we all need nowadays, it is not the leadership of evildoers, warlords, empire builders by way of aggression and conquest, and dictators of violence and brutal opulence. Mankind needs, above all, MORAL LEADERSHIP, not leadership of literary fancy and theological commandments, which are not put into practice, and above all SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP, which is the sense of human dignity and excellence in ethical designs that makes life harmonious and bearable to the utmost. Leaders who only talk, give orders, and repeat mystical formulas are simple jugglers with delusive designs who only cater to the sympathy of nitwits and complacent victims of ignorance and superstition. Earnest and capable Spiritual Leadership constitutes the greatest need of the hour, and this is possible only through right information, unlimited freedom to think, work, travel, and communicate for all people alike, unbridled consciousness, genuine morality, utmost respect for Divine Law, supreme devotion to Truth and the Golden Rule, effective love and wisdom in the nobler projections in the blessings of universal harmony. Let us hope that Temples of Universal Understanding and Wisdom as well as Supreme Shrines of Spiritual Love and Divine Law may be established in all countries where the WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN manifests, so that mankind may no longer divided by unseeming ideologies, unbridled worldly passions, uncouth superstition, and unkind ignorance. Let this course of action through the noble leadership of the Spiritual Hierarchy build up slowly but surely, the Spiritual Union of Nations as well as the New Age Spiritual Civilization.

            We sincerely believe and earnestly uphold that the future of the whole human species resides in the better form of Religion that is adhering to its essentials rather than to external cult, rituals and doctrinal interpretation. It is the vitally understood and practiced ideals of man that really count in Life. People must learn to regenerate themselves, and not depend on absent-mindedness, or outside leadership. A New Age Spiritual Civilization is about to usher in, but only those who are sensitive to Divine Light, open to Cosmic Consciousness, capable of unlimited Spiritual vision, and willing to SERVE IMPERSONALLY AND UNSELFISHLY, shall partake in its wondrous portents. The best of Man is unalterably and inevitably DIVINE, and only in the excellence of man shall we discover truly the Divine at work throughout the Universe.

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig

Jerusalem, the 23rdof September 1922