la escencia de ciencia espiritual




From de book: “THE ESSENCE OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE". Anatomy and etiology of modern world conditions. First edition 1946.

Autor: Kut Humi Lal Singh – Kwang Hsih

People are linked to Invisible Realms by means of mystic cords of etheric sub-atoms, as well as by means of Conscious Realization.  The Occult Teaching of the SANGHA, which constitutes the Esoteric part of the Dhamma, further the intimate contact between all peoples in different Planes or spheres of Life.  This teaching is given out only to the more select souls that tread the Golden Path, in the Sanctuaries and with the personal care of Gurus. It cannot be handed out in printed form, or to big audiences, because it is a matter of personal experience, and therefore requires personal guidance from a Guru according to the natural needs of human nature at different circumstances[1].

The SANGHA, as we know englobes the Cosmic forces of life. It stands for the "secret forces that change the world"[2], and it is directed by a Spiritual Hierarchy that is called upon to make the Dhamma triumph over the lower forms of life and also over the turbulent forces that have till this day been viewing for totalitarian overlordship throughout the world heedless of human rights and in utter disrespect of all Spiritual values.

The SANGHA is, as it always was, the common denominator of human life.  But now, for the first time in the world's history it presents a SPIRITUAL FRONT to a world in turmoil.

The great Chohans, Hutuktus and Bodhisatvas have, today, a well drawn plan in harmony with Cosmic designs, and, working in company of Devas and eternal powers of Spiritual import they now take a stand to restore world sanity, enforce Human Welfare and make Spiritual forces prevail.

The SANGHA is not interested in party ambitions or in group schemes. It is Eternal like all authentic Spiritual Values, and it is stands out above all ideals or whims, against all delusive purposes that are not fundamentally in the benefit of humanity or wholly in accordance with the essential needs of life.

Now, some people speak in terms of geographical inference, and others in terms of tradition and Divine Mandate.  Beware of such silly delusions.  The earth is round and wide, and Spiritual values know no frontiers, or can there be anything Spiritual where barriers of prejudice, dogmas and traditions prevail.

People subject to a tradition are like a person shut in a room and deprived of the benefits of the rest of the mansion.  Slaves of any form of tradition are imprisoned in their quarters, and these usually are the basement of civilization, where the past moist in the false filling of history.  A mind imprisoned in tradition is a slave of the past.

As for "Divine Mandates", not a single one out of the many known has ever justified itself in truly Divine terms or implications.  Crude force and unscrupulousness have always been the basis of the success and importance of these so-called "Divine Mandates".

Today the world is presencing the vertical rise of a potent scheme, that of proletarianism.  In previous times most rulers pretended to derive their power from the Will of God, until recently a new formula of powerful delusion was coined, namely, Vox populi Vox Dei (The Voice of the people is the Voice of God).  However, the shift of interests soon brought laborers face to face with their employers, and that marked the beginning of the end of capitalism as well as the beginning of the insurgence of the proletariat.  The people soon saw fit to have its own formula of right and power without God, and then began the debacle of class strife.  Today the proletariat will have nothing short of economic predominance and social exclusiveness, to the detriment of capitalism and all that this stands for.

We of the SANGHA cannot remain indifferent on the wayside, watching events.  Human beings are murdering, cursing, warring for their schemes, despite all their Moral Codes and vaunted virtues, and it would be heartless to just see crime in mad fits of grosser passions, without our doing anything about it.  We simply must make our moral force felt.

This Class warfare of "The People" is, of course, the newest form of mystic delusion, and it is the greatest among the many modem curses.  We understand that there is a great need of social justice, economic rehabilitation and religious freedom in the World today, and that the PEOPLE have always been grossly exploited by the ruling class who chose either politics or religion to accomplish their selfish designs, but we cannot feel any sympathy for "angels" who behave like “demons”, or for liberated slaves who strive to achieve authority by resorting to crime and barbarian methods.

Strife and cruelty, deceit and assault may be the deciding factors of material civilization, whether they brand their claims as "Divine Mission", historic materialism, "World Order", "Universal right", or "Democracy".  Mutual exploitation, robbery, defiling and subjugation are awful sins.  They may not appear in the printed versions of any Bible, Bill of Rights, Decalogues, or Gospels, yet they are practiced with marked degrees of perfection and with grueling persistence in the shadow of all religious Temples and within the border of all civilized nations.

The SANGHA has a Mission to accomplish and as long as the DHAMMA is not completely triumphant in the whole world we cannot live contentedly.  Wholesome livelihood calls for harmonious conditions in all the different spheres of human interest, and the pure and serene way of living of the SANGHA'S DHAMMA is the only remedy to common misfortunes, the only antidote to the ills that are the common lot of civilized peoples, and the only solution to the problems of the world - the surest way to go over the sea of Samsara, and fulfill the goal of existence like the dew drop that falls into the shining Sea - ultimate reintegration with Eternity.

Human beings forget too easily the fact that the Universe is complex and all things and beings extent are linked to each other, despite the fact that they either ignore or are unconscious of it all.

Nature is provided with countless forces and faculties, which are required for the business of development and evolution of life.  There are also many forms of fife. If living organisms in the seas, in the earth, in the air, respond to conditions of intelligence and environment, it is only logical to infer that the same applies to the invisible realms.  The world which we can see is infinitely limited, compared to what escapes the scanning abilities of our human eyes.

Some people would ignore, or even reject the existence of life in invisible realms.  But their attitude is altogether foolish, and much like the philosophy of the ant that rejects the existence of elephants because it cannot see them, and much less would be lead to believe in motor engines or airplanes.  The fact we cannot sense things is not a proof of their nonexistence, or absurdity.

Yet the SANGHA practices the intelligent Communion with all living beings, specially of superior Consciousness and Spiritual Powers who dwell in the higher Planes of Life, visible and invisible.  We individually contact superior beings according to our own degree of Consciousness and rate of vibration of vital forces, and that is why the DHAMMA is so exacting in matters of harmonious connections and developments among Universal Life Forces.

Superior beings and currents of Life forces do affect us, according to the manner in which we place ourselves within their sphere of action.  But their influence increases considerably when we place ourselves in opposition to Universal Principles as well as against their own cosmic designs.

It is thus that Cosmic forces are now growing in importance in the whole world, because humanity is guided and protected by the SANGHA'S directors, the Spiritual forces that design Cosmic enfoldments. 

Individuals live considerably more on the invisible planes than on those of matter, because their Spiritual virtues and powers places them above ordinary contingencies.  Yet we really cannot experience, conceive or enjoy life otherwise than our own conscience enables us. Some people may heartily question the existence of Cosmic forces, but we cannot expect anyone to realize more than what they are prepared for, or capable to understand.

The Cosmic Hierarchy or Great White Brotherhood is, today, more active than ever precisely because world conditions are so despairing, and because humanity clamors for assistance.  The SANGHA had to do its part to assist the world at large, and to prevent it from blasting itself with atomic bombs, poisoning itself with alcohol and delusions, and becoming devilish creatures with their own anti-natural designs and mean feelings.

The great Cosmic Hierarchy has decided to make itself felt in the Heart of those who contact the higher Planes of Life and in world affairs so as to force issues, and guarantee human evolution.


[1] Realizing such extremes, the SANGHA created in 1906 the WORLD BUDHIC  CHURCH.

[2] Under this same title, Frank Bowman gave out a comprehensive Exposé. He also wrote "The New World Helper".  We commend this enlightening reading.