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1.  The belief that there is only ONE God, ONE Universal Truth, and ONE Eternal Life variegatedly expressed under different circumstances, but essentially ONE and indestructible.

2.  The recognition that all Life throughout the Universe summarizes Truth, and represents Divine attributes.

3.  The understanding that all humans are equally endowed with Divine Natural rights which are inalienable, comprising the right to Life and to the pursuit of happiness and freedom of conscience; the right to enjoy justice, general welfare and domestic tranquility; to secure the blessings of Liberty, for ourselves, our neighbors and our posterity; to enjoy respect, protection and peace; to freely express our beliefs and convictions; and the right to worship, to heal, to travel, to reside wherever we wish, and to work – without being regimented or tyrannized.

4.  Agree on the principles of Human Brotherhood, mutual respect and mutual protection as the necessary fundamentals to live honorably and peacefully for all human beings throughout the world, and as a means of better expression and more effectively complying with the needs of Life.

5.  Proclaim that the GOLDEN RULE of mutual respect and protection are primary conditions to the establishment and development of the true Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man under de Fatherhood of god.

6.  The DIVINE PRESENCE is Eternal and Universal, and it matters littler how we care to name and characterize it. Its attributes are suprasensorial, uncontrollable, and can never become de exclusive property of any group of person in particular. Neither is it possible to reduce its field of action, or to render it arbitrary, conventional, restricted, or limited.

7.  Pledge our undivided devotion to the eternal Divine Presence and welcome as Brothers an Friends all those who underwrite de ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT, offering at the same time the free use of our Churches, Halls and other facilities to the ECUMENIC COMMUNION, so that all noble souls may accomplish their Spiritual Mission as they understand it best.

8.  Realize that the Eternity and Universality of God, Truth and Life cannot be duly understood and furthered through the spirit of ruthless sectarianism, self-righteousness and dictatorial personalism.

9.  Recognize that freedom of Conscience rests on the exertion of spontaneous choice of our Way of Life, unrestricted thinking, and intelligent deliberation.

10. Recognize and guaranty the right of human individuals of all races, creeds and nationalities to live, think and worship in freedom and dignity, without restraint or compulsion, to be loved as Brothers, to receive Spiritual Light, to form a family and have a Home of their own, and to be respected, assisted, protected and blessed by all fellowmen, as well as by God.

11. Honor all Messiahs, Prophets, Avatars, and Arhats, who are also known as Sons of God, Heavenly Legislators, Saviours, Liberators, or Spiritual Instructors, whose origin, qualifications, teachings and endeavors are in diverse degrees and in different forms manifestations of Divine character with the mission of affording moral uplift and Spiritual guidance to mankind.

12. Agree on the need to further Human Uplift and World Peace by undivided peaceful efforts and unlimited Faith, Friendship and Freedom among different people.

13. Agree to worship God, uphold Truth and defend Life in the widest humanitarian spirit, above all forms of doctrinal prejudice and sectarian discrimination.

14. Agree to perform Religious and Spiritual duties freely and in the widest spirit of kindness, cooperation, and Divine Blessings.

15. Further Spiritual Healing and cultivate noble feelings through the world, above all forms of sectarian privileges and doctrinal limitation.

16. Pray, Meditate and work in common, so that Humanity may better benefit through Religious leadership and Spiritual Teachings regardless of traditional prestige, theological doctrines, exclusive interests, conventional dogmas and/or personal claims.

17. Pledge individual allegiance to Divine Teachings, and promise to respect, help, protect and bless all those who undertake to abide by Universal Principles, the dignity of man, and Ecumenic Communion.

  1. Abhor all forms of violence, willfulness, wickedness, hatred, and war and solve all problems of misunderstanding only by resorting to parliamentary agreement and Ecumenic Communion.

* * *

The ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT - also known as the Sacred Bridge among all Churches, Faiths and Philosophies - is not only a Declaration of Fundamentals and Aspirations; it is above all a revelation of the spirit of our Divine Faith and Universal Ideals, and the spiritual bloodstream which justifies our endeavors and accomplishments. That is why adhesion to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE constitutes a guaranty of genuineness and authenticity. No false systems, or deceiving organizations, could withstand the moral obligations and the spiritual dignity of the ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT any length of time, and therein lies the fact that charlatanistic schemes and freakish, or purely superstitious and mercantile mystical, fraternal or metaphysical organizations abhor even mentioning our name.  Thus, indeed, the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE Charter is in itself a Gold Seal Guaranty to everybody.

The ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT constitutes the source of magnificent moral strength and Divine inspiration, and our best justification.  It is also the equivalent of a Gentleman's Agreement, founded on the pledge of mutual honor, respect, help and protection.  As long as we abide by it we are trustworthy and commandable, regardless of our vaunted traditions and prestiges, our preferred doctrines, or even our claims to honorability. The ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT is the yardstick, corner stone and acid test whereby are revealed and understood all Religions, philosophical, fraternal and Spiritual organizations and individuals.

Neither is the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE exclusively an ECUMENIC COMMUNION.  It is at once dynamic, genial and creative, as it is proven by the WORLD INTERFAITH ECCLESIASTICAL GRAND SYNOD and the SUPREME SPIRITUAL COUNCIL, which brings all Churches, Spiritual Sanctuaries, philosophical Fraternities, learned Societies and Ethical movements together and makes them work, pray and study conjointly, as well as bless, respect, assist and protect each other. Needless to say, if God has never condemned any Religion, Brotherhood, or Philosophy, and if none of the many different magnificent Spiritual Instructors and founders of Religions, genuine sages, and anointed Prophets of all the ages have never condemned, exploited, slandered, derided, demoted, defamed, pushed around, accused, despised, ominously ostracized, cursed, tortured, hated, excommunicated, persecuted, vilified or lapidated each other, why should God inspired and Truth loving people behave like fiendish devils and vicious parasites in the name of eternal Divinity and Universal Truth?

Neither the organizations nor the ecclesiastics adhering to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE are in any way limited in their freedom, or imposed any form of blind royalty and allegiance. The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE constitutes a spiritual and ethical nucleus, destined to substantiate Functional Religion by the free-co-operation and spontaneous efforts of its Members in justification of their own better ideals, feelings and spiritual yearnings. It holds, fundamentally, that the sovereign autonomy of each different Church and adherent organization responds to its own purposes, and cannot be either limited or tampered with, because they represent multiplicity in Universality. Likewise, Church Ministers must remain free and unrestrained either in conscience, intelligence, or feelings, because they represent diversity in Unity.  Besides, ONE single Church or Religion could never meet the different forms of human need due to the existing variety of races, cultures and faiths.  Also, ONE single Religious Ministry would constitute at the present stage of world history, an organism too much like an exclusive tyrannical orthodoxy. The harmonious coordination of the different conditions in the world makes for peaceful concert of interests, and also justifies vital designs.

Methods and Designs

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is positively the result of World Congresses, and its policies are unanimous decisions of International Open Forums: the WORLD PARLIAMENT OF RELIGIONS. It shuns one-sided planning, and rejects personal dictatorship, self-appointed genius, and self-designed messiahship.  It is neither a secret clan nor a dogmatic or totalitarian scheme, and it strives to demonstrate that idealism makes life worthwhile in such critical and tragical times as these, when real democracy is still but a myth, and human dignity is almost totally eclipsed. Intellectual anarchy, Spiritual void, and effete morals must make way to noble ideals, a deep sense of values, and unity of purpose at the service of God and Humanity.  Our best justification rests in our desire to be respected, admired and loved because of our noble ideals and Divine realizations.

The only thing any Church, Fraternity, mystical School, learned Society or Spiritual Sanctuary can lose by adhering to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is the spirit of totalitarian selfishness, discrimination and tyrannical prejudice.  Individuals also can only suffer in their superciliousness, false pride, and lack of consistency by having to prove their sincerity and earnestness, and upon being faced with the need to cooperate with other people above whatever sectarian dogmatism, or party schemes.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is structured, welved and projected into existence by means of the ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT, which sums up the Divine Teachings and Spiritual ideals of all the ages. Membership becomes effective upon underwriting it, and by pledging undivided devotion to it.

This ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT is, of course, drafted in theological forms, or couched in mystical doctrines. It has the advantage, however, of synthesizing the fundamentals of all Religions, and no Church or Faith whatever is in any way contradicted or tampered with by such a cosmically inspired consciousness.

In fact, this ETERNAL SPIRITUAL COVENANT explains the vital principles and ennobling values of the GOLDEN RULE as well as the GOLDEN RHYMES OF PYTHAGORAS, and it was finally adopted as a more comprehensive form of the true Universalism of Religion. Those who find it incomplete, or lacking in essence may still adhere to the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE by simply endorsing the FUNDAMENTAL AIMS AND UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES, which have been called by Prof.  Miguel de Unamuno "The Holy Link between God and Mankind".

Fundamental Aims and Universal Principles

  1. God is the ESSENCE OF LIFE, which is Eternal and Universal, therefore omnipotent and indivisible, and the property of no caste, Faith, or system whatever.
  1. TRUTH is the Essence of Life, the underlying Principle of the whole Universe, which cannot be the exclusive property of any sect or ruler.
  1. All individuals are by natural right equally endowed Sons of God and Citizens of the Universe.
  1. Freedom, Justice, Peace, Credit, Respect, Well-being and Happiness are the vital needs and inalienable rights of Man.
  1. All individuals deserve good and rehabilitating treatment and to have the same benefits and obligations under identical circumstances.
  1. All individuals who are sound of health and sane of mind are entitled to the same privileges in the measure that they prove worthy of them.
  1. The GOLDEN RULE stands for mutual respect, mutual assistance, mutual credit and mutual protection, which constitute the basis of good-neighborliness, friendly behavior and peaceful and prosperous living among respectable people.
  1. Goodness is GODLINESS and to hold self-respect at a Holy attribute.
  1. BROTHERHOOD, which derives from mutual kindness and mutual protection among individuals, is the basic goal of life.
  1. A clean mind, a healthy body, a lofty spirit and a kind attitude toward all living beings such is the most commandable WAY OF LIFE.
  1. FRIENDSHIP is a holy bond which is cultivated by all wholesome people.
  1. WAR, aggression, hate, violence and pride should be outlawed because they are the product of greed and monstrous selfishness.
  1. SPIRITUAL COMMUNION is the supreme need of all living beings throughout the Universe.
  1. DIVINE FATHERHOOD is the natural birthright of all living beings, and it should always be maintained, cultivated and glorified by them.

Adhering Churches and organizations subscribe, in any event, only to Moral obligations and Spiritual values which in no way affect their own better Teachings and ethical tenets. The important point here, is to lay the foundations for a real UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD-COOPERATIVE-COMMONWEALTH OF MANKIND UNDER THE FATHERHOOD OF GOD, by means of sound fundamental concepts and wholesome Moral designs which neither conflict with the elemental principles of humanism nor erase, deny, contradict nor obstruct true Spiritual values and Divine designs.

This Foundation of Life justifies the noblest human ideals, and highest philosophical visions, and it is what the world needed to give way to the ushering in Golden Age of historical rehabilitation and to bring about the much needed, modern


Even if the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE only succeeds in bringing together different Churches, philosophical Fraternities, learned Societies, mystical Schools, chivalric and Templar Orders, and Spiritual Sanctuaries of varied religious traditions, faiths and cultures of all latitudes of the world, making them work, meditate, study, pray and live as true Friends and Brothers, always respecting, loving, helping, recognizing, recommending and blessing each other, we will have accomplished a noble task and fulfilled the greatest of ideals of all times. The moral, philosophical and Spiritual basis of our endeavors are also substantiated in the NEW AGE DIAMOND RULE, which commands