International Knighthood of Youth
of the

A non-profit-making making Cultural an Mutualistic Corporation destined to character building, wholesome recreation, international fairplay and individual self-reliance, by means of a Practical Human Engineering and the wholehearted dedication of Youth to all the conquests proper to Youth.


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(Under de Patronage of the Universal Spiritual Union)

This is a Social and Cultural Section of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, constituted by persons with young hearts and vigorous souls, of any age, race, creed, sex, or nationality. It made its first appearance in Ghent, Belgium, in 1931, under the name of “Guilde Juvenile de Libre Pensées”. In the year 1936 it became the “Ligue des Temps Nouveaux” in Geneva, and since 1942 it is reorganized as “YOUTH PEACE COMMANDS” under the generical name of World Youth Association, being a vanguard of idealists who realize that a new civilization is in the making, and that a New World must need be prepared for the welfare of Humanity in the morrow of the present historic debacle. In the year 1939, its Members in England became known as the “Great-Heart Glory”, which gave start to the already well known “Oxford Group”, now continued by us.

The World Youth Association is now preparing the Way for the postwar, and it stands for the glorious ideals of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION in Schools, Institutes, Universities and Homes, emphasizing primarily:

  1. Unity and Brotherhood of Humanity;
  2. A World of United States, sovereign and free, but cooperative and coordinated, doing away with political schemes, military designs, and imperialistic blocks;
  3. Abolishment of  all nationalistic prejudice, frontiers, customs, and immigration restrictions;
  4. Elimination of Child Labor, and enforcement of compulsory schooling for all children;
  5. State aid to studious Youth, including free professional tuition;
  6. Foster the love of Democratic Principles;
  7. Condemnation of all use of violence and warfare;
  8. Foster the spirit of Fellowship, Commonwealth and Harmony among the Young people of the world;
  9. Voice our ideals at the future Peace Conferences;
  10. Insist on the need of an équitative and unique world economical system, with an International Bank and a standard world currency;
  11. Foster Health, Decency and Dignity toward Race Regeneration;
  12. Bring all the Youth of the world together, above religious and political dogmas, and traditional and racial prejudices;
  13. Foster in Youth the sense of responsibility, creative cooperation, and resourcefulness;
  14. Give an example of realistic and practical Ideals to the whole of humanity, preferring Spiritual Values to materialistic gains and conquests;
  15. Seek a civilization of Understanding and Peace;
  16. Claim the right to representation and participation in all public affairs;
  17. Make public throughout the world the problems and needs for Youth in any given place, so that all humanity may partake in the requested rehabilitation;
  18. Give the World a FLAG OF PEACE, a Sacred Emblem of Truce and Trust, or Symbol of Democratic and Spiritual humanity;
  19. Work for the eradication of the error and problems of the past, when postwar readjustments are contemplated and worked out;
  20. Purport fundamentals of a true Culture, and voice the ARISTOCRACY of INTELLIGENCE and NOBILITY of the Spirit as means of civilization of Dignity, Mutual Respect, and the unhampered Pursuit of Happiness;
  21. Honour the feelings of womanhood, and
  22. Seek the betterment of the Human species through Understanding, Unselfish Cooperation, Noble-mindedness, wholesome living and the abolishment o vice.

All Members Pledge themselves to:

  • Strive unswervingly for their own betterment (superation),
  • Be a living example of the best ideals of humanhood,
  • Strive for a livelihood of earnestness and respectability,
  • Seek a greater understanding among men,
  • Defend the integrity and soundness of the home,
  • Uphold the natural rights of Man and of his Conscience,
  • Cultivate the Friendship and Goodwill of everybody,
  • Hold no grudge or ill will towards anyone,
  • Make of Service a Cult of Self,
  • Enlightenment, proclaim and defend the equality of rights to all persons in all circumstances,
  • Uproot all sorts of prejudice,
    Refuse to yield to deterrent habits such as smoking, lying, alcoholic drinking, gambling, indolence, hatred, unkind gossip, self-delusion and the use of drugs; and also

To correspond and cultivate hobbies among themselves.

The regime of this organization is strictly a moral discipline, in view of

Forming the character,
Shaping the personality,
Perfecting human nature,
Cultivate the love of study,
Enforce civic virtues, and

The means of action are:

Diffusion of the said Ideals,
Promotion of mutual better understanding among the Youths of all countries.
Exchange of ideas and hobbies,
Cultivation of wholesome friendship,
Foment respect and cooperation of all religious systems, and become a real aid in the pursuit of happiness and towards the attainment of prosperity among all its Members, above all racial, social and nationalistic or religious prejudices and traditions.
No propaganda for any specific religious or political body is permitted in order to guarantee more completely the freedom of Conscience of each and all.
Members must be liberal in their aims, wholesome in their aspiration, magnanimous in their ideals, and kindhearted in their behavior. Their only armament is UNDESTANDING.

 The WORLD YOUTH ASSOCIATION was reorganized during the world war and this explains the eagerness for Peace and the planning for a better World. When we first started this movement we foresaw the difficulties of the so called “post-war”  period, and we also “knew” that most of the great Democratic Principles of that epoch would be obliterated in the course of time, considering the spirit of secret diplomacy that prevailed then. Our foresight was prophetic in more ways than one. The “atomic bomb” soon gave rise to a new form of thinking of consciousness, and then followed the well known failures of Peace parleys, Premier Conferences and other political displays.

The world is new rent with strife and brewing trouble. “Power diplomacy” and “sphere politics” are now poisoning the atmosphere of the world, and only time will tell if a third world war is not a necessity in order to eradicate the super-seeding wrongs of the past.

The WORLD YOUTH ASSOCIATION is the product of the consciousness of Youth throughout the world, and although it aims at reversing present trends so as to find a better course of evolution, one of true Moral significance and Spiritual Values, it does not pretend to supplant such well known organization as the BOY SCOUTS, the RED CROSS and the FOUR H. CLUBS. On the contrary, the W.Y.A. wishes to foster all the good extent, and correct the wrongs of the world as it may be within its means, but always through fair means, such as by fostering Understanding among all people, banishing Racial and Religious discrimination, and eradicating all sorts of differences established on purely political grounds.

Young folks thus learn to partake in world affairs, and to understand the active part that corresponds to them as the responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.



Dear Young Folks of the World

This is a personal Message to you, Young Ones who have not had the misfortune of delving your hearts in the turmoil of the world, you whose souls remain fresh and adamant in the face of adversity and worldly frailties. You, who still trust in the better qualities of human nature, must not look harshly on present world event.

It is truth that these are trying times; but in such times you should refuse to yield to the forces of inferior spheres. Hatred, lust, wickedness, injustice seem to be the driving forces of this day and age, and even with the fresh heritage of two mayor wars immolating all mankind it is apparent that nothing really being done to forestall the onrush of destructive motives. Even at the UNO and all Peace Conferences we now behold much idealism and wondrous promises, but no one seems really interested in solving issues; all they do is deal in formal affairs and avoid principles and basic causes. To the Youth of this day all this no doubt appears disconsoling, and foreboding a dark and unhappy future.

Just what is in stores for the future is rather confusing, nay problematic. But, is Youth to stare at events and let themselves be dragged by circumstances to suit their ideals and present needs? Is it not only fair that they should be consulted, or that their voice be heard?

Our WORLD YOUTH ASSOCIATION is now rallying for this very purpose. But our aims will not be accomplished by means of unwholesome designs, nor will they crystallize under the heat of delusive ideals and unholy passions.

We took rather seriously the promises of the Atlantic Charter and the Four Freedoms, and all the Ideals of Democracy. We have learned to cherish them as the natural heritage of noble souls, and we earnestly believe that they should be upheld with all our Spiritual might, because this world would not be fit to live on it without such ennobling designs.

The WORLD YOUTH ASSOCIATION is now active so as to make younger folks get together and learn to understand better the affairs of the world, as well as to make FRIENDS and become real PARTNERS in the common enterprise of making life a successful and happy venture here on earth.

History records very bad examples of Human Brotherhood, and all these wars which our forebears and elders have gone through are really unworthy of intelligent folks. If people learned to be fair toward each other, and understand their mutual interests, they would not be subject to frenzies of destruction, and there would be no frontiers to separate them into “political pedigrees”, “economic tribes”, or “sovereign serfdom” – for that is what excessive nationalism is nowadays.

The WORLD YOUTH ASSOCIATION wants to brush off all barriers of misunderstanding, destroy all racial and religious prejudice, and annihilate all unfair discrimination. Thus, it creates a GOLDEN CHAIN of Friendship around the Good Earth, and they strive to solve the problems that they have inherited, so that all human beings be henceforth true Brethren, and the common habitat truly ONE WORLD.

Are you one of us ?
May we Welcome you soon ?

Sincerely Yours in Cosmic Family Bonds,

Pr. Om Cherenzi – Lind
General Grand Patron
Jerusalem – San Francisco 

1912 …..  1945  ….. 2010...  Permanent Welcome



Members must answer all letters received, and reciprocate gifts, postcards, magazines, books, poems, songs, photographs, games, information, or handcraft they may receive.

Each group is known as a "YOUTH PEACE COMMANDO", to which is added any chosen name, besides a Charter Number.

YOUTH PEACE COMMANDOS are formed by eight persons, and they meet either in the Recreation Hall of Schools, Colleges, and Universities, or in Church social rooms, or homes.

The constitution of YOUTH PEACE COMMANDOS calls for the election of a Director or Commander, two vice-director or Lieutenants, one Secretary and one Treasurer with the grade of Corporals, and the rest Pioneers. The Grades will be recognized only when YOUTH PEACE COMMANDO has increased its Membership to 20 Members.

One a YOUTH PEACE COMMANDO is formed, a collection is made, and the product sent to our Headquarters, together with the petition of Charter. All Members will receive a Membership Card, and are entitled with the petition furthermore to receive the Official Organ of the Organization, in which appears all news of interest for them, and the address of those wishing correspondence and friendship.

As YOUTH PEACE COMMANDOS grow in size, their Members receive supernumerary Grades such as those already mentioned, on the strength of merit. Those interested in advancement should make their requests. Affairs are run with strictness, and each Grade has its symbol. This is a Militia of Merit.

Members are considered "Sympathizing Members" of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, but may take the Membership status of this latter which they prefer. All the officers of the YOUTH PEACE COMMANDO must become Active Associate Members of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION within three months. Although elections of officials in YOUTH PEACE COMMANDOS are spontaneous and liberal, the Membership status must prevail.

Officers take care of the better development and orderly activities of their COMMANDOS. They send monthly reports to Headquarters about their activities, and attend to all the correspondence received, as well as to the social affairs they may decide upon.

Upon suspension of activities of a YOUTH PEACE COMMANDO, all the archives must be sent to Headquarters. Its name and number will be reserved, until it may be revived in the future, by any of its former Members.

All Members are entitled to a Membership Badge, which will be given upon attainment of merits. Same conditions prevail for the reception of the Golden Wings, emblem of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION. Those interested must apply for further information.

Members also have their uniform, and Grade insignias, which must be either made, or cost by interested parties.

All Members have the same rights and Privileges, and they may ask for transfer to another YOUTH PEACE COMMANDO, and case they want to organize their own Commando, they should first request an authorization from Headquarters.

Each YOUTH PEACE COMMANDO has a Delegate or Representative in all the others, and Members thus favored receive a Diploma and insignia.

The Motto of the organization is ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE.

Members are entitled to a 25% discount in all purchase of books of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION.

Internal Rules of the organization give further particulars about Initiation, activities, Pass words, etc….

The organization takes part in all civic activities, and cooperates with Government and Academic agencies in furthering the moral conquests and spiritual attainments of World Citizenry.

All Members will receive Free any of our publications SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE, THE COSMIC VOICE, L´APPEL SPIRITUEL, ARIEL or CIENCIA Y CONCIENCIA, and all those who bring FIVE new Active Members to the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION will receive a year's subscription to the great American Magazine "LIFE", OR TO THE USEFUL Argentine publication "Viva Cien Años"

See our other combinations for important Gifts to Members, and also our Cultural and Artistic Contests. There are many prizes for you.

The Institution is interested in helping Youth, easing as much as possible the strain of want, and solving its different social and moral problems. Whatever is your age, race, creed, or condition, CALL ON US: WE WILL HELP TOU POSITIVELY!


For a better exposé of the aims and activities of the WORLD YOUTH ASSOCIATION we will quote ARTICLE 44 of the General Rules and Bylaws of the UNIVERSAL ESPIRITUAL UNION, enacted for our reorganization in 1942. It reads thus:

  1. A World Youth Associations is being organized to gather young folks from every country and make each other better acquainted through correspondence (pen-pals), the development of hobbies, collaboration in studies, exchange of magazines, etc ...
  2. Clause a. – Are eligible to this Section of young heart and light years who feel the urge to bring Humanity to live as a Great Family, without prejudice and above all forms of discrimination.
  3. Clause b. – Members undertake to treat all human beings alike, to honor other’s moral rights, to respect all sincere creed, to cooperate with others in times of need, and to ennoble the human race through the superior kinship of Kindness, so that Welfare and Happiness may be a common privilege of everyone.
  4. Clause c. – Members also pledge themselves to avoid unwholesome company, and to shun tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, and laziness, and also to study and strive for a constant superation of self.
  5. Clause d. – The World Youth Association is a Cultural Foundation functioning as a separate Sector of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, yet every Member belongs to the Section of the jurisdiction wherein they happen to reside.
  6. Clause e. – Members are considered as Passive Members of the UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL UNION, and pay a yearly Due of One Dollar, which entitles them to all the privileges granted.
  7. Clause f. – Members may form Groups, which will be known as PEACE COMMANDOS, and these are started in any locality with at least seven Members, who elect a President, a Vice, a Secretary, and Spokesman; then apply for a Charter.
  8. Clause g. – The World Youth Association constitutes a New World Youth Legion of Peace, a real Noble Knighthood of the New Age, the purpose of which is to build character, provide wholesome recreation, develop self-reliance, and command fair play, and we teach a practical Human Engineering.
  9. Clause h. – Charters for PEACE COMMANDOS are granted at a cost of One Dollar, and they make the functioning Legal.
  10. Clause i. – All elected Officers of PEACE COMANDOS must become ACTIVE MEMBERS at least three months after taking Office.
  11. Clause j. – All Members receive FREE the Official Organ of the WYA “World Youth Rally”, a Certificate and a Membership Card, and are entitled to wear the organization’s Badge of Honor.
  12. Clause k. – Members failing to pay their dues lose their status as such, and all privileges thereto, unless special arrangements have been made with Headquarters.
  13. Clause l. – A Ritual of Adoption is Followed for the Consecration of Members.
  14. Clause m. – All Members undertake to answer any mail they receive from others, to reciprocate gifts, and to obviate grievance and forget hurt feelings.
  15. Clause n. – Members will cultivate honesty, obedience to superiors, courtesy, thrift, gratitude, courage, joy, inventiveness, self control, resourcefulness, health, clean living, mental alertness, good workmanship, creative thinking, and friendliness under all circumstances.


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