The New Age Spiritual Ambassador


Unique Vehicle of Eternal-Universal Truth, Promoting and Making possible the modern Spiritual Renaissance by way of the genuine effective and practical Friendship-Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man
Independent, unbiased, non sectarian, non profit, unlimited Official Organ of the:
The Universal Brotherhood Commonwealth of Man and the


PRIMAVERA                                             Abril 7, 1961 … 2009…

AL SERVICIO de Dios, de la Verdad, de la Humanidad y de la Regla de Oro de Amor, Rectitud y Sabiduría. Por encima de prejuicios, imparcial, no mercantil, no político y no proselitista.

Internacionalismo en el plano humano,
Ilimitados en conceptos e ideología,

Infinitos en visiones y aspiraciones, y
Universianos en asuntos espirituales.


The Holy Man of the Himalayas, also known as Maharishi of Chan-Cheng-Lob  and Dorsulu in the Lower Tibet, and recognized as Maha Chohan (maker and guide of a civilization) for the new age by the world’s foremost Buddhist, Yoga, Lamaists, TAO, Hinduists, Essenes, Spiritualist and Agnostic organizations, is now busy meeting the greatest sages and savants of the whole world. He states currently: “The VOICE OF WISDOM or the consciousness of true spirituality is seldom heeded, or even heard. Sad as it may be to say, mankind has never received a genuine education, for what is thus called is merely a form of domestication, homeliness, and/or regimentation. When religion insists on faith, worship, sacrifices, alms-giving, mystical devotion, and/or contemplative attitudes, it does not really educate. Neither does the pedagogical science of the West, which only instills norms and beliefs in the mind of people. As for the political systems, well we should grant that it is to their honor to make slaves out of people, or zombies out of would-be intelligent individuals”

“It is no wonder that people are, generally speaking, so engrossed in their own exclusive sectarian designs, or private church, which reveal the acme of selfishness, for these are supported or developed only in the measure that they guaranty mysterious safety, Divine protection, heavenly uplift, and eternal metaphysical or theocratic life. Some people are most sincere, but the bulk of mankind is completely lost in meanders of endless as well as futile queries, so they resort to mystical contemplation, unless they fall into the abysses of anxiety and despair. Worshippers believe they are God - rehabilitated, and many sages refuse to know the truths of life, while the greater part of humanity lives on legends, myths and questionable traditions. Most people seek satisfaction in their own ways, preferring to either ignore or attack and hate that which is opposed to what they believe or that is unlike what they expect. People are strange; they would easily claim to have God on their part, without the least thought as to whether God would happily be on their part. Yet they sometimes expect to salve world problems single-handed, or otherwise simply do not care about anything happening around them. More often than not people are sectarian at heart and have no time to bother about other people’s trials and miseries. We have for instance the fact that most people nowadays claim to live up to the truth, yet they behave like mad mongrels and ignominious cads most of the time unmindful about the consequences, and they believe in Divine wrath and heavenly punishment, or karma. Even in simple morality they are queer creatures as they easily admit that they are good and intelligent people, yet they will completely turn their back on the crudities of war and the common tragedies of man, failing to realize that common sense should lead them to brotherly solidarity and true Spiritual communion. They fail to understand, indeed, that meanwhile they attend their sectarian designs and praise their faith, the world is becoming literally hellish. Nay, absolutely putrid. Strange as it may seem, most people today are morally irresponsible and spiritually void, as they fail to meet the demands of times. In supreme selfishness they do realize that the more they are dogmatically exclusive and morally irresponsible the more they condone infamy and immorality, or crime around them. Indeed, I feel deeply sorry for all these people who cannot find the dignity of conscience which assimilates them to the nobler sense of life that is to spiritual grandeur, or infinite splendor. They will not UNITE, and will ignore Spiritual Communion, because they are too ignorant of the dangers that threaten to immerse and destroy them. As long as they are happy in their selfish delusion, they believe that they are safe; but in reality they are just courting utter disaster. While they live in moral indignity and spiritual failure, the dark forces increase around them and menace to smother and enslave them. What happens in Laos, the Congo, Cuba or Paraguay does not disturb them in the least, yet it is such insolent ignorance that pushes the whole world to absolute moral insolvency and inhuman chaos, and that favors the success of the devilish forces in ruling the world each day more. Instead of so much “believing” they should no doubt learn more about right, creative and ennobling thinking”.— The Ill. Maha Chohan, whom some mystics call Koot Hoomi Lal Singh, is now one of the leaders of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, or World – Wide Brotherhood – Commonwealth of Peaceful and Free People – World Citizens of United-Mankind.

COMMENT: - One of our great leaders, the Venerated Mahatma Gandhi, wrote to Julian Huxley, then Director—General of UNESCO, in 1947: “I learnt from my illiterate but wise mother that all rights to be deserved and preserved came from duty well done. Thus the very right to live accrues to us only when we do the duty of citizenship of the world. From this one fundamental statement, perhaps it is easy enough to define the duties of Man and Woman and correlate every right to some corresponding duty to be first performed. Every other right can be shown to be a usurpation on hardly worth fighting for”

True, human wisdom may seem rather shallow to those who prefer the Holy Writs, but we fair, and admit that Divine Law as not prevalent even today among the devotee who currently fail to live up to their own most cherished and highly praised ideals. If people were less deluded by their own doctrine, they would surely prove more humanitarian, more moral, and less inclined to crude selfishness and wanton warfare. UNITY of action and ideal can also rest on simple agnostic considerations, or the need to live as friend and Brothers…. Or real World Citizens