There are different courses for Youngsters, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is an exclusive Course of study and practical training, illustrated and specially prepared for the rehabilitation of the human personality.

Development, auto-integration, auto-rehabilitation and projection of human attainments to keep us healthy, in shape, fast, strong, dynamic and happy.

It is neither about a religion nor a fashionable pastime. The genuine YOGA SCIENCE constitutes a better knowledge and dominium of human nature. It makes the religious person even more religious, the artist more artistic, more intelligent who wants to increase intelligent, and over all, wiser every one who has the aspiration to become such.

Act and do, if you want to be, to have, to develop by yourself, to apply your potentialities, to achieve your goals, to triumph in your aspirations, to be the owner of your wealth, to give the right value to your self, to understand your capacities and ideals and to reach spiritual plenitude.