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THE UNIVERSAL CULTURAL, HUMANIST, RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE FOR MODERN TIMES is legally registered or Incorporated in most countries as a Humanist, Benevolent, Philanthropic, Cultural, Protective and Spiritual Order; absolutely non-profit-making, non-mercantile, non-proselytic, non-sectarian and non-coercive, for the benefit  of all mankind.
It was conceived in London 1824. Integrated in Paris and Jerusalem 1908. Reorganized in Jerusalem and Berlin 1912, New York 1925, Havana 1929 as New Age Worldwide Brotherhood-Commonwealth of United World Citizens and Peaceful and Free People. Restyled in Amsterdam 1962.

The immediate aim is to constitute a New Age World-wide Confederation, Cooperative Fellowship of independent and autonomous religious, idealist, fraternal, benevolent, mystical, spiritualist, cultural, scientific research, philosophical and Spiritual organizations which are interested in the aristocracy of intelligence, the Worldwide Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Mankind and Spiritual Noblesse by the Golden Rule and under the Fatherhood of God-Truth.

It affords free education, welfare, rehabilitation, credit, legal assistance, social security service equally for all, above racial discrimination, religious sectarianism and prejudice. (1)

It now integrates different General Sections, such as:

The World Museum of the Living History of Mankind; The New Age World University of Scientific and Spiritual Synthesis; The Permanent World Congress of all the Religions, Faiths, Idealist Fraternities and Spiritual Philosophies; The Universal Prayer-Meditation Movement; The World Society for Rescue and Protection of Refugees, Exiles and Apatrides; The Supreme Universal Council of Sages; The World Board of Grand Patrons; The Grand Council for a Modern Spiritual Renaissance; The New Age World Council for Better Human Relations, etc.

The UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE has implicitly stated and proved since its ushering in New Age BREAKTHROUGH that it constitutes the natural and Spiritual COMPLEMENT of all noble endeavors and ideals of excellence, and as such it is the best ally of all the RELIGIONS, FRATERNITIES, FAITHS, MYSTIC ORDERS, LEARNED SCHOOLS, PHILOSOPHICAL REALIZATIONS and SPIRITUAL SANCTUARIES insofar as their own basic principles and sincere designs are concerned.  The unfailing free Common Market of UNIVERSAL CULTURE as well as the Eternal Spiritual Values is a splendorous reality.

The UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE constitutes a Wider field of expression and activities as well as an added sense of practical humanism and true spiritual universality for all the adherent organizations. These adherent organizations or people remain absolutely independent and sovereignly autonomous, with no more obligation than their own goodwill and sense of solidarity in a rather complex and dangerously violent world.  Unlimited mutualism has become a must. (2)

The UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE neither endorses nor commands any self-styled or generally acclaimed “World Messiah”, “God-Man”, “Timely Saviour”, “Heavenly Envoy”, or “Cosmic Master”, whether genuine or not, preferring to let them prove their worth as simple component and Associate-Members. BY THEIR FRUITS SHALL THEY BE KNOWN, NOT BY THEIR CLAIMS OR BY THE PROPAGANDA THEY INSPIRE.

Amsterdam – Holland,  May 1962


(1)       All offered services and activities in general depend on the active and generous contribution and participation of the Active Associated Members

(2)       NOT  ELIGIBLE FOR MEMBERSHIP: Political parties, warring or feuding groups, "secret" societies, witchcraft or occultism sects, seditious bands, charlatanistic entities, illegal enterprises, pornographic or immoral systems, dishonest and unscrupulous traders, disreputable campaigners, intolerant or insolent and domineering associations, fiendish clans, royal courts of questionable authenticity, spectacular out-door demonstration or fanatical movements, mystic imposture, unbalanced people, fierce bigots of one faith or tradition among the many, racial discriminators, charlatans, impostors, outlaws and disreputable characters are also inadmissible as Members.