This Course of study is for the Temple Builders. Presented by the University and World Academic of Initiatic Masonry and endorsed for the August Supreme Order of the Ancient Masonry.

UNIVERSAL MASONRY is a Science of Life known as Royal Art. As every "science" and "art" it rests on progressive knowledge. Therefore, it cannot be transmitted, except in an academic manner and never in a capricious way.

ESOTERIC MASONRY cannot in any way have nexus with practices and psychology that makes ineffective the High Initiation of the Sacred Sanctuary. It is not with simple RITUALS and SYMBOLISM that we are going to change human nature and the whole world, but with a BETTER WAY OF LIFE.

Pure and authentic MASONRY has an UNIVERSAL sense, and it builds itself in the unity of moral action and fraternal generosity. It should not be given a character of "secret society", church or any other kind of denomination. For a more precise statement, it is a SCHOOL OF LIFE.