Science and technology move at a giant pace. More precisely, it flies. The field of data processing, thanks to the great highway of information, INTERNET, achieved for humankind what science, religion and philosophy have not been able to achieve to date: The Globalization of Information, in other words, the UNIVERSALIZATION of the information. Here is precisely one of the reason of being and milestone of the UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE: The UNIVERSALIZATION IN ALL ORDERS OF THINGS, from here its name. Thanks to INTERNET, conventional and absurd barriers and geopolitical frontiers disappeared, at least in the grand majority of countries, where the use of the INTERNET is not conditioned and restricted or censured by the dictatorship of the moment, whatever its inclination may be. Above races and creeds, INTERNET connects the world on real time, from the most distant places on earth where the web signal has been installed.

There are, still, two barriers that INTERNET has to overcome in order to achieve a greater globalization: the economic cost and language barrier; assuming that the illiteracy situation has been overcome, a problem that is not caused by the INTERNET, it does constitute a limit for its accessibility.

It is a fact the impossibility of access to this technology by the less fortunate because of economic hardship, although it must be recognize that thanks to its accelerated advancement and diffusion it has become indispensable to many sectors, a healthy completion between operators has resulted in a more economical access to the service of the Internet, further, the increase in speed in access, delivery and retrieval of information. It is huge the growth of the use of the INTERNET and the degree of dependency on which we are getting hooked on with respect to this tool, that the “illiterate” term is being applied already not only to the person who cannot read, but also to the person with no knowledge of the computer and INTERNET.

In regard to the language barrier is concerned, INTERNET is trying to overcome it by means of on line translators that can be found readily in the INTERNET and do translation instantly, depending on the size of the text. The translations are still very deficient; nonetheless, they do give the user the scope of the theme or message that is being transmitted. A faithful translation can hardly be achieved through a computerized system, unless the system is endowed with feelings and reason in order to perfectly grasp the sense and spirit behind the author intent.

ARIEL MAGAZINE could no overlook these advances of modern technology. Since the year 2000 it went from a conventional written magazine to a digital one, with the bi-monthly and uninterrupted publication to date. Today, with the actual publication, we are giving it a new presentation, more up to date and eye catching, without losing the aim of the fundamental and essence of the message.

The new ARIEL MAGAZINE offers resources of practical and efficient search, thanks to a search engine and a categorization of all the articles published so far. The reader can also register in order to access to links and complementary information that can be found in the WEB. In the future the user will be requested to register in order to be able to access the virtual library of the WORLD SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY, Education Section of the UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE, thanks to the contribution form the WORLD MUSEUM OF THE LIVING HISTORY OF MEN of the UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE.

ARIEL Magazine is open to all interested in publishing articles for internal distribution thru the registered members of ARIEL. Those articles that the Editorial Committee of ARIEL finds that contain special and important relevance shall be published also on the official pages of ARIEL. The requirement, in all cases, of all articles sent to us, is that they be framed within the GOLDEN RULE of respect and mutual assistance. Dogmatic aspects, being it religious or political, or any other type, do not interest us. Everything that affects the development of humankind in a constructive and respectful way of self and others is welcome and appreciated, and indeed we will serve as resonance of these echos.

As always, we are opened to constructive criticism and all suggestions, collaboration and participation from interested persons. For the moment we are interested, particularly, in the help we can gather on translations on Spanish, English, French and Portuguese, which are the languages we are actually working with in ARIEL.

If you want to do good to a friend, a relative, or any special person, recommend ARIEL MAGAZINE. Without any doubt, all persons of open mind and heart will find inspiring elements in many of the articles and links on ARIEL. If you want to do yourself a good, the reading of www.revista-ariel.org will be a must.


Luis Eduardo Sierra S.
Magazine ARIEL Director