Not a merger, but a Grand World-wide Confederation, Confraternity, Cooperative of Sovereign and independent Religious, Faiths, Mystical Schools, Noble Brotherhoods, Learned Associations, Philosophical Academies and Spiritual Sanctuaries

Non-mercantile, non-sectarian, non-proselytical, non-political

Established in Paris and Jerusalem 1908, Berlin 1912, London 1918, Shanghai 1922, Japan 1923, Cuba and San Francisco 1925, Switzerland 1929

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Ecumenic Spiritual Communion of all Churches and Faiths

Above all forms of personalism and sectarianism

Grand Chancery: Blanche Ledran, Blainville, Paris, France



and to all



In accordance with the decisions of the 23rd General Session of the Permanent World Parliament of Religions held at Paris last December 1953 we are mailing this new appeal.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is a non-profit making, non-sectarian, non-proselytic, benevolent Religious Action. We further the Spirit of Religion, love of Truth, Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God, the Spiritual Union of Nations, and ultimate Spiritual Communion.- we are not at all interested in CONVERTING, PROSELYTIZING, RULING, OR DIVIDING people.

We constitute a functional Religion of Universal significance, and we attract excellent leadership.

The whole world is badly in need of Religious Revival and Spiritual Instruction. Unless Spiritual Forces work TOGETHER and make the Message of Truth real in the hearts of mankind, there is no possible future of Peace and Brotherhood.

Must we remain indifferent in the face of the impending menace of still another World War – the third fit of mad passions, monstrous carnage and devilish destruction of the XXth Century among civilized people?

For the very first time in history all Religions work jointly and hold Spiritual Communion together on a basis of true Human Friendship and Brotherhood. This miracle of the ages is possible, of course, by the wise decision of great Spiritual Leaders, and because it is founded on the Universal Divine Covenant and the eternal GOLDEN RULE under the Fatherhood of God. The vital thing to do, now, is to see that all Churches and Faiths take advantage of this unique circumstance, and forthwith strive to justify their own moral designs and spiritual values by co-operating unswervingly toward the realization of the ideals of functional Universal Religion.

As long as Churches remain entrenched in their own fields of influence and organizations are only interested in widening theirs; meanwhile individuals refuse to work unselfishly for the establishment of a real Universal Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Peaceful and Free People the world will not know either PEACE, JUSTICE, ORDEN OR FRIENDSHIP. It is the spirit of selfishness, pride and greed that breeds separativeness, sectarianism and totalitarian violence.

Joint World Religious action means UNIVERSALIZATION OF RELIGION, a higher standard, a greater moral and spiritual power, and integral justification of adherent Churches, mystic Schools, benevolent Fraternities and Spiritual Sanctuaries. It matters little how we denominate ourselves, if we are sincere at heart and earnest in purposes, and if we really constitute a Worldwide Brotherhood and work together.

No RELIGION, whether it be Spiritualism, Christianism, Budhism, Hinduism, Islam, Catharism, Protestantism, Drusism, Shamanism, Brahmanism, Lamaism, Tantrism, Zoroastrism, Mithraism, Taoism, Hermetism, or Delphism can afford to remain aloof of this momentous actualization of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, because it stands for universalized functional Religion, wherein humanity stands as the great peaceful,, friendly and undivided Family of God. The Great, Good God is eternal indivisible and a privilege for nobody, and Truth cannot in any way be the property of no person or group whatever.

God is the supreme hope of the world.- Religion is our only means of rescue and salvation, because it gives us all a true and everlasting foundation for human rehabilitation and world Brotherhood comprising all Churches and Faiths above whatever fancy or delusive designs and eschatological complexes.

Our different forms of activity throughout the world prove ostensibly that we are eager to make FRIENDSHIP, BROTHERHOOD, UNSELFISH CO-OPERATION, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, SOCIAL JUSTICE, ECONOMIC EQUITY AND PEACEFUL PROSPECTS the basis conditions of world relations. In fact, no Way of Life is worth commendation until people behave conscientiously and use their intelligence to solve the economic-social problems which harass and divide mankind, and fill the earth with fearful hellish visions of destructive war and pitiless bloodshed.

Certainly, it is alright to Preach Heavenly Promises and Teach the matchless Blessing of the Presence, of Eternal Truth. Still, if people are victims of organized wickedness, social injustice, economic need, ominous political tyranny, or totalitarian schemes, living in starvation and vicious oppression, and denied the right to the Freedom of Conscience, the Freedom of Speech, the Freedom from need and dictatorship, the Freedom to travel and to live earnestly, and the Freedom from monstrous attacks and vicious slander life is hardly worthwhile, and Religion or Faith does not deserve to subsist if it cannot rescue and protect all humanity from these devilish and antiespiritual conditions.

We are inviting all Churches, mystic Schools, philosophical and benevolent Fraternities, learned Associations, Peace Societies and Ethical Movements to constitute a Grand World Brotherhood, which should result to the benefit of all mankind.

We do not claim to be perfect, unique, or supreme in any way, and we only INVITE these organizations to get together. Personally, we do not care to be even leaders, or to get any sort of credit. All we do is to MAKE PEACE, FRIENSHIP AND PROTHEROOD POSSIBLE. Among us, all leaders must prove worthy of their office, or resign so that others more capable or more willing may accomplish their task.

All these organizations are INVITED in the name of and on the strength of their own best ideals and yearnings. Our mainstay is the GOLDEN RULE, and no one should refuse to cooperate on such a condition. Each adherent to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is called upon to justify his own better judgment and noble principles. We have no dictatorial moods. We impose no veto or Oaths, and we leave all adherents absolutely free and autonomous. Our only guidance is the Universal Spiritual Covenant and we abide by the GOLDEN RULE.

Now, why should not all Churches, mystical Schools, philosophical Fraternities and Benevolent Movements join this SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE and cheerfully work together, each according to its means and understanding? Why not, indeed?

These who speak of Brotherhood, Divine Truth, Universal Spiritual Values, Kindness, Eternal Life, can they refuse to cooperate with us? Could they be in any way justified if they refused to respond to this Cosmic Call of Universal Conscience?

Let neither the Cross of Christ nor any of the prestigious age-old Religious symbols stand in the shadow of the Nuclear Atoms or any Atom weapon, because the future of mankind rests upon them. Let us all work together so that the spirit of hatred, violence, and vicious dissidence may not rule the world. Today, all people are suspicious, and living under the atrocious pressure of fear, anguish and distrust, the which proves that mankind has forsaken Divine Guidance and abandoned spiritual dignity in order to fall into the abysses of effete morals and utter foolishness, as foul sectarianism, irresponsible partisanship, relentless discord and ruthless hatred ostensibly prove. Are we to live under the guidance of “police angels”, or of that of genuine Spiritual lights and Divine eternal values?

If we cannot LIVE UP TO OUR OWN MOST VAUNTED IDEALS AND PRINCIPLES, how can we have the courage to speak about Brotherhood, Church Action, Divine Truth, Spiritual Communion, or Eternal Life?

It is our obligation to make the choice. Paralyzing insecurity shall be our lot, if we refuse to UNITE and fail to make Spiritual powers triumph.

While others dream, fret, and discuss, let us UNITE and prove that Religious reality is more commendable, and a real Divine Blessing. God´s Kingdom on earth depends exclusively on the goodwill of people of Faith and Spiritual realization. It matters little who is our Divine Enlightener and Guarantee, whether it be Christ, Budha, Shri Krishna, Mahomet, Guru Nanak, Zoroaster, Fo Hi, Lao Tseu, Tirtankara, Moses, Hermes, Mithras, Padma Sambhava, Quetzalcoatl, or Mansatva, since they are all Lords of the same Divine bosom.

You are INVITED to join us in the great Modern Crusade for World Spiritual Order.

We request your PRESENCE and ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, so as to better justify your own Faith, and also make good your moral and Spiritual responsibilities.

Election of Board Officers and general International policy-making take place at the Grand Meeting of the Permanent WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS.

No regular Membership Fees or Dues. Only Freewill offerings are accepted (FUNDS ARE NEEDED)


There is only ONE God, ONE Truth, ONE Life. Why, then, should Churches and people be disunited, set up against each other by hatred, racial discrimination and social prejudice, and always hurting, beating, cheating, lying, exploiting and killing each other?

It is the task of the CHURCHES, indeed, to Unite Mankind and establish Peace and Brotherhood on earth under the supreme Guidance of God. Each Church can worship and follow the Divine Son, Avatar, or Prophet of his choice, provided he remains, above all, true to God, Truth and Life. WHO CAN PROVE THE CONTRARY?