Special Message to the UNITED NATIONS

"Une vérité vaut plus que mille mensonges" K.H.
"There is more truth in the skies than in all your books" Lao Tseu

Paris, the 16th of September 1960

The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE realizes that the UNITED NATIONS was created for a definite purpose, or mission, and that due to unsound political interests and factors it has fallen short of its own self-allotted goals. The proof of this is that today, the XVth General Assembly has on its Agenda more problems than in the past XIV other similar gatherings, while the UN itself is risking complete disintegration after the tragic errors of Palestine, Korea, Algeria, Congo and Cuba, among many others not so perceptible. The most significant development of modern times, however, is the fact that mankind is fast awakening, and negative factors of evolution such as political oppression, rugged religious orthodoxy, colonialism which is always vicious, and the barbarian spirit of warmongery, even though increasing in intensity, only contribute toward further anxiety and anguish, since far from being benefiting to Man, they only multiply world problems and increase human misery. The great curse of our time is social injustice, the exploitation of man by man, and the insistent and methodical obstruction of human evolution by occult tyrannical forces. All the problems of the world could be instantly solved, in fact, if nations were left alone to solve their own problems, and if others minded their own business in their own homelands.

Furthermore, the world is desperately clamoring for FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE, FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, SELF RESPECT, and SPIRITUAL REALISATION. There is not a figment of freedom of conscience when people are threatened with Divine Wrath and eternal hell, or when they are maltreated because of their independent thinking. Neither is there genuine expression when human people are not allowed to either think or speak freely, or to travel, work and reside wherever they wish. As for self-respect, it is utterly ludicrous to even mention it when people are subject to the occult tyranny of portentous religious orthodoxies and ominous dictatorial pseudo-democracies. Even spiritual realization is impossible, sooth to say, in a world wherein people are economically exploited to the morrow and politically oppressed and depressed to the extreme, and when the press limits the right of due information; when the mind of the masses is constantly poisoned and pressurized by ominous immoral and mercantile TV Films and Radio programs, or when people are imprisoned when they think too freely, or persecuted and maltreated when they dare feel too independent and set on living according to their better ideals and nobler feelings.

It is not our intention to be systematically critical of world events. Nevertheless, the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE exists and lives on this planet, and we must face realities as they are. The United Nations constitutes a promising effort, inasmuch as it was announced as founded on the Atlantic Charter, true democracy, and sound moral principles. Our basic interest in the UN always rested, naturally on such purported principles and ideals.

Today the whole world is at a standstill as the UN Grand Assembly meets in an extremely hostile atmosphere of vicious passions and ominous political designs. All that we can do, the World Citizens of the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE, under the circumstances, is to  A P P E A L  for common sense and DEMAND that a spirit of true mutual respect be cultivated, if not of noble cordiality and spiritual dignity.

If the Official Delegations put into practice the better tenets of their own religion or philosophy, be they Gnostics or agnostics, theists or atheists, and of the right wing or of the left one, they will prove worthy of their trust. What counts the most in the face of tragic conditions is the sincerity of heart and the spiritual dignity with which we tackle our problems.

Official Delegates should realize, also, that the world is fast progressing, and that there is place for everybody if there is mutual respect and true solidarity from the moral, human and spiritual standpoint, as all mankind is in the same boat. It is to the advantage of all that the boat does not sink, and that everybody be as happy as possible. True happiness, of course, can be found only in righteousness, unlimited knowledge, freedom, peace, self-respect, and freedom of expression, which embodies all the forms of human yearnings, idealistic aspirations, and spiritual values.

Perhaps the greatest cause of misunderstanding among the nations is due to the fact that they depend too much on ominous determining factors like war and political scheming. If we all forget for a while the armies, the war engines, the political doctrines and the party policies, we might get somewhere at the UN. In fact, time is running out on mankind today under the tremendous load of costly military might and incessant political blunder, and unless the UN kills the monster of colonialism and militarism, a great world war will be inevitable. The world's problems must be solved, soon, otherwise divisionism will continue to ravage human relations and render world peace impossible. To begin with, the Member organizations of the UN should not be antagonistic toward one another, and all the acts of aggression should be condemned as a matter of principle, moral, and mutual interest.

The whole world is becoming exasperatingly war-weary, overly repellent to all ideas and acts of imperialism, colonialism, aggression, strife, and ill will. The five year long ominous colonial war in Algeria is a terrible strain on humans conscience, and the recent international dictatorship in Congo is also provoking general discontent toward the United Nations throughout the world. The unseemly war against Cuba is also one of the new causes for general unrest as it appears ostensibly produced against the awakening of human conscience and premeditatedly staged on a grand scale against the better interests of all mankind. Then, we have the astounding fact that the world is today unable to develop a peaceful coexistence as the greater powers spend around or over US $ (two thousand and sixty billion dollar) for military maintenance and war purposes "to defend democracy, Christendom and the wonderful heritage of materialistic civilization", while hundreds of millions of people are economically underdeveloped, famished, illiterate, and live in huts worse than banned animals. The number of War Refugees is growing each year, and the "exiles from captured nations" are now tens of millions. Episodes like those of Palestine, Korea, Suez, Tibet and Cuba are still fresh in our mind, so we need not warn anyone that they may yet be the lot of many other unwary nations, which may have the misfortune of becoming the victim of overzealous warmongers and hungry imperialists. Colonialism is just as ominous today as it ever was before, and France alone spends six million dollars (US $ 6.000.000) daily to keep her six hundred thousand (600.000) men army busy against the Algerian patriots, which desperately demand self-determination and self-respect. Another ominous fact is that the world is more divided than ever, into "racial zones of influence", "economic zones", and "political regions", to the extent that human beings must always be living in compounds like tracked and exploited animals, amid untold forms of social, racial and national injustice, as not only we see nations forced to belong to this or that organization of States, but they are also exploited, enslaved and trampled upon by mightier nations. Even the human individual is far from enjoying complete dignity in most latitudes. All this is a far cry from the much-vaunted Carta Magna and the Atlantic Charter, or even from the Golden Rule, as in many instances people are not allowed to protest. All this is still happening sixteen years after the end of a monstrous world war, which was fought and won in the name of "democracy" and "chistianism".

Before we go any further, let us open here a parenthesis, as it is our spiritual obligation and signaled moral duty to stand for our most cherished ideals and to defend them to the best of our ability. The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE would not be the world's supreme moral authority and greatest spiritual power if we did not meet the challenge of arising events in all dignity.

Unexpected acts of hostility and violence as well as other lamentable happenings of an official character, which are completely out of place at the present moment in New York City, force the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE to protest loudly for such crude acts. So much political scheming, snubbing, and brawls constitutes something entirely out of our line, so we feel duty bound to demand that the United Nations be a really neutral ground where the spirit of goodwill, friendship, mutual respect, solidarity and Brotherhood be duly respected and absolutely prevailing. The happenings in reference prove amply that the world is on the brink of utter chaos, as too many nations behave aggressively and hegemonistically, with complete disregard for principles, or the least respect for human personality and other nations´ sovereignty, revealing thereby a frightening moral disintegration and spiritual void which bear the earmarks of ominous insanity and devilish designs. All this is said without neither ill will nor malice toward none.

In fact, it is the task of the United Nations to analyze world conditions and to promote a better international coexistence without being haunted by the hellish spectre of famine, strife, political oppression, invisible mystical tyranny, and periodically recurrent sadistic warfare. We do not need to be super genii, or Messiahs to realize that the world is in a tremendously ominous predicament, and the United Nations is unfortunately guilty for much of all this, as it has failed to fulfill its own allotted mission. It is perhaps too limited in powers, or not organized enough. Or is it that it lacks proper moral strength, and humanist and spiritual dimensions, because it is too much dedicated to solve the political passions and appetites of the "Big" nations. Whichever may be the cause of the UN weakness, it is obvious that it is necessary as a world organism, as otherwise we would not be privileged today with the attendance of great statesmen who came from all the latitudes of the world precisely in quest of to demand real solutions to so many problems too big for them.

Problems are so numerous that it is rather difficult to make a start. Among the most portentous ones is the lack of RESPECT TO HUMAN PERSONALITY in most latitudes. FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE is repulsive to some religions, but it is the cornerstone of human life, so it must be enforced, cultivated, and guaranteed. Nations are too jealous of their own accomplishments, so they make the grave mistake of closing their borders, creating also untold complications, which make their citizens appear either as privileged people or as State prisoners, and all this would not be so tragical if it did not limit the otherwise much vaunted democratic rights of people to travel and to trade freely.

If people are prevented from enjoying inalienable rights, how can we expect them to be free, righteous, peaceful and happy? If people are economically exploited and politically oppressed, how can we expect them to be anything but socially compressed, and innately depressed? Again, if people are deprived of the basic right of life, that is FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE, how can they be forced to be intelligent, moral and respectable at all? Or must people be mental slaves and heartless in order to be political wonders and religiously "saved"?

Nations, like individuals, also need to enjoy inalienable rights. If they are sovereignly autonomous, all should enjoy equal rights. The great problem that blinds mankind today is the right of nations to impose themselves onto others, and this is a source of war, a constant menace to peace. In reality, nationalism is profoundly wrong in considering itself an end in itself. It is only a means to an end, and the real end is the intelligent survival of the human species through friendly and cooperative coexistence. Human beings cannot be neither free nor happy while living in enclosures, limited by all sorts of frontiers, barriers, taboos and dogmas, or ukases. The vital question as to whether they can be really respectable and peaceful under such predicament may, in fact, be raised now, as it cannot hurt anybody to analyze reality and seek to solve ominous problems.

Neither is the solution of the numerous problems of the world and the eradication of the harrowing tragedy of man dependent on diplomatic discussions, high level governmental pourparlers, Summit decisions, and what not. Such problems as DISARMAMENT, PEACE, GOODWILL, FREE INTERNATIONAL TRADE, the abolition of devilish COLONIALISM, and the unconditional guaranty of THE ABSOLUTE DIGNITY OF MAN cannot be solved by way of rhetoric. All these prolonged "conventions" and "conferences", and multiple “declarations” are sterile and futile. Yet, all these standing problems could be solved in just a few minutes if the actuants were sincere and earnest, and if they really served the interests of all mankind instead of placing their own selfish, sectarian and party, or personnel designs over all else.

Why not start immediately to sign multilateral Peace treaties, which outlaw war and all bilateral and regional agreements or pacts? Why not promote the dignification of man over machinery and all forms of politics? Why not INTERNATIONALISE all sources of vital raw material for big industry, such as sectors of Congo for instance? Why not condemn and outlaw all forms of COLONIALISM? Why not guaranty forthwith the complete freedom and the sanctity of sovereign nations, whichever they may be, as a measure of human solidarity and for the due rehabilitation of all people? All this would be much better than all the glamorous discourses on inexistent democracy or seraphic religiosity.

There are many other problems which need immediate attention at this historic XVth General Assembly of the United Nations, and it is the admission of all nations, regardless of race, faith or political creed, such as Mongolia, East Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon and Ireland, among others. In reality, to discriminate a nation or a person because of a political creed, a religious faith, or racial traits is simply inhuman and idiotic, or proper of primitive and superstitious minds. Also, all nations which have been either "captured" or suppressed in recent times, all geopolitical complexes like Algeria, Armenia and Tibet, and all autonomous territories should be granted an official status of some sort in the great concept of nations, or Humanity. Neither is there the least reason or morality in refusing UN Membership to China. Or is the biggest and most populated nation in the world to be snubbed and despised by the rest of the world? The growing population of the world is also a monumental problem, which must need be promptly solved; ere the overwhelming number of morons and freaks transform the wonderful principles of democracy into a hellish curse. Then we have the incredible problem of World currency, which is an ominous curse in itself simply because people cannot understand that a single World Money system would facilitate immensely all human relations, such as culture, trade and travels. Racial discrimination and religious intolerance should also be outlawed, like all other forms of crime, gangsterism, and the exploitation of vice.  Last but no least, is the problem of respect to human personality, which is only schematic nowadays, for as long as people can be jailed and persecuted, or maltreated because of their faith and open thinking, man is only a convenient "tax payer" or a defenseless victim of civilization. Worse of all, some people can be maligned and scurrilously slandered, or subject to "character assassination" or "psychological murder", under pressure of powerful politicians, by professional slanders, or by any bigot or freak, - branded all their life-time, and there is no Tribunal of Justice to rehabilitate them. What do we say, there is no such a thing as a World Tribunal of Justice as yet, and any nation can treat HUMAN BEINGS as it chooses in the name of democracy, any organization can set up a "World Inquisition" of its own in the name of God, any ruffianistic self-exalted tyrant can subdue people to his heart's content, and there is nothing that can stop them.

Certainly, most people will vaunt the merits of WAR. But wars have never solved any problem. On the contrary, wars only increase world misery and human problems, because aggression and violence only breed hatred and injustice, and prove moral weakness and capacity for infamy. The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE travails tirelessly to solve all these problems in behalf and to the benefit of all HUMANITY. Nevertheless, we realize that our efforts are not enough. Unless the nations of the whole world assist us, we find ourselves blocked and limited by all sorts of barriers, political frontiers, religious prejudice and intolerance, and racial discrimination.

Think for a moment of the tremendous economic rehabilitation, social welfare, educational development and general uplift of mankind if all governments decide forthwith to suppress all War Offices and military affairs and instead of contemplating war they took immediate care of all the underdeveloped people of their own nations, if all colonies were instantly freed and aided to attain respectable statehood, if all the military barracks and posts were converted into Hospitals and Schools, and if instead of maintaining expensive spying networks nations raised the living standard of their citizens. Would not such a world be much more worthy of defending in a World Parliament of the Confederations of Humanitarian nations?

The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE and the WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN (Great Permanent Parliament of all the Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies) jointly seek since over five decades the real fulfillment of noble ideals and religious teachings, but we realize that unless and until the government of all the nations think and work in consonance with our own endeavors our results can only be limited. We do not expect that the rulers and governments of all the nations to be as idealist, humanist, religious minded and spiritually inspired as we are; yet it would be wonderful if organisms created for the promotion of peace, democracy and human well-being like the UN contributed somewhat and somehow toward the accomplishment of such noble aims, instead of seeking only political aims and economic advantages, without heeding the more crying needs of the people of all the nations of the whole world.

The great need of the hour is for disarmament. Not only military but also mentally and in the heart, spiritually. Unfortunately, some nations are resolved not to be united, and they appear as Members of the UN only because they must keep appearances. It is extremely sad, indeed, that America should snub, insult and "fail" some of the UN Official Delegates, as she is proving in so behaving her incapacity as a conciliator and also as a friend, or as a host. Also on ill-tempered neighbor at that.

This General Assembly of the UN should be, more than a simple gathering of Official Delegations, a companionship of world-makers, as the time of the deluded and arrogant self-styled "Bib Ones" is definitely past, and this world of ours belongs to all mankind, not to just four or five totalitarian dictators whose power is measured only in terms of insolent armies, threatening nuclear bombs, and unscrupulous political scheming. At the UN, everyone is BIG if he solves problems; otherwise, all are minutely small and terribly null, deserving the contempt of all humanity.

It is in this spirit, forsooth, that we miss so much America's humanitarian stewardship and moral leadership. America has the best opportunity she ever had to prove the superior nation she so loudly claims and dreams to be. She could have widely opened her heart and shown her soul, in token of sincerity and to prove to the whole world that she is really trustworthy and morally respectable, and no to be considered only as a dollar-making-machine, or an awe inspiring military Moloch. In ultimate analysis, what makes a people great it is their capacity in making friends, not their ability to either buy, conquer, or enslave others. Nations are only worth and truly powerful as much as they can deserve in admiration, love, moral stature and social or cultural leadership from other nations.

Perhaps a miracle will happen soon. The destiny of humanity cannot rest in the hands of people who are so narrow-minded that they are incapable of being friendly and courteous toward their dissenters in views, or of unscrupulous politicians with freakish minds, heartless businessmen and cold-blooded ruthless militarists. The world needs to change leaders, and chose a more moral climate. The UN must react promptly, and prove to the world that it accomplishes a noble mission, by being exclusively in the SERVICE of all humanity, with due respect and devotion to everybody, and above the private, clannish or sectarian interests of the nations, faiths and races of the whole world.

The question of transferring the headquarters of the UN is now brought up, of course, as the organism needs a more neutral and respected surrounding. The island of Cuba is the place with the most suitable quarters and adequate means to shelter it, besides being a really peaceful locality with respectable environment. But should there be any prejudice regarding this wonderful country due to any misunderstanding, we recommend Lake Victoria, in Tanganyca, Central Africa, or the island of Samoa in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, once purchased by the UN.

The other great problem that must need to be taken up earnestly by the UN is that of INFORMATION. Mankind should be duly informed about world events, as times demand a wider mental horizon and more effective perception. The world is disastrously mislead and idiotised by well-organized mercantile News Agencies, which scandalously misinform people. If people had to read what appears in local newspapers and magazines the whole world would soon be completely cretinised and prepared for integral delusion and exploitation. Propaganda items only distort the truth and deceive people, instead of educating them, or they stuff the mind with delusory and dangerous half-truths. Thus mankind is kept in doctrinal serfdom, in the bondage of taboos and dogmas, or socially subdued, because foul and evil "information" misguided, cheats and defeats human intelligence in the name of prestigious evils and glamorous falsehood and vice, or crime. The UN should proceed to either outlaw such vicious organizations or put them out of business, illegalising them in the same manner that crime is discountenanced and combated. To deceive people is a preparation for crime, if not a real crime against the integrity of human personality. Foul and ominous "misinformation" is not only a discredit to our modern world of progress and humanism, but also a blot on the much vaunted ideals of culture and democracy. Besides, it is about time that mankind be guaranteed the RIGHT TO HONEST INFORMATION in the same manner that people are guaranteed the right to vote, to health and to self-respect, and also that truthful writers and truth-loving publications be protected against imprisonment or confiscation for the "crime" of revealing the truth.

The UN is all the more important today inasmuch as direct diplomacy has definitely failed, and special conferences as that of disarmament remain just as futile and fruitless. All there is in the world today to keep people from reverting to jungle practices, annihilating war, and vicious imperialistic fits of oppression and conquest is the UN. But this UN is now known to be most deficient, so it must be reshaped ipso facto, ere it is too late for mankind. It has not brought PEACE to the world. Neither has it guaranteed true democracy anywhere, and mankind is lost in quandaries and victimized by all sorts of ill-informers, slanders, unscrupulous politicians, exploiters of others, colonialists, international gangsters, and warmongers. Its record is one of monumental incapacity and sensational irresponsibility.

It has already proven powerless in Korea, inoperant in Algeria and Laos, absent-minded in Suez and Cashmere, indifferent in Cuba, strangely depredatory in Congo. Unless it is refashioned soon, and immediately transferred to a really neutral ground, far away from the politically polluted atmosphere of great cities, completely out of reach of power-drunk "Big" nations and free from all sorts of impositions, it will be as obsolete as an Indian canoe in the middle of the ocean. In fact, if it is not possible to meet such needs, we dare say that without being prophets a new international organization will spring up soon, which will be really a UNION OF FREE AND PACEFUL NATIONS, definitely interested in the moral rehabilitation and spiritual safeguard of mankind.

Needless to say, not all nations are warmongering, colonialist, and irresponsible. There are many that will prove their moral consistence and spiritual values by following the suggestions and propositions of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE, and we would have no difficulty in demonstrating to all humanity on which side are to be found the real humanists and peace-lovers, the defenders of international law and the outlawers of colonialism, monopolies and warmongery.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE (name now being changed to UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE) was conceived and established in Paris and Jerusalem in 1908 precisely to meet the ominous challenge of the growing world problems due to corrosive hatred and daily mounting bigotry in pace with materialistic thinking, juvenile delinquency, vice, gangsterism, colonialism and warmongery in staggering proportions. We believe, consequently, that the world needs more than academic speeches and fancy diplomatic rhetoric to meet portentous human needs and to solve increasing problems ere they destroy us. We cannot talk human passions and devilish interests out of business. Indeed, the only way to deal with modern menaces is by promoting GOODWILL above sectarian faith, social prejudice, racial discrimination and supranational continental domineering, or providential personalism. That is why we developed, foremost, our Educational Department, which functions on a base of absolute academic freedom, unbiasedness, unhampered idealism, human rehabilitation, and spiritual values. All around we integrate a unique Realm of sages, idealists, scholars and social leaders recruited among the best elements of all the Religions, Faiths, Fraternities, and Philosophies throughout the world, and in this respect we constitute an authentic New Age organism for the promotion of a modern Spiritual renaissance as well as to develop the prototype of Humanist and Spiritual Civilization for the ushering in New Age. Needles to say, our content or meaning and dynamics is of universal, unconditional and unminced Love, Understanding, Righteousness, Unselfish Service, Cooperativism, and the Brotherhood of Man, above whatever form of dogmatism, sectarianism, partisanship, or dictatorship. Excellence of knowledge and living is our main keynote.

Still, we have to live in a world of hatred, terror, barbarian bigotry, ruthless militarism, unscrupulous and brutish politics, knavish irresponsibility, effete morals, and all sorts of ignominies due to ignorance, superstition, vice and aggressive insanity. This has forced us to build, as we previously stated, a world of our own, for we earnestly believe that through peace, wisdom and wholesome living there is more future for intelligent mankind than in the spirit of ignorance, vice, aggression and ominous politics, or warfare. Love and Brotherhood can, if duly cultivated, prove mightier than nuclear energy and atomic fission, or space guided electronic missiles. The day all good people will understand this positive approach we will be able to guide the world in more effective ways, of course. Naturally, we have met with enormous and terrible difficulties, comparable, in fact, only to the worse forms of martyrdom. Still, we preferred to continue toiling toward the making of a better mankind, so as to have later a better world to live in. This is said precisely to prove that it is not with doctrines, devotional cult, mystical rites, wonderful Declarations at international meetings, or even with hellish warfare that we will solve the problems which now harass mankind and soak the world with brotherly human blood. It would seem, in fact, that the more civilized people talk, plan, promise, pray and dream the more they actually become unintelligent and barbarian, as history proves. This predicament led us to seek soon after the World War 1 an official status of INTERNATIONALITY, with autonomous sovereignty, so that we could be able to fulfill our noble tasks and humanitarian endeavors, the most characteristic of which are:


We confidently expect that the UN will not fail to realize that the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE has since many decades become of age in functional humanism and spiritual order, and our vital universalism is designed precisely to overcome the classic shortcomings of unplanned idealism and over emphasized claims.

It is obvious that we appeal to the United Nations with all our moral authority and spiritual force to meet the challenge of so many problems which, if left unsolved will degenerate into chaos and will inevitable mark the dissolution and banishment of the whole human species.

The turbulence that we see here and there throughout the world only proves that mankind is on the way to new forms of social relations, and that many social evils and all the political curses of our times must come to an end. We cannot but express our wonder as to why the United Nations should not be transformed into a system of popular representation, instead of only the representation of governments or nations, for as you all know a great number of nations suffer tyrannical rule and false democracy, and such ruling casts should not be exalted by membership in the United Nations.

Is it not well nigh time to stop talking about democracy and vaunting religious doctrines, and instead practice a form of genuine humanism? If this plea of ours is ignored, we cannot but express our apprehension for the future of the world, and to query about the usefulness of the United Nations organism.

We cannot think of a better or more genuine expression of Religion and Philosophy than the solution of the above mentioned problems and the immediate enthronement of human dignity and spiritual values. No matter what doctrinaires may have to say, or what politicians may do, ignorant, miserable, maltreated, exploited and maligned people cannot be really religious, democratic, peaceful, respectable, or happy. Nobody should be deceived about this.

Our field of action is definitely not similar or identical in any way to that of the UN, as we are in no way concerned with politics. Nevertheless, when politics affect our way of life in undue manners, when it practices favoritism on behalf of international cartels and monopolies, when it either fosters or yields to ominous imperialism and monstrous colonialism, or when it promotes economic serfdom, ominous supranationalism, or war, we must dutifully stand up and make our principles clear and respected, as they constitute the very essence of human conscience and dignity. Spiritual values must be duly upheld, consecrated, and glorified under all circumstances, above all sectarian, partisan and clannish interests or designs.

Sometime ago we laid claim to the right to a seat at the UN. We later preferred not to press the proposition, however, because we sensed in a way that the UN was failing in her great mission, due to the interference of foreign concepts of questionable morality, and obnoxious political issues. If the UN can free herself of such perturbing and denaturing elements the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE, speaking in behalf and in representation of all humanity wants to be her best ally.

The Official Delegations to the General Assembly of the UN will take note of the most significant fact that the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE is the only international organization that has thus far complimented them and wished them success in their historic meeting. None of the greater religions and fraternal organizations outside the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE seems to have as yet sensed the tremendous importance of the UN task at this moment. You all need, nevertheless, much understanding, admiration and moral support at this great hour of world crisis, as your efforts and resolutions will mark the course of politics tomorrow. We are solidly behind you, morally and spiritually, because we realize that you cannot solve problems only through political considerations and measures, or expedients. You must stand on moral tenets and spiritual values. We aim to be your spiritual guide and moral counselor.

Throughout the world the UNVERSAL HUMANIS, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE is maintaining a twenty four hour Prayer and Meditation SERVICE to assist as best we can, and for the selfsame motive we have constituted a Grand Spiritual Mission before the UN for the purpose of affording you due information on world conditions, and in regards to the needs of all mankind and the demands of human conscience and dignity. This extraordinary Spiritual Mission is integrated by prestigious and idoneous scholars, exegetes and leaders of all the Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies, not exclusively of one or another faith, group, clan or party, and they are permanently on SERVICE at our Headquarters, in the lobby of the UN Headquarters, and at the Hotel Comodore.

One of the main motives for the creation of the Grand Spiritual Mission is to promote mutual understanding, utmost respect and peaceful collaboration among the nations of the whole world, and also to engage in endeavors of improvement of relations among the different governments, in the consideration that HUMANITY is above each one and all the nations of the world, that NO SINGLE MAN OR NATION has ever existed that deserves to subdue all mankind and to rule the whole world, and that NO CHURCH OR GROUP OF BELIEVERS has ever owned God, or can ever hold the monopoly on Truth, Humanity and the Golden Rule.

The PEOPLE OF THE WORLD are desperately yearning for peace, freedom, justice and self-respect, and to them it matters little which nation is biggest or richer, which political system is most acceptable, or which faith is the truest and trustworthiest. They want facts, not words; solved problems not fancy rhetoric and promising dogmas, even if they should have no nationality or religion whatever. For, indeed, the best faith is the one that makes people more intelligent and peaceful, and more righteous than politically aggressive, or more happy and brotherly than rich and domineering.

Not only people and nations must learn to live together, but it would be to their advantage to behave intelligently and make friends, even Brothers. If they want to insist on selfish, sectarian and clannish designs, the vicious demons of pride, strife and war will destroy them. Disunity shall be their inevitable curse, and the cause of their doom.

All mankind is intent on the happenings of New York City, and we trust that incumbents at the UN will realize that they are responsible for the future of civilization, not in terms of nations, religions, or political parties but in the sense of human needs and spiritual values.

The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE wishes the Official Delegations to the UNITED NATIONS much success in their noble endeavors. And we all pray and meditate for the immediate rehabilitation, freedom, peace and happiness of all mankind.

Yours in the DIVINE GOLDEN RULE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and for the common Human and Spiritual destiny of Mankind.

Micheline Héraud de Molay

Secretary General
Pr. OM Lind-Schernrezig

President of the World Board of Patrons and Trustees of the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE