Not a merger, but a Grand World-wide Confederation, Confraternity, Cooperative of Sovereign and independent Religious, Faiths, Mystical Schools, Noble Brotherhoods, Learned Associations, Philosophical Academies and Spiritual Sanctuaries

Non-mercantile, non-sectarian, non-proselytical, non-political

Established in Paris and Jerusalem 1908, Berlin 1912, London 1918, Shanghai 1922, Japan 1923, Cuba and San Francisco 1925, Switzerland 1929

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“We reap as we sow”

“By their fruits shall ye know them”

“The Golden Rule of Righteousness for World Peace and the Brotherhood of Man”

In the face of the present-day menace of annihilating war and mounting heap of challenging problems of all sorts, spiritual as well as economic, social and political, due no doubt to current effete morals and spiritual void, which rest on superstition and lack of proper culture, and from which stem the variety of forms of delinquency, criminality, insanity and unwholesomeness, it is becoming most difficult to find a safety course out of chaos and inevitable doom. The UNITED NATIONS is, of course, nothing but the outer and magnified aspect of the great tragedy of the modern man.

Nations and People can, of course, content themselves with the present world panorama, and submit to the cynical show of the UNITED NATIONS, heedless of the sinister destiny of mankind, which already looms over the horizon. Those who like the present conditions of the world can consecrate it as a sacred statu quo, and contribute to its perpetuation. That is their privilege. Then America shall continue to rule the UNITED NATIONS as she pleases, and Russia would continue also to tease it into action for effectiveness, while the rest of nations can take sides as they prefer in the vain hope of discovering even a semblance of morality and ethical conduct in this extremely expensive and vain display of mental emptiness and incapacity of heart. When things get out of control, the natural result will happen. War, and tutti contenti in the world of death, with few lucky creatures to remain to tell the tale and enjoy what was saved from the infernal maelstrom.

Unfortunately, at the UNITED NATIONS nobody seems to realize that the real issue is the awakening of human conscience and the rising up of minorities and until now underdeveloped nations, “captured people”, colonized zones, and victims of ruthless financial, industrial and political imperialism. At the UNITED NATIONS, the problems of these people should be forthwith taken into consideration, forthrightly and in all sincerity, as otherwise this organization is a simple pass-time, or an imposture, as well as a great source of human misery and anxiety. We only need to peruse the transcripts of the monumental exposés of the Official Delegations of Cuba, Guinean, Russia, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Yugoslavia and India to realize that the UNITED NATIONS is doomed to failure, nevertheless, regardless of the idioticnarcissism and sadism of this futile organization, which has defrauded all genuine hopes and deceived all human aspirations. It its perhaps stylish to say openly that we should be considerate, but it would be much better to considerate other first. To claim that the next war should be more human, or that I would end up in a tie up of no-victor no-vanquished is also a vain literary tirade, for, in reality, even if fools cannot realize it, the next war will make only corps and/or crippled victims, or a defeated humanity.

Too many disjunctive elements are conjugated in the selfish and antagonic interests which prevail at the UNITED NATIONS, so there is no possible coincidence of ideals and cohesion of feelings. Each one seems to converge there only for exclusive purposes, not for a real general need of PEACE, DIGNITY IN FREEDOM, WHOLESOME DEMOCRACY, and UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD OF MAN, that is to “receive” but not to “give”, so the inevitable result is mutual repulsion, general suspicion, fear of one another, and constant coercion. A catalyst power is much needed there, so as to make diplomats and politicians realize that THE PEOPLE OF THE WHOLE WORLD is weary of such impotence, futility, and feeble-mindedness, and that before being exalted diplomats and portentous politicians they are HUMAN BEINGS, or at least they should be.

Nations with greater amount of sagacity can also abandon the UNITED NATIONS, and let the others fight it out to their heart´s content. Once out, they can also make a world of their own, but they would discover soon enough that no nation or group of people can live alone, or in closed quarters. That is the general mistake, in fact, of most mystics and doctrinaires, who create dogmas and taboos until they are hypnotized by them, forcing them to “live” in zombie-manner within their own compound of ersatz and mafias, slaves of their own rules, barriers and frontiers. The opposite of solitude is SOLIDARITY. To much selfishness and egotism only leads to despised and impotent loneliness. SOLIDARITY means coincidence of interests and identity of ideal, and also collaboration or co-operation for greater accomplishments. When SOLIDARITY is inspired by the heart and spiritual values, human character is at its best, only then can humanity feel safeguarded and with a positive bright future of fulfilled ideals and accomplished yearnings.

All people cannot be expected to approve and adopt the concepts and the ways of the sages. Neither do these expect anybody to imitate them, unless they be authentic sages. There are things which cannot be improvised, and theses are: Dignity, goodwill and conscience. Neither is there any ersatz for true wisdom, compassion, sagacity understanding and noble feelings. So the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE presents the synthesis of values and vital designs in their more excellent prospects, emphasizing, naturally, that EDUCATION of individuals and masses is the basic need, and that unless we strive for peace, righteousness and brotherhood life leaks into nonsensical ways. Some people, of course, will tell us that the essential thing is to believe in GOD, but we see them with their condensed and rugged faith sink into the abysses of economic-social problems. Others will frantically shout that CAPITALISM is the only solution, but we see it flourish in ominous forms of dog-cat-dog competition and the abominations of colonialism and imperialism. Others still will vaunt their formula of ANTICAPITALISM, without rejecting altogether the capitalism they so strenuously deny and combat. In reality, people have to discover that mutual respect and co-operation are the genuine keys to real democracy, true world peace and effective brotherhood. People must be EDUCATED for a way of life which spells Universal Brotherhood-Co-operative-Commonwealth of Man, that is wholesome friendship and co-operation in all the aspects of life, on an unminced basis of share-the-wealth.

The wholesome, stable, honest, leval-minded, right-thinking, compassive, pure-hearted people are the same everywhere in the whole world. They are the ones who can and should UNITE, regardless and above conventional considerations of race, faith or nationality, and strive hard for such ideal accomplishments as the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE purports and propounds. They are the WORLD CITIZENS which we aim to prepare by a sound educational process. Our historic record amply proves it since 1908.

Nations also could join them, of course, if they could only realize that HUMAN SOLIDARITY AND CO-OPERATIVE EFFORT, or union, or Alliance in ideals, purposes and endeavors can work wonders. What is possible to individuals and international groups should be just as feasible for nations.

Of one thing we may rest assured, and it is that neither POLITICS nor ECONOMIC UNION (zollverein, anschlurs, industrial trusts, financial cartels, French union commonwealth, economic union, European community) – so many ludicrous essays which so often end usher in colonialism and imperialism under the delusion of coercive co-operation by the infamy of tyrannical collaborationism, or war – actually contain the solution to the problems of humanity, as these continue to grow in the nations separately as well as on the international plane, simply because there can be no genuine economy and no World political co-operation as long as the present economic and monetary system exists. The fact of the matter, indeed, is that MAN is more than what he is, produces and represents in the material sense. He is also a SPIRITUAL entity, whether we care to admit it or not, endowed with CONSCIENCE and a VOCATION for transcendental yearnings and aspirations, exalted by IDEALS and urged for EXCELLENCE, fitted with certain MORAL needs and ETHICAL imperative which, though subjective in kind are nonetheless vital requirements that make life tick and that can justify any sort of political economy if it is essentially HUMAN. Now, the HUMAN, lest we forget, is willing and spontaneous, non-discriminating, impartial, impersonal, unconditional, that is not subject to either racial, religious or ultra national doctrines and fancy social prejudice, and much less to purely material designs of luscious politics and crude economic materialism as now lavishly and shamefully displayed at the UNITED NATIONS.

The proposal of the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE shows the right course. The only possible alternative for those who find it too complicated, or unimpressive, is the UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE itself, as its itinerary and its accomplishments amply prove that the Spiritual Hierarchy of the world constitutes the only genuine catalyzer of human yearnings and ideals, which actually solves world problems and meets human needs.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is, of course, NON POLITICAL and as an INTERNATIONAL body it is essentially an undertaking of practical idealists who believe in the vital universal principles of spiritual values and practice the Golden Rule of Righteousness, the dignification of human personality, and the World-wide Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man, founded on pure Humanist, Cultural and Spiritual designs. Membership is open to everybody. It is in its own right the solution and remedy of all world ills and problems, and human evils or deficiencies. When nations and people get tired of searching outside for what can be sought and found only within themselves, they will no doubt think of something better. Then, only then, shall they discover that they are not alone and that others have opened the way toward the solution which the whole world needs so badly. We refer to the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE (or Universal Religious Alliance).

Our formula may not be easily understood by some people with undefined degree of conscience. It is only natural, as no one can be more or better than he is, so the first thing to be done is to improve the human element. But this is possible only if and when we discover or develop the factors of human rehabilitation. To GIVE oneself to an ideal is still the vital key, the only safe and practical recourse.

It might appear irreverent and silly to speak of nations with terrible social and economic problems, particularly when we refer to America, France, Germany, Japan, or any other military powerful nations which sit at the UNITED NATIONS as portentous defensors of democracy and human rights. In reality, beginning by “the world´s most powerful of all the nations and the arsenal of democracy” as the U.S.A. loves to be considered, there are today over four million unemployed, the production of steel has lowered to only a 45% of normal times, and over 900.000 now cars of the 1960 output remain unsold, about half of the whole negro population of America, some twenty million, are deprived of the right to vote at the “free poles” of arch-democratic “representative democracy”, the Supreme Court is powerless to make its decisions stand in many cases of racial integration and integrated schools, agricultural over-production increases each year while farmers get “poorer”, the value of the Dollar is sinking instead of increasing, an economic depression is showing its ugly head, and the consensus of economists is that only a war can save America from utter bankruptcy and social disorders of proportions. In France, there is also agricultural and industrial over-production, but prices rise while sales and trade are losing strength of stability. The drain of economy provoked by the Algerian war is hard on the nation, and the De Gaulle governmental policies in general are shifting to the extreme right with all the trimmings and results of vicious tyranny. In most other countries except Germany which is about the only nation besides Russia that has really revived from the last world war hellish fit, economy is dislocated and social conditions are desperate, while Defense preparedness for the next war or fit of devilish stupidity runs high at huge costs. In general, of course, human problems get worse, and ideals of democracy are reduced to only mockeries and disgusting parodies.

Equilibrium between production and prices, as well as between work and wages, the land-rent system, and the very method of valuation in economic matters is far from being JUST and respectable. The application of the GOLDEN RULE is also far from being achieved in social matters. The systems of government are likewise a far cry from the sense and spirit of HUMAN BROTHERHOOD AND SPIRITUAL VALUES and even moral conditions, as they still bear the imprints of tribal times whence they sprang. Even DEMOCRACY is as yet a myth in most latitudes, as even the Carta Magna and the religious Commandments are really not put into practice. Neither are the Atlantic Charter nor the UNITED NATION ‘Charter even respected. Consequently, the world is a maelstrom of passions and deceitful doctrines, and “constantianism” or military dictatorship as well as tyrannical pseudo democracy and secret religious totalitarianism prevail much more than could be imagined by ordinary citizens. In reality, nations survive the tragedies of periodical world wars but retained the worse and most ruthless and ruffianistic characteristics of medieval times. Is it any wonder, indeed, if the UNITED NATIONS is such a contemptible mess and ridiculous flop? Besides, if nations resort to war instead of intelligent deliberation it is only because violence always takes the place of noble designs and real humanitarian feelings, or spiritual values, when all these are either absent or purely delusory and symbolical.

What the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE proposes is a more humane form of society, based on balanced economy and the Golden Rule as well as Spiritual Values. There is such a thing as Free Co-operative Economy, whereby people enjoy life according to their own efforts or contribution, instead of being slaves of a “wages-price-rent” system that makes machines or robots and zombies out of intelligent people with all the consequences of the denial or suppression of Human Conscience, the dignity of human personality, and the right to live on a basis of Free-thought, Free intelligent and creative initiative, private enterprise and ownership of personal belongings. – The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE aims to liberate man from the State of slavery to economic uncertainty and social prejudice as well as to primitive taboos and fetishism, sectarian totalitarian orthodoxies, and political dictatorship.

Neither does the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE claim to know all the answers. We do affirm, however, that if all those who really know, have and can do something GET TOGETHER as proposed they will be able to reach greater heights of excellence, and also accomplish much more in the measure of their better spiritual yearnings and humanitarian ideals. But the first step is that on UNION. Union of good hearts, heads and hands.

It is quite obvious, of course, that most of the nations could not take advantage of Membership in the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE as an alternative to a Proposal previously presented as a fitting and proper substitute for the UNITED NATIONS. The UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE is not and shall never be a nation in the current sense of the word, as understood nowadays. Its sense of INTERNATIONALITY as a world organization is, precisely, the very opposite of political entities as they are established and enacted in modern times, and its vital spiritual designs are essentially UNIVERSAL in signification as well as in projections, that is absolutely unsectarian and non-partisan and unselfish or impersonal.

Nations wishing to adhere to the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE must consequently bear marks of resemblance and have identical humanitarian ideals and spiritual values as we consecrate, project, purport and propound. This, obviously, is quite an order for political organizations, as they would have to begin by shedding their political methods and get rid of the terrible ballast of hindrances, which tie them to the primitive past and prevent them from being authentically democratic and to adopt noble spiritual designs. Therefore, the only recourse is to prepare the ground for the better way of life in consonance with real spiritual values and humanitarian ideals, and the only way to facilitate this sane and practical prospect is by underwriting special Treaties of International Amity and Economic-Social Co-operation, or of Human Rehabilitation Endeavors, which can be ended whenever both parties so decide.

Definitely, a new age is ushering in, and a new form of human relations is at hand. The spirit of colonialism and imperialism, or war, can no longer rule the world, and the systems of political scheming, economic exploitation and mystical autocracy or totalitarianism must definitely disappear as they cannot survive their own indignities, infamies and failures.

We feel absolutely certain that, in ultimate analysis, and when mankind will have tried every system and formula at hand to find a valid deliverance from world problems, people will discover their real lasting solution in the Universal Brotherhood-Commonwealth of Man just as the UNIVERSAL HUMANIST, CULTURAL AND SPIRITUAL ALLIANCE has been exposing during so many decades. We may not see in person this triumph of Wisdom, Humanism and Spiritual Values, but the important thing for us is to know that we effectively work toward such an end, - not only for ourselves -, but, rather, to help and Serve Mankind as well as God and Truth. The sooner it will be, the better. All we can do, of course, is to persist in our ideals and increase our efforts so as to succeed as soon as possible.