Purpose and Justification:

  1. God has many names, like Truth has many faces but in essence they are universally and eternally ONE.
  2. The Universalism is unconditional, non-dogmatic and non-sectarian, and it is the only Seal of God and Truth.
  3. Cooperation for unselfish and unsectarian designs proves the validity of ideals.
  4. Union in action for Worldwide Friendship and Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God.
  5. The only valid authority is that which derives from unquestionable Universal designs and Spiritual values – not born of lust, pride, greed, violence and selfishness.
  6. Love and Devotion are the foundation of Spiritual realization.
  7. True Spirituality rests on real morality, that is profound kindness, generosity, equity and helpfulness.
  8. Violence rests on greed and hatred like self-centeredness depends on ruthlessness and ignorance.

Pride is self-delusion and self-glorification.

Sectarianism is concentered exclusivism in forms of doctrine and dogma.

Selfishness is always foul and ruthless.

Vanity is a process of self-delusive narcissism