The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE began by a pact of mutual assistance and protection among Budhist, Mohamedan, Vedanta and Taoists Churches of London in 1919. Soon, the Christic-Budhist Association and the New Thought Alliance and the Spiritualist Church adhered. By 1923 several Jewish Synagogues and Independent Christian Churches had joined, summing up fourteen different Churches altogether. The headquarters of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE were transferred to Douai, France, being presided then by the Illustrious Jollivet Castelot, president of the Société Alchimique de France. The International Occultist Association, the Ordre Rose Croix Kabbalistique and the Gnostic Church of France soon joined too. Then come the Eleusian Church, the Society of Olympians, the Church of Mu, the Budhist Mission of Burma, the Universal Gnostic Church, the Druse Community, the Essenian Brotherhood, the Order of the Eastern Star, and the Free Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. Its headquarter were transferred in Chicago in 1933, when the Parliament of Religions met there, and placed under the presidency and guardianship of H.H. the Goelwar of Kapurtala (India), and the Rt. Rev. Louis M.F. Giraud (France). Since then Churches have continued to adhere, most of them Christian.[1]

This historical record proves only too well that the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is absolutely free of racial discrimination and whatever sort of prejudice. In fact, it represents the spirit of Religion in its fundamentals, and it stands on the essentials of all Churches, Faiths, Fraternities, and philosophies.

*   *   *

Our previous experience is a significant monument to the spirit of those who are religious enough to admire Divine Presence and worship in all Churches, and to love the goodness that springs from all pure hearts and sincere souls - no matter to what faith, race or nationality they may claim to belong.

Ours is functional organization. We are not propagators of faith, proselytical, or counselors of theology, and the Churches, Religious Ministers and Spiritual Instructors associated in this “Religious Reinforcement and Spiritual Renaissance crusade” are interested primarily in making Religion a magnificent and permanent reality.

Indeed, it is not only unChrist-like but also inhuman, antidemocratic and antispiritual that human beings should still be unrespected and maltreated. That is why we have undertaken to rescue, shelter, assist and protect Conscientious Objectors, Sans patrie, war refugees, oppressed minorities and political exiles, as well as to the victims of racial discrimination, religious intolerance and persecution, and all forms of cruelty. Civilization has become a synonym for fear, despair, suspicion, and anguish, persecution and moral torture. Some sort of respite and rest, a Divine Sanctuary must be established forthwith so that all these people may restore themselves morally, psychically and spiritually. O that effect, we have requested some countries to make us Concessions of islands and lands, where the Status of Extraterritoriality would be enjoyed, where, in fact, all people would be Brothers in spite of racial, religious and national or creed differences.

[1] This is due mainly to the fact that a great Spiritual Awakening is also taking place in the Western World, with the difference that unlike in the East it is manifested sporadically and in variegated forms.

Generally speaking, however, the concepts of Universalism, unsectarian morals, unbiased thinking, and Cosmic Consciousness are slowly progressing.

Consult in our book PURE RELIGION, Anatomy of Religion: God + Man + Earth, Universal Spirit or Eternal Truth, the Fundamentals of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE subscribed at Jerusalem in 1922.