Since 1925 this course of study enjoys of exceptional predilection in the most advanced, idealistic and mystic spheres as well as in the most demanding scientific circles of both eastern and western latitudes.

There has ever been in any place of the world a study as exciting for its unbelievable practical significance as well as fascinating for its fullness and beauty, becouse It extends to unforeseen horizons the domains of the awake and active consciousness.

This study constitutes a very novel modality of existence for the New Era (Aquarium), but most importantly, it reveals a more practical vision to all life problems. It serves, without doubt, of common cultural denominator to all ages, and of course, it works as a catalyst for all the best aspirations of the human being. Therefore, it is the "utter element" of all systems of faith, philosophy and culture before it.

Now, it can be talked of an achievement of spiritual synthesis, barely suspected or envisioned by the great wise men, prophets and avatars of all times. Nevertheless, it is convenient no to forget that in it all sciences and beliefs converge and fuse themselves. This miraculous fact is produced thanks to the conscience that awakes and expands to the infinite universe, becoming creative, assimilating at the same time the rhythm and universal harmonies, developing into an integral part of the Cosmic Conscience in its most excels and superlative sense. Try in here to live in deepness and fullness, beyond sensorial fields that are necessarily limited to plain geometry. This way, we pass to permeate in consciousness the multidimensional fields of physical life in first instance, and later the mental and spiritual existence as consequence.