This Issue carries Our Messages To Your Brothers and Sisters
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Perfection Cooperative Publishers, 4432 Emigration Canyon, Salt Lake City 5, Utah, U.S.A.
Cuarto Año, No. 20 - 15 Cvos copia Julio, 1954      En memoria de C.N. Lund


Why A Universal Religious Alliance?

We are asked sometimes if we sincerely believe that different religious groups or churches can truly want to partake in a grand WORLD RELIGIOUS AND SPIRITUAL UNION, considering that each and all claim to be God inspired, Heaven Saint, unique, absolute and supreme in their qualifications and designs.

We are often told also that all religions consider themselves exclusive vehicles of Divinity as well as the owners of Truth, and in spirit and method they oppose, condemn, excommunicate and fight each other as though they did not believe in Universal Brotherhood and Divine Commandments, preferring to hate, slander, curse, demote, vilify and murder in the name of God, Charity, Love and Truth. Needless to say, many events take place which contradict the most sacred principles and most beautiful ideals, and it is not only unfortunate but unbelievable that such happenings should be due to the bigotry mistakes or unwholesome feeling of persons who claim to profess religious designs.

It is true that each and all religions claim to be unique, matchless, absolute, perfect and God sent with exclusive right and powers, and that quite often their ministers prove to be excessively narrow minded, morally irresponsible, and without the least spiritual realization. Religions offer, therefore, a wide range of choice for human faith and deeper convictions. Exaggerations in this field, however, are deviations into the dark realms of superstition, which are the counterparts of nobler feelings and sincere aspirations. Religions, therefore, like their Ministers and Prelates or Clergy, can be duly appreciated by the soundness of their doctrines, wholesome moral character and spiritual values, and if they are totalitarian in spirit, tyrannical in method, unholy in designs, and disreputable in projections they must be discarded or rejected.

In the field of Religion, idealism is exalted to the extreme and moral qualities are always highly vaunted. This is the way religions proselytize and prove their supreme authority.

Some religions, churches, or faiths actually refuse to dwell on friendly terms with other of different denominations or of unknown tradition, claiming to that effect that they are outlaws, products of the devil, or not inspired and maintained by God, concerning themselves exclusive and unique, they cannot withstand the presence of competing organizations, so they consider as them as foul substitutes, devilish designs and unholy or antireligious schemes!  Thereupon ensues a Babylonian confusion, which usually ends in the complete ignorance of the most elementary ethics and basic religious purports. More wars have been fought in the name of God and on behalf of Truth; resorting to the vilest, foulest and most devilish forms of crime and hatred, as though people were Godforsaken and weapons of hell!

Still, we cannot blame religious teachers, founders of religion, spiritual guides and heavenly Avatars for what is claimed and done in their name. Oftentimes, even their most exalted followers fail to prove worthy of their sacrifices, because they serve conventional interests and in the meantime forget the Divine teachings and fundamental spiritual designs. It must also be well borne in mind that no real religious teacher or true spiritual instructor has ever condemned his peers, or God Inspired Prophets, because by so doing he would either prove God as mistaken, or himself as not really fit for his mission. No where are proofs to be found that Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak, Lao Tseu, Budha, Mohammed, Shri Krishna, Bodhidharma, Apolonius of Tyana, Menciud, Zoroaster, Confucius, Hermes, Shri Rama, Kabbir, Shri Jhanadava, Shri Chaitanya, Tailanga Swami, St. Francis of Assisi, Quetzacoatl, Moses or any other great soul for that matter have under any circumstances condemned other religious or worthy teachers. THIS IS SO BECAUSE THEY WERE REALLY DIVINELY INSPIRED, AND DEVOUTS OF HIGH SPIRITUAL QUALIFICATIONS. ALL of them consider GOD their Father or Supreme Spiritual Goal, and ALL taught moral designs and philosophical motives IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE NEEDS OF THEIR TIME. Not a single one of them ever waged war or expressed hatred toward other people, and all coincided in seeking human uplift and spiritual communion.

IT IS ALSO JUST AS OBVIOUS THAT ALL religions, churches and faiths have had the SAME origin and are founded on IDENTICAL HOPES and ASPIRATIONS, even if they develop different traditions and speak in different languages.

When churches or religious communities sincerely adhere to the teachings of their religious founders and Divine guides they cannot fail to be interested primarily in moral qualifications, nobles feelings and spiritual design. Their endeavors are peaceful, educational and inspiring, to the advantage of all humanity without the least sort of sectarian prejudice or radical discrimination. This is so because their mission consists exclusively in furthering Godly designs and in serving human interests.


The greatest problem of religions in the course of history, consists in REMAINING TRUE TO THEIR FOUNDERS AND DIVINE GUIDES. Churches cannot depart from moral foundations and spiritual designs of their originators and main supporters without deviating from their fundamental principles and nobles aspirations. If they remain true to their basic designs, on the other hand, they cannot help being friendly toward each other because they are identical in ideals and have the very same origin.

In the face of present historical conditions, the many different religious bodies cannot help joining hands, cooperating with each others´ designs and also protect each other if they really respond to Divine designs and are founded upon spiritual values, because there is only ONE GOD, ONE Truth and ONE Life despite the multiplicity of modalities and manifestations. Unless they are interested ONLY in their own sectarian and selfish designs, they will be friendly toward each other, realizing that they must serve mankind and respond to Divine designs. They are indeed different dwellings, in the Universal Mansion or the Father-God.

The spirit of separativness and sectarian opposition is intrinsically egocentric and selfish. This is positively NOT religious, or even moral, or spiritual in any sense of the word.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE justifies itself by simple convergence of moral endeavors and spiritual designs, even if people partake in different traditional expressions or racial characteristics, because morality is never conventional or arbitrary, and Divine intercession can never be in any way irresponsible or fanciful.

Some people may still believe that religions cannot be cooperative among themselves, being differently mandated by God. Indeed, God could never contradict himself, or take sides with prejudice and discrimination. People can behave selfishly and cherish sectarian designs if they wish, on the earthly planes, but when the issues are really religious, or spiritual, they cannot help but coincide in the nobler feelings and better humanitarian ideals.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE is merely what its name purports and indicates. It is NOT INTENDED to change religions, or to impose on people motives or aspirations, which are foreign, or contrary to their conscience, moral aspirations and spiritual designs. They simply COOPERATE fraternally, in the spirit of the wider Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God, without trying to make God behave according to their opportunistic and conventional purposes.

If people are really RELIGIOUS, and truly love Truth, they cannot help being kind and fraternal toward each other. If Spiritual values constitute their cherished goal and yearning, they must be Brothers in Heavenly Spiritual designs. The “City of God” or Holy Temple, whether we want it situated in Jerusalem, Tula, Agharthi or Nani, according to the different religious traditions and spiritual mandates, it is always the same, and if all religions like Islam, Hebraism, Bhrahmanism, Jainism, Cao Daism, Mithraism, Nathoatl, Paradevananda, Vedantism and Spiritualism, among many others CAN WORK TOGETHER IN PERFECT HARMONY AND DIVINE REALIZATION THERE IS NO REASON WHY THEY SHOULD NOT DO SO.

The UNIVERSAL RELIGIOUS ALLIANCE in its THREE DECADES of existence has already proven above all forms of suspicion and doubt that Churches and Faiths can travel in perfect understanding, and cooperate in beautiful harmony. Is not this the best proof of justification? We can worship and love, and live harmoniously nobly and fraternally in Holy Alliance within the autonomous spirit of Faith and different Spiritual traditions, thus proving the UNITY OF GOD AND TRUTH, without behaving like vicious, selfish fiends instead of real Brothers in Godly yearnings.

Prince OM Schernrezig Lind