A plan for the New Age

Unfulfilled hopes



For immediate consideration by all nations of the whole World.

Presented before the UNITED NATIONS´ XVth General Assembly

“With neither ill will nor malice toward none, and to the advantage of all parties concerned”

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS was conceived and created, according to its own Charter of Constitution for the purpose of maintaining peace and to promote a democratic way of life among all nations and people of the world;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS actually represents only the governments of the nations, not the nations and people of the whole world, the which is the cause that the UNITED NATIONS fails in its main designs and vital principles, as most ruling governments of the nations do not really represent their peoples need and their nations sovereignty;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS has yet been unable to attain its aims, fulfill its promises, and meet its own obligations, as the Israel, Santo Domingo, Kashmir, Indochina, Korea, Suez, Hungary, Algeria, Cuba, Paraguay, Tibet, Costa Rica and Congo conflicts – among many others – amply prove;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS has proven to be unable to solve world problems or to deal adequately with international affairs during the past fourteen years, as the world is now more armed on the brink of war than ever before, placing mankind on the eve of utter annihilation, while the problem of world disarmament is in a state of stalemate, colonialism and imperialism are again on the upward trend with all their monstrous characteristics of hellish medievalism and constantinian Satanism, and some nations possessing nuclear weapons actually challenge the authority of the UNITED NATIONS at will or as their whims and caprice demand;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS has proved to the both unwilling and unable to afford respectability and freedom of action to some foreign Official Delegations, such as Cuba’s headed by Commander Fidel Castro, Russia’s Prime Minister Khrushchev and the heads of the governments of different socialist republics, incurring into obvious insults to these sovereign independent nations;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS is absolutely unable to carry out its allotted missions because of powerful internal interferences, preventing it from furthering a meeting between the presidents of Americans and Russia for the purpose of bringing the cold war to an end, systematically, willfully and ominously creating obstacles to the admission of China and other countries as members of the organization, and also in dwelling openly and definitely on such vital issues as the use of nuclear or atomic weapons, objecting continually to all possible measures destined to condemn and prevent the world-wide race of armaments, refusing categorically to eradicate colonialism, avoiding all solutions of the Algerian seven year long war and the eradication of the open commercial and psychological war on Cuba witch unquestionably constitute great dangers to world peace and contradict all the precepts of the democracy, ignoring the tragic problem of Tiber and other “captive nations” or “persecuted minorities”, brushing aside its responsibility to rescue and rehabilitate the one million three hundred thousand Palestine refugees which were mercilessly and most inhumanly thrust into the barren deserts Arabia by special decisions of its own, and scores of other failures.

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS has until this very day systematically ignored terrible problems like those of Morocco, China and Egypt, lamentably failed in those of Indochina, Kashmir, Indonesia, Korea and Congo, and proved utterly futile and irresponsible in the case of Cuba, in which it seems a country must be well blockaded economically, to the point of starvation of seven million human beings, and actually annihilated by effective bombing and well organized “invasions” before it can be considered as “attacked”, or “victim” of other nations;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS is supeditated to other regional and military organisms like the OAS, the NATO, the OTASI, etc, which not only render it inefficient but futile and ridiculous as they contradict the spirit and the purposes for which it was established, with no hope of change of such conditions;

WHEREAS some of the member organizations of the UNITED NATIONS resort to immoral methods with the obvious intention of destroying its efforts and to outwit its aims and purposes, finally withdrawing from its sessions whenever they chose so as to create obstacles in its proper functions, even ignoring its decisions whenever they deem it convenient, making it inoperative as well as powerless and obsolete under most circumstances;

WHEREAS the nations and people of the whole world presently need to follow a definite course of life, based on an intelligently planned way of behavior or civilization, and according to noble humanitarian ideals as well as to truly religious teachings or spiritual principles, sound ethical concepts and dignifying moral tenets, as presumed at the creation of the UNITED NATIONS and as assumed in the context of the UNITED NATIONS’s own Charter of Constitution which rests the well known Atlantic Charter underwritten in 1942 by the nations of the Western world and the Potsdam Treaty underwritten in 1945 between the major Allied nations, which are humanitarian in their motives and projections and unconditionally respectful of all religious designs;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS resorts systematically to the practice of sending important problems and vital issues to secret Commissions, so as to avoid public airing at Public Sessions, thus smothering all unwanted propositions and preventing the whole world to know what is going on in the back stage of this supposedly democratic and humanitarian organization;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS is proving in the course of its present (Fifteenth) Session of the General Assembly utterly unable to meet human needs and to solve world problems, because it responds more to the political interests, designs and policies of governing elites or clans, not to serve the vital interests and yearnings of THE PEOPLE of the whole world, and also due to the fact that the UNITED NATIONS has neither heart nor soul, having no permanent moral tenets and vital spiritual principles and ideal designs to stand by and to uphold or consecrate;

WHEREAS the UNITED NATIONS is destined to never fulfill its allotted mission of maintaining peace and true democracy on this planet, for it is blind or remains systematically indifferent to outburst of international conflicts, such as now in Guantanamo, Florida and Guatemala plans of armed invasion against Cuba are under way, according to the semiofficial Radio Station located on the island of Swan, close to the coast of Honduras, which claims that the Cuban counterrevolutionaries have training camps, and some 90 ultramodern bombing and 30 transport planes in readiness plus two dozens of dismemberment ships;

WHEREAS all humanly conceived and developed organizations are susceptible of failure until they are completely essayed, and must suffer structural as well as functional modifications in keeping with the demands of the times, and newly arising circumstances;

WHEREAS it is absolutely impossible to either modify or improve the present mechanism of the UNITED NATIONS because its ruling factors are opposed to any such changes or improvements, which might lead out of the present impasse and enable it to benefit from past failures, errors and deficiencies, and

CONSIDERING the that mankind cannot continue to depend on such an inadequate and impractical device, or remain haplessly at the mercy of undependable political schemes and schemers, when neither the UNITED NATIONS nor any other international instrument is able thus far to prevent to acts of aggression and depredation such as in Kashmir, Cuba, Laos, Palestine, and Egypt, Tibet, and Korea, among others, which are based on the philosophy of violence and conquest and on the spirit of “get-out-of-my-way-as-I-am-the-mightier-“, or on the absolute faith and totalitarian orthodoxy of “Divine Perfection and Authority”, regardless of the fact that they are fundamentally fetishistic and resort to devilish inquisitorial methods of atrocious proportions of inhumanity;


Offer to abide by the following Code of Ethics which belongs to the Divine Teachings of all the religions and is as human in designs as can be, namely, THE GOLDEN RULE, that is to do as one would have done unto, and THE SPIRITUAL COMMUNION or abiding by the right of all people equally to enjoy life in peace with freedom, respect, dignity and happiness, in designs of solidarity and mutual assistance or universal Brotherhood, and in seeking self-development and self-enlightenment by means of unselfish and non-sectarian SERVICE, as all human beings are identically conceived and equally endowed with natural rights, intelligence, dignity and objective of life.

INASMUCH AS unless the wholesome and right thinking, and the pure hearted people of the world have a chance to exist legally, within the bounds of genuine peace and complete freedom of conscience, which includes the right and obligation to enjoy life, to engage in the pursuit of happiness as preferred, to travel and to work and have a home without the least obstacle or rule likely to diminish human dignity, and also the right to think, worship and engage in any profession, devotion or private interest, according to individuals capacities;

INASMUCH AS all nations and communities must have and should enjoy identical rights throughout the world, regardless of race, preferred faith or present government, on the premise that all social conglomerates are only as good as their components are educated, informed and capacitated to think freely and to live accordingly.

CONSEQUENTLY, WE THE PEACEFUL AND FREE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD PROPOSE THAT ALL THE NATIONS AND COMMUNITIES – which dissociate themselves from all the political scheming and methods that lead to international strife, quarrels, divisionism and war – agreeing on the aforesaid designs, principles and tenets, hereby underwrite them integrally, and thus create, constitute and further the UNITED SPIRITUAL NATIONS OF FREE HUMANITY, pledging themselves at the same time to contribute sincerely, earnestly, relentlessly and unconditionally to remedy the ills of mankind and solve all world problems on short notice, regardless of the age-old inhuman political systems and schemers;

THEREUPON AND THEREBY it is decided that the inoperant and obsolete politically minded UNITED NATIONS be substituted by the UNITED SPIRITUAL NATIONS OF FREE HUMANITY, which is entrusted with the moral duty and spiritual obligation to restore mankind to sanity according to the spirit or Universal Brotherhood of Man, universal social order, the absolute dignity of human personality, the fundamentals or Teachings of all the Religions and Philosophies of yesterages, spiritual values, and all the principles and teachings purported and promoted by the UNIVERSAL REIGIOUS ALLIANCE ( Universal Humanist, Cultural and Spiritual Alliance ), namely.

  1. Proclaiming that all nations are equally privileged, responsible, duty-bound and beneficiaries before WORLD LAW, HUMAN DIGNITY, and INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATIONS inasmuch as all human individuals are also equally endowed – naturally, or Divinely and spiritually – by birthright and entitled to identical opportunities and justice in all the developments of life, and thus all fanciful and artificial doctrinal or prejudiced and discriminatory exclusivities, or orthodoxies, which are really based on fetishism, silly taboos, clannish hatred, sectarian and partisan separativeness therefore become erased and voided, as it is well nigh time that the world and humanity ceases to be so divided, blinded, devilishly heated and armed by doctrines of hatred and strife while claiming to be inspired by “divinities” of love, Charity and Wisdom, which make “select” sectarians, racists and nationalists the enemies of the rest of humanity.
  2. Proclaiming the UNITY of mankind, as well as the UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD SYNDICAL UNION of all law-abiding, peaceful and respectable nations, which should live or thrive on a basis of mutual understanding, identical rights and obligations, and effective solidarity, with due respect among themselves and guaranty of each other´s sovereign autonomy, bringing to an end the ominous system of political scheming, military warfare and conquest, secret diplomacy, self-styled “Big Ones”, self-righteous imperialism and colonialism, or the so-called zones of “communism”, “west”, “christian civilization”, “military complexes”, and “economic zones” which were created by devilish strife and vicious exclusive, clannish, sectarian, or party interests. International slurs based on racial discrimination, sectarian bigotry, military propaganda, and super nationalistic divisionism must simply fade away as remnants of feudal times and inquisitorial tribal of communities is COMMUNISM, then such an epithet is no longer a slur or an insult. If to restore human dignity and strive to prevent a world war is being antichristian or antisocial, then let us all be the opposite of idiotically minded bigots and doctrinaires who create artificial barriers. If to be honest and dignified, or to strive to improve human character and world living conditions is really satanic and immoral, as some befogged minds assert, then let us by al means insist on our own choice of humanitarian idealism and spiritual values, regardless of idiotic dogmas and abysses of strife inspired by ignorance. There is no such a thing as “moral geography”, “spiritual orthodoxy and frontiers”, “exclusive right to owner over God, Truth and Humanity”, and all humanity conceived or selfishly contrived “divisions” and “exclusivism” are simply ludicrous as RIGHTEOUSNESS, LOVE, COMPASSION, CHARITY, FRIENDSHIP, GOODNESS and HUMAN DIGNITY are sacred conditions which cannot be either compromised upon, traded, captured, or denatured, and should in no way be “limited” and “conquered” by any silly sectarian, or gangsters, by way of conventional manipulation or mystification, or be imprisoned and converted into the exclusive property of any autocratic and self-righteous racial, national, sectarian or clannish group whatever.
  3. Making it illegal (outlawing) throughout the world all forms of military aggression and/or conquest, all or without due democratic process, all forms of psychological, commercial or religious war for whatever motive, doctrine or pretext, striving at all time to make the authority of the WORLD COURT OF HUMAN JUSTICE prevail through World Law under all circumstances.
  4. GUARANTYING due respect to the sovereignty of all autonomous and independent nations regardless of size, economic condition and military power, or of racial origin and cultural background or characteristic faith, and to the personal dignity and moral integrity of all human individuals as well, all the underwriting nations being the warrantees and defenders of such vital universal principles, outlawing and condemning at the same time all attitudes or pronouncements to the contrary, and penalizing unconditionally all offenders either by moral ostracism or commercial restrictions and social limitations according to the importance of the infraction and the significance of the evil designs.
  5. INSTOURING GENUINE/PRACTICAL DEMOCRACY, in the sense of co-humanism, indefectible solidarity, and real BRTHERHOOD-COMMONWEALTH among all authentic idealists, humanists, spiritualists and sincere believers (all the religions and faiths indiscriminately), so as to eradicate for good and over all the forms of political providentialism (theocratically minded) and constantianism (military) and promote real CO-OPERATIVISM and the integration and generalization of human and spiritual values based on the sacredness and inviolability of the dignity of human personality, and the protection against all outside pressure on the individual´s conscience, beginning by the eradication of the spirit and interest of warmongery which is the real source of the monstrous political systems of vicious and depredating imperialism and ominous colonialism, outlawing WAR and all forms of international aggression, whether political , economic or military.
  6. Underwriting all the sovereign independent nations a treaty of UNIVERSAL FRIENDSHIP AND PEACE, AND MUTUAL ASSISTANCE, DEFENSE AND PROTECTION under all conditions of hardship, or cataclysm.
  7. Abolishing all armed forces and war preparedness endeavors, establishing, instead Ministries of Public Welfare and Human Wellbeing, with civic-military service for young people for a term of two or three years so as to train them in the science of social rehabilitation and engineering for national purposes.
  8. Suppression of all Defense or War Ministries, establishing instead Ministries of Human Relations with the obligation to enforce and further Popular Relations throughout the world, and dedicating all the funds ordinarily adjudicate for war or defense purposes, and preparedness, for the improvement of Universities and to further agricultural, industrial and trade activities, reserving ten per cent (10%) of each nation’s General Budget for the UNIVERSAL RELIGIONS ALLIANCE’s needs in its world endeavors.
  9. Recognition of World Citizenship for all the individual Members of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIONS ALLIANCE or Universal Humanist, Cultural and Spiritual Alliance popularly known as WORLD-WIDE BROTHERHOOK-COMMONWEALTH OF PEACEFUL AND FREE PEOPLE.
  10. Establishing of a World Tender or money, which would be interchangeable with the local or national legal currencies on the basis of a previously determined value of these.
  11. Establishing A World Fund with the five per cent (5%) of the General Budget of each and all nations which will be destined exclusively to raise the living standard of all the people of the world, and to further the rise of the official legal tenders of all the nations to a single or general world-wide financial status.
  12. Establishing the Headquarters of the grand organization of the Nations of the world on an island of its own property, or under shelter of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIONS ALLIANCE, so as to avoid all political lobbying, maltreatment to Official Delegations, which imply insults to other nations, and to facilitate amply the access of the public to the General Assemblies.
  13. Banning from all governments whatever sort of political partisanship and secret diplomacy, or international depredatory schemes and/or methods.
  14. Endeavoring to improve the pedigree of all mankind so as to stave the excessive growth of population on this planet and also to avoid the inheritance of psychological and ethnical traits of criminals and ominous creatures, by proceeding to emasculate then by means of chirurgical operation or administration of powerful electric rays on all criminals, war mongers, sufferers of incurable disease, and brutish pontiffs or prelates; by sexually sterilizing all unscrupulous public servants, embezzlers, gamblers, and criminal sexual offenders or perverts; and by subjecting to hard labor penalties ranging from one to three years all drug addicts, delinquent youths, sexually non-natural people, alcoholics, slanderers or “character assassins”, professional charlatans and mystical impostors, ruthless religious fanatics, and antisocial characters.
  15. Dealing with the disemployment caused by the liquidation of all armed forces (Army, Navy, Air, Secret, Intelligence service, secret diplomacy, Interplanetary Missiles research, manufacture of military ordnance, etc, etc) in adequate manners, so as to avoid social disadjustment, by subsidizing all such persons affected with the unused Defense or War Budgets of the nations, until they be absorbed in other employments, or technically fitted in new professions. In this respect, all citizens should be thus employed or subsidized by the State so as to avoid social disadjustment and economic evils of unemployment, as a birthright, as all people should enjoy the right to live respectably as well as freely and peacefully.
  16. Promoting the world brotherhood of Man by considering all the nations equal before International Law, and guarantying the dignity of human personality under all circumstances regardless of religious dogmas, superstitious taboos, clannish fetishism, racial discrimination, and social prejudice.
  17. Remedying all the ills of the UNITED NATIONS by admitting to the international fellowship-confederation of nations all the human conglomerates or ethnic groups like Tibet, Mongolia, China, Germany, Japan, Timbuktu, Andorra, Muli, TannuTuva and all the well defined independent communities like the Dukkhobors, the Cahassares, the Essenes, the Sufis, the Druse, the Hunzas, the Incas, etc, etc, provided they be and mean to remain really sovereignly autonomous and independent although linked by solidarity to all the other peaceful and free nations of the world, and if they agree with the VITAL STATEMENT OF THE UNIVERSAL RIGHTS OF MANKIND embodied in the present document, and pledge themselves to abide by these and further the ennobling ideals which we all hereby adopt and undertake as the supreme need and immediate pursuit of all intelligent people regardless of faith, race or nationality.
  18. Eradicating the exploitation of man by man, that is the ruthless and exaggerated treatment of other human beings only to server selfish or clannish and sectarian interests, such as in certain church systems unduly called Religion, political regimentation and oppression, and the exclusive systems of labor organization which exclude other people from the natural inalienable right to work and earn their living honestly and with dignity.
  19. Internationalizing all the regions with exceptionally rich are that is vital to modern industry, so as to control production and avoid all forms of cartels and monopolies, and also the resurgence of vicious political scheming and monstrous colonialism or imperialism.
  20. Internationalizing the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE (UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE)[2] so as to make it the epicenter of all human interests, designs, and ideals or values, being already the only international organization of its kind as well as a genuine nucleus of World Citizenship, and a working UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD-CO-OPERATIVE-COMMONWEALTH OF MAN, unique in its kind, also, because it is international in essence and absolutely unsectarian, non-clannish and unconditionally as well as indivisibly humanitarian and spiritual in motives, designs and projections.
  21. Transposing THE PERMANENT WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN – that already exists since numerous decades although on a purely private plan – to the sphere of action of the UNITED NATIONS, but without antagonizing this political organization in the event that it should subsist, or survive, so as not to create new conflicts; and operate separately if this UNITED NATIONS prefers not to co-operate, or refuses to adhere to our New Age endeavors. Nevertheless, if the UNITED NATIONS agrees to transform itself according to the spirit of our momentous humanitarian undertaking, it should merge integrally and unconditionally, while its belongings would be taken over, and its official employees would also be duly taken care of. – Should the UNITED NATIONS remain in existence, none of its integrants could also be Member of our UNITED SPIRITUAL NATIONS OF FREE HUMANITY, as nobody and no organization can fill two different offices, or serve two different masters at the same time, and it is absolutely impossible to engage in politics and be also a sincere and SPIRITUAL NATION OF FREE HUMANITY would sock to maintain the best friendly relations with it on a basis of human interest, but never to take part in any of its divisionism partisan politics or immoral aggressive policies.
  22. In order to give a practical and durable structure to the authentic UNITED RESPETABLE NATIONS OF THE FREE WORLD as projected all the Sovereign Nations, all the people or ethnical groups and ancient communities which now struggle for their independence, and all the major non sectarian, non mercantile, non prejudiced and non fanatical International Religious, Fraternal, Cultural and Benevolent organizations which shall be instantly recognized as autonomous and independent People or Sovereign Nations by their own right would obtain Membership in this new international body which is destined to function in reality as an official lower House of the whole world, that is in the Service of all Humanity, whirls the PERMANENT CONGRESS OF MAN is officialized and granted legal authority urbi et orbi as a Senate or Upper House sessioning always IN PUBLIC, on the assumption that the rights and the dignity of the human individual are above and more vital, or sacred, than those of organizations and institutions, and its decisions are inapellable. The Lower House is, in fact, an Official Forum which sessions IN PRIVATE for friendly statal relations, cultural exchange and trade, while the Upper House’s obligations must consist in representing and defending the interests of Humanity at large, enjoying therefore the authority to think feely and dwell on problems as well as to either approve or restrict the decisions of the Lower House, and exert the supreme power to legislate on an international basis and with universal spirit, so as to duly inform the nations at large about the needs, yearnings and demands of Mankind in general as its interests of World Peace, Brotherhood and Commonwealth may demand. “Lobbying”, “pressure and threats”, and “purchase of votes” are absolutely forbidden.
  23. The universal parliamentary mechanism of the PERMANENT WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN will immediately renew all its Officers, by requesting its Member-organizations (Religious bodies, Fraternal groups, Humanist societies, Spiritualist associations, Spiritual Sanctuaries, and Philosophical groups) to instantly hold new elections so as to choose their Official Representatives in their respective constituencies in the different latitudes of the world.
  24. The only prerequisites for Membership in the newly formed UNITED RESPECTABLE NATIONS are, namely: a) to be legally constituted and duly structured, with a publicly (democratically) elected government; b) to deserved the admiration and respect of the majority of the Members of the great concert of Sovereign Nations; c) to promise to abide by the spirit and the letter of the present Vital Universal Agreement or Grand covenant of Peaceful and Free Humanity; d) to have shown dispositions to live up to and proven effectively interested in carrying out all the previsions of this Grand Covenant of rehabilitation of mankind; e) to be unaggressive and unbiased toward the other Sovereign Nations; f) to pledge permanent fidelity and sincerity in fulfilling all their obligations, or defending the principles and ethical conditions of the Organism to the best of their knowledge, ability and means; g) to pledge themselves never to constitute “blocks of Nations”, or “zones of influence” for purposes which are against the moral and material interests of any other Sovereign Nation, and h) to pledge their eternal faithfulness to the better interests of Humanity, and to honor and defend them under all circumstances.
  25. All the Member Nations shall retain their full Sovereign autonomy and independence, although they are bound to respect and honor the unrestrained and unlimited decisions of this great Community of respectable organizations, as their Sovereignty derives precisely from their disposition in fulfilling this vital condition and in respecting, assisting, defending, protecting and honoring other Sovereign Nations. Deriving from this fundamental precept is the inevitable consequences of penalty for cases of infringement, or delinquency, and defrauding Sovereign Nations shall be duly submitted to public trial by the WORLD TRIBUNAL OF JUSTICE OF MAN which functions within the structure of the PERMANENT WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN. Guilty parties shall be either submitted to moral penalties or commercial restrictions for some period of time, for minor infractions, or shall be expelled in the event of major motives such as defection, sedition, war mongory or secretly arming, furthering international discord, attempts to “capture” or “subdue” other Sovereign Nations either by political or commercial means or through financial ways, and attacks on or insolent injuries addresses on the majesty of the PERMANENT WORL CONGRESS OF MAN or of the UNITED SPIRITUAL NATIONS OR FREE HUMANITY.
  26. All nations must respect the expressions of popular aspirations and general demands for redress, as human beings are not slaves, robots, or zombies. Consequently, Police Repression is absolutely forbidden, as Public Forces must be only for the purpose of avoiding crimes and delinquency at large, not to deprive people of their liberties and self-respect.
  27. No Nation whatever, or block of nations or any sort can lawfully intervene in the private or internal affairs of any other nation under any circumstance, as the Sovereignty and Independence of Nations is a principle as sacred as that of the dignity, privacy and freedom of Human individuals regardless of race, faith of nationality.
  28. The dignity and integrity of Human personality shall henceforth be held as sacred and Human Conscience inviolable. Therefore no human individual may be either jailed on simple suspicion, vilified (Psychological crime, character assassination), or slandered for imaginary crimes or delinquency, or held in ostracism under any circumstance under penalty of crime of lose humanity.
  29. Neither the UNITED SPIRITUAL NATIONS OF FREE HUMANITY nor the PERMANENT WORL CONGRESS OF MAN shall ever be ruled by any single nation or person exclusively during any length of time, and none shall enjoy either the right of Vote.
  30. The customary parliamentary rules shall always be enforced in the PERMANENT WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN and the UNITED SPIRITUAL NATIONS OF FREE HUMANITY, and the principles and tenets emphasized in the present General Agreement or Vital Covenant, and each Nation or Member organization is entitled to FREE EXPRESSION and to one single vote on each issue or electoral and plebisciting occasion, while at no time under any circumstance these may be either infringed upon or modified.
  31. No Sovereign Nation may at any time become a Church or absolute religious institution, or vice versa, so as to avoid and prevent the development of “invisible tyrannies” or totalitarian systems in future times, to the detriment of vital human liberties.
  32. The Sovereign Nations which enjoy the privilege and honor of Membership in the UNITED SPIRITUAL NATIONS OF FREE HUMANITY shall further to the utmost international relations through means of culture, humanist designs, spiritual values and trade among themselves. Not so with the Nation which may remain on the outside, or that are indifferent to this grand noble effort of remedying all human ills and evils and of solving world problem once for all.
  33. All colonies are declared “systems of exploitation of man”, and as such immoral and most repulsive. Consequently al Sovereign Nations having colonies are requested to liberate then within three months, granting them complete sovereign independence, or restoring them to the countries or autochthones from which they were wrested, under supervision of an International Commission appointed by the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE.
  34. Territorial problems such as those of Palestine, Kashmir, Sin Kiang which constitute grave problems should be immediately submitted to the living autochthones which were victims of such national introversion without consulting them, so that they may decide by means of a plebiscite. A special International Commission appointed by the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE shall supervise, control, facilitate and enforced decisions.
  35. The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE (also known in some countries as UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE OF RELIGIOUS, FRATERNITIES PHILOSOPHIES, UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, NEW AGE MOVEMENT FOR SPIRITUAL REALIZATION, WORLD-WIDE BROTHERHOOD-CO-OPERATIVE-COMMONWEALTH OF PEACEFUL AND FREE PEOPLE, and UNIVERSAL HOLY REALM), as the INTERNATIONAL organization of Humanity shall be under the protection of all the Sovereign Nations equally in the form of a sovereign independent and autonomous supranational entity, and because it is the vehicle of expression and the guaranty of Human Conscience, governed by the Spiritual Hierarchy of the World, constituted by the Heads and main leaders of all the Religious, Faiths, Fraternities an Philosophies – it shall enjoy the exclusive authority to dispense or issue International Passports to people who are WORLD CITIZENS by choice and preference, or that have no nationality because they are Sans Patrie (Heimatloss), War Refugees, Conscientious Objectors, Political Exiles, or victims of religious persecution and racial discrimination, and also to manage the WORLD TRUST FUND OF WORLD PEACE AND THE UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, to organize and supervise the WORLD TRIBUNAL OF JUSTICE OF MAN, to organize and further the Aristocracy of Intelligence and Spiritual Noblesse, to officially take care of all War Refugees and victims of political oppression and religious persecution throughout the world, to build and sustain UNIVERSAL TEMPLES OF ALL THE RELIGIOUS and INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL SHRINES, to manage INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS on other nations soil in the name of Humanity, control the World Economic Foundation and Money (currency system), perform the duties of International Arbitrage or Mediation and Conciliation Court, to organize and control the World-wide Inter-religious, Inter-faith and Inter-philosophical Spiritual Missions, sustain the following vital Institutions of Humanity, namely, the World Academy of Science, the World Academy of Historical Research, the World Museum of Man, the World Library of Human History, and the World University of Religious and Spiritual Science.
  36. Establish an economic system and a UNIVERSAL MONEY, so as to facilitate world trade and international activities, and also to offset and destroy all possible forms of “economic zones”, political pressure and scheming, and/or monopolies and cartels which are a source of colonialism and imperialism as well as of depredatory mercantilism. To that new in existence in all the nations would be enticed to pool their assets so as to constitute an authentic WORL-WIDE CO-OPERATIVE AND COMMONWEALTH OF THE GENUINE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN thus establishing a single and stable standard of living for all people without ever tempering in any way with the spirit and reality of free enterprise, individual initiative, private property, and the dignity of human personality.
  37. All the seas shall be declared open to free trade and travel, and all human individuals are immediately guaranteed the right to visit, reside and work in any country of their choice, as the planet belongs to all humanity, and all persons acquire the right to live peacefully and honorably as well as to free sun, air and earth with dignity as a birthright.
  38. Radio or Television programs with international reaches, either independent or by network, which affect the dignity of other nations or tend to offend the Sovereignty are absolutely unlawful, and shall be treated as criminal offenders. No Nation may either operate or sustain financially any Radio or Television Station destined to distort the truth or attack other people, or engage in mercantile propaganda of an illegal character.
  39. News Agencies and International Propaganda Organizations which either willfully or systematically distort the truth with the intention to exploit human credulity and ignorance, or responding to criminal designs are outlawed, and shall be guilty of criminal offense to the affected nations, or of the crime of lese humanité.
  40. It is held by all the Sovereign Nations of the world that it is absolutely criminal and immoral if not pathologically irresponsible, and as such unlawful to diffuse either religious or political doctrines or pronouncements which promote strife, brutish bigotry and vicious forms of intolerance among their adherents, or against the believers of other Faiths, because all Religious must work for UNDERSTANDING, PEACE and HUMAN BROTHERHOOD on this planet, not toward sectarian divisionism and stupid sectarian exclusive, or self-delusion.
  41. Racial discrimination is a criminal offense to the human individual and as such unlawful in all respectable Sovereign Nations.
  42. No human individual shall under any circumstance be deprived of the right to travel as he or she wishes without obstacles, to work honestly so as to earn a living, to think and worship freely, to express private belief in whatever respectable form, and to free education as well as to the official protection in case of ill-health, persecution, vilification or “character assassination” (psychological Crime), danger of death, or accident of the Sovereign Nation where they happen to reside.
  43. The international instruments, known as Geneva Treaties are thereupon universally agreed upon, with the obligation for the under writers to respect and defend them under all circumstances. The World-wide Social Security Service and the International Legion of Impersonal Civil Service as universally practiced by the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE are also hereby officially recognized and enforced, so that all Humanity may indiscriminately enjoy the identical rights of human rehabilitation, moral dignification and spiritual uplift, regardless of race, faith or nationality.
  44. All use of Inter-continental and Inter-planetary electronical or atomic energy missiles, or ships, or satellites are absolutely forbidden, and must be either destroyed or transformed for industrial use or purposes within one month. Those for exclusive purposes of scientific research will be permitted only under idoneous control and supervision of an International Commission, constituted ad hoc under the aegis of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, but never with more financial assignment than 5% of their War Budget for the year 1960 – 1961. The remaining 95% of the War Budget for this purpose shall be deposited each year for a period of sex years into the WORLD TRUST FUND, which is managed by the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE as superior defensor of the interests of Humanity, Thereupon, all War or Defense Budgets shall be illegal, or an international criminal offense.
  45. All essays with atomic and thermo-nuclear energy above 100-megaton power are absolutely forbidden, and all existing ones must be either destroyed or transformed for industrial use or purpose within one month. Those existing for scientific research shall be subject to the idoneous control and supervision of an International Commission, constituted ad hoc under the aegis of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, but never width more financial assignment than 5 % of their War Budget for the year 1960-1961. The remaining 95% of the War Budget for this purpose shall be deposited each year for a period of six years into the WORLD TRUST FUND, which is managed by the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE as superior defensor of the interests of Humanity. It shall be a criminal offense to humanity to do otherwise.
  46. International secret investigation or spying through whatever means and for whatever purpose is absolutely forbidden, and in order to facilitate universal knowledge an International Institute of Scientific Information conducted by prestigious men of science from all the latitudes of the world will function in close connection with and under the authority of the PERMANENT WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN, so as to eradicate all suspicion among the Nations.
  47. All International Defense or War Organizations and military, naval or air bases established throughout the world shall be dismissed or dismantled and converted into peaceful centers of activities within a period of one month, and those established on foreign soils shall be transferred after disorganizing or dismantling to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE for conversion into centers of humanitarian activities, except if declared “useless” and in such event the land-sight will be turned over to chair rightful or former discrimination and/or political oppression should be forthwith declared criminal and outlawed, as essentially antithetical to the dignity of human personality which is sacred and indestructible, and because all people must be friends and brethren.


CONSEQUNTLY, all right thinking, noble-minded and pure-hearted people are invited to JOIN this great timely action of rescue and rehabilitation, and contributely or creating instead the UNITED SPIRITUAL NATIONS OF FREE HUMANITY.

It is understood, furthermore, that all the technicalities involved are to be treated by Officials of the interested Sovereign Nations and those of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE in private Conferences, which will be held instantly, and all the expenses uncured into by the Official Representatives of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE during these important pourparlers, until the final success of the undertaking in reference shall be met by the World Trust Fund, already mentioned, or by means of anticipate financial contributions or loans which shall be stated and accounted for in future Reports of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE.

Presented by

Under the guidance of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE (U.H.C.S.A) and other nations.

Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig
President of the World Board of Patrons and Trustees or the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE (U.H.C.S.A)

Blanche Ledran
Grand Chancellor


All this conditions and propositions are, of course, tentative, and to be discussed in Open Forum by the world’s most idoneous scientists, scholars and sages, and to that effect a special Congress could be hold in an adequate surrounding of freedom and peace, such as in the heart of Latin America or of Africa. Even the name of this non-political and unbiased universal co-operative union of respectable Nations is purely symbolical, and may be modified to suit the purpose, so long as the spirit and the finality as expressed here are not destroyed, or denatured.

Ample literature explaining our activities has been sent to your office recently, and also to Embassy in Washington and to the United Nations Official Delegation of your country.


[1]Except in cases of vicious dictatorship or bloodthirsty tyrannies.


[2]Explanation: By ALLIANCE we mean joint, friendly and brotherly action on a common set of interests or a common vital goal of life, or a way of existence, civilization, and consecration of conditions of living mutually advantageous for all people alike, By HUMANISM we mean all the ideals and yearnings or endeavors of human significance and susceptible of dignifying human character, nature and endeavors. By CULTURAL is implied among us all interests and activities destined to improve human character, nature and endeavors, and to make more plausible the pursuit of wellbeing, self-respect and happiness. By SPIRITUAL is meant all the sacred interests and vital conditions of human life, such as noble-mindedness, the power of truthfulness and righteousness, the portentous sense of devotion, the magnificence of beauty, sincere friendship, unconditional brotherhood, happiness, righteousness, love, compassion, kindness, peacefulness, freedom of conscience, human dignity, spiritual values and all the principles and conditions with a sense of eternity and universality that actually stand as the essence, structure and justification to all religions and philosophies. As for UNIVERSALITY, it behaves us to constitute the sense of morality and ethics in its equal advantages for all living people in the practical dimensions and forms of expression of daily existence, in people who cherish ideals and hold dear in their heart, mind and soul the ennobling and enlightening forces of conscience, considering, of course, that conscience is the moving power of life in all human beings, and righteousness the best justification of life in all circumstances hereunder.