“The light eternal that pierces man-created shadows and disperses all fancies (myths)” Upanishads.

We are presented with an evidently unusual and obviously unpretentious Report of the World Organization of the UNITED RELIGIONS. Although completely stripped of whatever literary aspiration, it affords a seriously programed plan that shows cause for a way of life that may well be described as an unheard of and amazing universal religious co-operative and commonwealth while it definitely envisions with practical details the real, effective, much heralded and promised, but never realized BROTHERHOOD OF MAN. Naturally, it is permeated with unquestionable significance as it presents a rational mode of modern planning enlightened and no devoid (why not?) of a high degree of inspiration by a genuine Spiritual Scientific synthesis. It might also be, presumably (or most surely), a résumé of rather impressive prophesying while remaining a purview of world affairs as seen from the higher levels of the multidimensional spheres, and through the eyes of the Initiates of present times. Fundamentally, it is intended to – and it undeniably does – present to our consideration the greater destiny of Man.

This breathtaking prospect commands arresting attention, as in ultimate analysis it stands for or constitutes an outstanding and unprecedented and duly chartered design, and it is already hallowed with the prestige of a well-advanced stage of realization, currently termed THE EIGTH DAY OF CREATION. We daresay it could not be less than the supreme confrontation of man, with an inevitable perspective that appears to be the portentous DESTINY OF FULFILLMENTS, with the alternative of unglorious annihilation.

To say the least, this strange and board-minded historical instrument is a fitting sketch of the wonders which characterize the new humanity now in the making – capable of harnessing in unforeseen and unexpected manners all natural forces most of which were previously unknown, continually discovering new laws of life, identifying itself again with discarded and forgotten age – old truths which were first uncovered by ancient Traditions, traveling in cosmic spaces, increasing the span of human prime of life, daily improving human nature and health, constantly expanding in consciousness, growing in stately self-realization, metamorphosing into nobler conditions, learning to live more humanely, understanding much better its ties to the great body of the eternal universe, awakening to the marvelous truth of the Golden Rule and to the Master Key of Spiritual Life which is UNITED UNIVERSALITY with Love and Wisdom through unselfish and unsectarian SERVICE, emerging from the Dark Ages of vicious bigotry and sadistic infamy, discarding the hellish cruelties of mystical domineering, heralding true humanistic endeavors, hailing the Spiritual Communion of Man above all forms of selfish and inhuman sectarianism, and, above all, shedding of the dispositions and annihilating its forces of ignominious brutality and satanic barbarianism qualifications, indeed, that correspond to a much needed and, fortunately, now ushering in New Age (Aquarius).

It proves, in fact, inevitably, as exacting as a scientific Text Book and as overpowering as the best adventure series. Above all, however, it reveals a dynamic ordainment of values, which correspond to a newly projected mankind of unessayed noble realizations. As a Message, nevertheless, being wholly and simply factual, it makes no promises and remains on the side of pure, undeluded logic. It commands due respect with the searing motives it refers to as well as through its rather humane guidance. But as an intended Spiritual Bequest it can not but lift the sincere soul well above ground and transport it with bewilderment like a successful fiction novel into a world we all would love to live in – which, indeed, intelligent mankind is bound to create sooner or later, unless it prefers to destroy the species and the inherited planet as well. We may be equally assertive in stating that it constitutes a monument of Human Dignity in Divine Dimensions, and obviously expressed with masterly hand for everyone to understand, with the spirit of pure Love, undivided Devotion, unselfish Service, and impersonal and undefiled Wisdom of an unconditional Spiritual Guide who is at once a medical surgeon, a full-fledged nuclear engineer as well as an integral artist and an accomplished philosopher – Universal Consciousness, rather than simply a collective, racial, continental, or trading mind. There can be no possible exaggeration, indeed, in conceding that it affords us the intuitioned Spiritual Synthesis, the most ancient Holy Tradition´s Crown-Jewel of life.

This is evidently a New Age Spiritual Testament, and while it is already being hailed in most spheres of advanced thinking as the greatest plea ever made in behalf of Human Conscience, it can also be safely considered as an epoch-making pronouncement destined to appear among the most enlightening documents of history. In the higher form of appraisal its implications would bear witness to a compelling appreciation of the human soul´s nobler experiences as it sheds its petty conditions, alleviates itself of the curses of jealousy, escapes from the turmoils of selfishness, pride, hate, lust, violence, insincerity, volubility, untrustworthiness, wickedness, rudeness, ruthlessness and indignity, or detaches itself from foulness, vileness and injustice and finally reaches the meritful biopsychosomatics and spiritual standing which proves that man is really Free and Great and Happy – because of his own Spiritual realizations and unutterable attainments. This must be why, as a matter of fact, this positively objective and timely New Age Spiritual Testament-Message has been mentioned in high religious circles of East and West as an inevitable Literary Prize, for it is admittedly held as containing the essence as well as the working elements and the dynamics of a decisive Human Charter of Divine Rights for Modern Times, because – at long last, and, it seems, definitely – it actually meets the ghastly problems of the dissipated modern man and at the same time patterns and fashions immediate solutions in the most practical way. Nay, the secret is neither metaphysical nor mythical, but, rather, and exclusively, profound humaneness. And lo and behold! this also is Communion with God – the eternal-universal Presence in man. Unquestionably, we have here a positively priceless offering to our New Age Humanity.

The field of pure idealism – whether exclusively humanitarian, highly religious or serenely spiritual – affords ennobling experiences when people are truly sincere. But, we wonder if people are always really sincere. A tremendous cosmic J´ACCUSE must reach the heart and the conscience of those who for some reason, somehow and anywhere either change course or misuse their ideals. How could hate or vilification, inquisition, burning folks alive at the stake and excommunication ever be the equivalent of understanding, kindness, pardon, Holy Communion or even human brotherhood? ¿Or is it? – Or do people simply like to deceive themselves, then claim that they have been either cheated, mislead or maltreated, so as to justify their own shortcomings, self-inflicted disillusionments, vain pride, foolish failures, and planned or inconfessable infamies? Indeed, no argument can reasonably explain, prove or enhance the attitude and contradictory feats of defaulting, guilty, despicable elements who fail in their most cherished designs and sacred endeavors – then seek to ease their conscience by accusing their religion, their chosen victims or their previously decried faith when in reality they are the only ones to blame, because they have behaved like parasites instead of as builders. – Sooth to say, there is dignity only in the soul that sets out to accomplish a given goal, for if people give up their ship or abandon their cause before achieving success they are merely proving unworthy of their goal as well as traitors to themselves and to their loudly vaunted ideals.

Neither can the awesome recurrence of hellish wars of conquest and plunder christian colonialism, power supra-nationalism, religious intolerance and persecution, racial discrimination, negro slavery, censorship, modern youth rebellion or the general increase of white slave traffic, provoked population explosion, delinquency, prostitution, drug addiction, ominous power politics, and the costly expansive military “defense” machineries, growing illiteracy and courted unculture, world survival by means the harrowing fear and menace of “hell” and nuclear bombs, the staggering and ever augmenting number of refugees and exiles, and all conceivable vices be considered as manifestations of culture, and Divine intercession or inspiration. Great changes must take place in the very immediate future should human survival be guaranteed --- be truly living intelligently, peacefully, humanely, morally, and with genuine Spiritual inspiration.

More than a simple warning, or even a glorious promise, the NEW AGE SPIRITUAL TESTAMENT – MESSAGE presents mankind with the peerless Blueprint and draft, and also the power and the wealth, which shall render possible the better destiny of man as well as the heralded future. Therefore, forsooth, we behold the concurrent mettle and morality: it is not what we have and what we claim that truly counts in life, but, rather, what we are and what we actually do.

Of particular significance, however, is the fact that this Testament is just as vital to believers as to unbelievers, for it concerns all people – the whole Human Conscience. Man´s destiny is being decided, and the species is remodeled. Anyway, the greater triumph of each one of us is in the cast, whichever may be our devotional faith, our ennobling ideals, or our way of life in Truth.

“People are components parts of the whole mankind, and in the face of a single social problem or injustice we are all equally and inevitably victims as well as responsible, in the very same way that the greater future of Mankind is guaranteed for all”

  1. K. Hatule


The Message-Testament issued by the Maha Chohan K.H., July 14, 1965, will be published in the following ARIEL 231