• Way of living and Creative Consciousness of the Newer and Spiritual Civilization.
  • Parliament of Man --- ONE, Regenerated Humanity.
  • Cosmic Man –-- No more racial discrimination.
  • ONE Religion --– Social rehabilitation and Security Service. No more religious sectarianism and discrimination.
  • New Age Spiritual Dynamics –-- Universal Life Unlimited and Cooperated
  • United States of the World --– No more sovereign clans and self-centered nationalisms.
  • Natural, Free, Universal Order –-- Moral of Mutualism, and Benevolence.
  • ONE Flag –-- The Emblem of Free and Regenerated Mankind.
  • COMMONWEALT, or COHUMANISM –-- The Parliament of Man
  • ONE Philosophy –-- Cosmocracy, or winsome and happy livelihood.
  • ONE GOD –-- Eternal Essence of Life.
  • One World Language –-- English.
  • COWORLD –-- Free trade (elimination of frontier restrictions, travel difficulties, and all racial discrimination).
  • World Citizenship –-- Free choice of nationality at anytime.
  • World Code of Laws and Economic Board --- For all Nations, and distribution of world resources and ensure work, shelter, food, preventive medical attention and welfare at large to al human beings.
  • World Police Force –-- No more private Navies, armies, and air forces for War Purposes, or nationalistic sovereignties.
  • World Bank –-- ONE monetary system for all nations.
  • Internationalization of –-- Maritime highways, oceans, fishing grounds, canals  (Panama, Suez, etc.).

From: WORLD YOUTH RALLY. Directory of the United Free Youths of the World (International Knighthood of Youth of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION)