Jerusalem, 12/10/1918


What we mean, is that we should ALL UNITE in a single block of earnest and sincere people, were it only to guarantee our own WELL-BEING and ensure ourselves against future economic uncertainty, misfortune, or dire collapse.

Is it no true that we are all subject to economic slump, war effects and all sorts of accidents, which deeply affect our social standing? Is it not so, that we are permanently at the mercy of priers on our fortune, haters of our good fortune, and potential victims of accidents, civil strife and international wars? Is it not so indeed, that even our mental sanity and spiritual integrity, as well as our human dignity are affected by all the changes that occur on the Market, and all imperialistic forms of greed on the world’s far-flung horizons?

Now, is it not natural that we should try to acquire on our own account and privately a modicum of successful faith and idealism? There is no law against the pursuit of happiness, integral welfare, economic rehabilitation, mutual social credit, or an ECONOMIC-SOCIAL EQUALITARIAN UNION. This is what we are trying to convoy to Social Reformers, Church Leaders of all denominations, Idealists of all brands, and militant Peace-Lovers, Naturists, Pon-pals, and sound-minded hobbyists of the whole world. Our proposition is toward the creation of a Worldwide Private COMMONWEALTH for Free Souls and Aristocrats of Thought.

We have called our endeavor and program “The Universal Service Union” because all Members are Partners and Servers among us, and we all have identical rights and obligations. We are all EQUAL in potentiality, IDENTICAL in vital essence, but DIFFERENT in character and forms of aspiration, and it is on such assumptions that we aim at Human Integral Rehabilitations, so as to ensure for all the right and condition of Human Wellbeing, Dignity, Happiness, Freedom, and Responsibility. We should all be held responsible for the Welfare, Dignity, Happiness and Freedom of our fellow-man. In fact, we should all be SERVERS assistants and protectors of our neighbors, because we are all Brethren under the skin, and we breathe the same air and have the same primeal bosom and ultimate goal of life.

It is not fair that some people should live in bondage or in sloth, or as colonials, while others feed on the products of plunder, vice, or commercial exploitation. Neither is it moral (in any Religious halo) that some people should be victims of economic servitude, and social injustice, grinding their existence on the dumb-stone of a vicious and savagely cruel materialistic civilization which neither guarantees economic certainty nor social dignity to its domesticated inmates.

We certainly all have a harsh comment in store for this harrowing experience which we call civilization. Furthermore, if the world has grown into such a gruesome battlefield of human passions and lust of power, staging a world war every now and then only to sow destruction and misery everywhere, it is because idealists and true Souls have not had the courage to constitute a Spiritual Front so as to stem the growing tide of monstrous events. Of course, savages monsters in human disguise are to blame for all this sewer of fermenting civilization, but, those individualists who claim to be noble idealists and enlightened mystics also have their great share of blame, because they know at least what they are about. If those UNITED to create a single FRONT for Economic Reform and Certainty, as well as Social Equity and Security, the monstrosities of civilization would not prosper and the prestigious rogues and vicious cynics of the world would not own the world and enslaves the rest of humanity.

If true Idealists, sound Mystics, truly Religious Souls and sincere Thinkers understood that, and decided to shod their selfish designs and personal vanity for a while we could constitute a real UNIVERSAL SERVICE UNION so as to bring into effectiveness the best ideals and noblest aspirations of man. No, it is not enough to organize Churches and establish Clubs or exclusive Societies where these node ideals and sacred Teachings are paddled and boosted. What the world needs is not so much a pageantry of faith, but, rather, actual efforts toward the practical realization of ennobling designs, and toward the solution of all problems which harass mankind, and remedy the ills which cover the world with bloodshed, hatred and monstrous lust.

We do not hesitate in being outspoken. The main point is to effectively put down our clear thought. We want people to understand that it is their moral duty to improve their own life, and that there is no sense in remaining unconscious, or irresponsible victims of a vicious and decrepit economic system and devilish social civilization. By endeavoring to promote prosperity, welfare, dignity and happiness, we guarantee for ourselves and the future generations a New Order founded on Mutual Respect and Peace.

By UNITING as we propose here, we foment World Order on the might of Righteousness and Universal Principles. If we UNITE in this manner, we remain what we are (Christians, Hebrews, Hindus, Buddhists, Americans, Negros, Chinese, English, Turks, Timbuetese, Germans, Maltese, Irish, Spiritualists, Catholics, Devil-worshipers, or Theosophists) or care to call ourselves, but al least we restitute ourselves to Human Dignity, for we ware Human being long before we became partisans of any creed or particulars of any race or nation. This is what we call CO-HUMANITY. We COOPERATE toward the welfare, dignity, happiness and freedom of all people, including ourselves,  and the more we SERVE, the better, the greater and the more powerful will be the COMMONWEALTH of our realized ideals and accomplished hopes.

So long we are limited by racial prejudice, sectarian dogmas, nationalistic notions, or clannish taboos, we are fractioned and atomized into insignificance, nonentity and selfish monstrosity. UNITY alone can Save US!



“Three things I command: Peace of Mind, Purity of Heart and Spiritual Noblesse - and they came neither through violence, systematic antagonism or crude indignation: they come only through, forbearance, Love and Wisdom. But in this case, be courageous and defend God, Truth and Humanity. Do not forget what I teach: but you would be accomplices of criminals if you failed as worthy people that you are. With forbearance, Love and Wisdom, destroy the evil powers ere they destroy you, and wreak havoc with others. Behave as you would defend your home from criminal thieves, or weed out your garden or cleans yourself of viruses and vicious thoughts. It is not possible to Love without living the Truth but you would live untruth and infamy if you either ignore or tolerate those vicious evils that beset you”.


THE GREAT PROBLEM NOW IS WHETHER PEOPLE CHOOSE TO BE REALLY PRACTICAL. There is more to life than piety, charity, compassion, devotional worship and inner life. BESIDES THIS WE MUST LIVE PRACTILLY, EFFECTIVELY, INTEGRALLY and meet all the challenges of modern existence.— We must solve all standing problems. Unless we do this we may as well be so swamped with the worldly ills surrounding us that they may enthrall and destroy us. That is why we INVITE people to JOIN HANDS, HEARTS AND HEADS and thus prove the validity of our most sincere ideals and most cherished truths in human dimensions. The more we live conscientiously the more we reach the infinite storehouse of Spiritual Powers of HUMAN CONSCIENCE.