(The Universal Parliament of Man)

Havana, Cuba, October 23 - December 31, 1959…… (2010) .... PERMANENTE



PROPOSED THEMES (Declared Permanent Work Themes)

According to the Agenda

Languages accepted: English, German, Spanish, Japanese, Hindu, Urdu, Russian, Arabic and French


Relationship between ancient and modern religions.
What is righteousness.
Nature and importance of evil and wickedness.
Meaning of ancient myths and mysteries.
Religion versus materialism, atheism and ignorance.

CULT: Section 2:

The dividing line between superstition, idolatry and worship.
The cult of friendship and human brotherhood.
Philosophy of life as a cult.
Nature and significance of real Spiritual Communion.
Church ecumenism, or real Spiritual Communion.
Psychological element in holiness and religious life at large.
Holiness as a perfect way of religious life.
Religion as a state rule and social order.
Research in mediumnism and seership.
The essentials fundaments of true religion.
Nature of the Holy Sacraments in different religions.
Must benevolent Fraternities, mystic Schools and Orders of Knighthood be "secret societies" ?
Religion and human behavior in connection with natural forces and Divine powers, or spiritual values.
Naturism, naturalism, and God worship.
Divine Presence, and return.

ART: Section 3:

The meaning of art in ancient and modern religions.
Sacred symbology and legends in ancient and modern civilizations.
The place of man in the different religions, ancient and modern.
Man as a Divine expression, and God humanized.
The dividing line between beauty and evil.
Dance and Divine worship, according to psychological research.


Does war solve human problems and improve world conditions?
Functional religion in the eradication of vice, war, superstition, misery and poverty.
Religion as a fundamental factor of Human Brotherhood and Spiritual Communion.
Why are not the priests and ministers of all religions and faiths UNITED FOR COOPERATION, or COORDINATED IN EFFORTS if there is only ONE God, ONE Truth, ONE Humanity, ONE sacred Golden Rule, and ONE Spiritual Communion possible ?.
Is the knighthood institution a form of religious expression or an anti-religious Fraternity, or an institution of solidarity and indissoluble ties of friends among the people of the whole world.
Should religion be a means or system to attain health, community prosperity, social order, and state norms ?
Functions of religion in public relations.
Is the Kingdom of God or Holy Realm possible as a physical reality on this planet, as prophesied.
Non-cooperativeness as an anti-religious force.
The establishment of a real world-wide Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man, or Divine Kingdom.
The best definition of Religion, Humanism, and Democracy.
Why the UNIVERSAL CITIZENSHIP should be adopted, enforced and defended by all the religious, fraternal and philosophical organizations ?
Should all Religions and Fraternities work toward defending the legal rights of 'Captured Countries', or for an international status in their behalf ?
Why should a status of International extraterritoriality (autonomy) be granted to the World Spiritual Union, or UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE AND HOLY REALM ?
World Peace can be neither Communist, American, Roman, Chinese, Zulu nor French, but, rather, HUMANITARIAN.
Violence, strife, hatred and slander are fruits of ignorance and superstition. How can we create a better world without such devilish characteristics ?
A lust mind and a roguish heart can only breed gangster methods and devilish greed.  How can the world be truly saved from such awful deterrents ?
Human misery, poverty, sloth, ill-health, ignorance and superstition are incompatible with any religious ideals and designs.  Why, then are they still so prevalent throughout the world today ?
The need for a greater use of the SPIRITUAL FLAG OF HUMANITY throughout the world.
Why is it not appealed to the Humanity Flag when trying to defend or project the inalienable and sacred human rights?
Religion an philosophy more than doctrines or taboos are transcendental means of education, or cultural projections. In what measure do they really transform man and ensure him a better destiny? Or is man uncorrectable and impossible of perfection?

ECONOMY: Section 5:

Is there any compatibility or antagonism between religion and economic order?
Religion in the face of social injustice and human tragedy throughout the ages.
Religion as factor of human rehabilitation and as moralizing force.
Constitution of a world financial fund in order to ensure economic means to the RELIGIOUS UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE.
Is it perhaps possible the establishment of a common world monetary system?
The imperious necessity to establish a World Bank of Credit and Repairmen exclusively in benefit of religious, fraternal and philosophic organizations, without connections with any political power and not subject to the incidents of world politics.
How could we better plan and develop the world program of cultural and missionary activities of the RELIGIOUS UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE through the coordination of potential factors from each one of their members that are more o less poor?

SCIENCE: Section 6:

Scientific analysis of miracles, seership, prophetism, and prayer.
Mental culture as basis of religiosity, philosophical attitude, and human brotherhood.
The mechanism of Divine projection and Spiritual communication
Interrelation between religion and science.
The place of scientific knowledge in true religion.
Spiritual Faith, and Mental Healing.

EDUCATION: Section 7:

Relationship between brainwashing, hypnotism, superstition, and ominous tyranny.
Is there a different moral conception and spiritual standard for each one of the numerous different religions and faiths ?
The elements of suggestion and hypnotism in mysticism.
Difference between metaphysics and cosmology, or theology and astrophysics and nucleology.
Are telepathy and clairvoyance possible, or trustworthy as systems of scientific education ?
The mechanism of ill-health and suffering in the light of religious teachings.
Why are not all the religions and faiths morally and spiritually united, for educational purposes as well as for social justice and world order aims ?
Religious history as an educational factor.
Is there a different system and norm of education for each one of the different religions, fraternities and philosophies ?
The eradication of vice, superstition and crime.  How ?

MEDICINE:Section 8:

Relationship between religion and medicine throughout the ages.
“Healing” as a non-material and ultraphysical mean to restore lost health.
Psychology and Parapsychology in religion and philosophy.
When religion and medicine are one.
Expectation, Suggestion and Hypnotism as medical factors from the religious standpoint.
God as supreme healer and bliss maker.
Religious superstition and Spiritism mediums in the light of scientific medicine.
Hypnoidal effects on the mind at large.

PHILOSOPHY: Section 9:

The existing relationships between man and God.
Spiritualism, Yoga, Reincarnation and Karma.  Are they Philosophies, Sciences, or Religions ?
Religion and philosophy as Spiritual functions and social factors.
Man's humanism and divinism.
Does the future of the world depend on scientific religion or on religious science ?
Self-realization, holiness, and spiritual attainment as ideal ways of human rehabilitation from superstition and social or economic serfdom.

No single Religion or Faith presently rules the world, neither morally nor materially, or spiritually.
Would it not be a healthy and happy ending if they all united so as to establish at least a Spiritual Union of Nations, or a United Fellowship of Moral and Spiritual Nations ?

Granted that there is only ONE God, ONE Truth and ONE Humanity, but is there ONE UNITED MANKIND, or ONE PEACEFUL BROTHERHOOD - COMMONWEALTH OF MAN ?