How few persons realize than they actually exist?         

Blanche Ledran

It is startling, indeed, how few persons realize that they actually exist.  Even fewer know the faintest thing as to why they are alive, or what makes them be as they are.  In fact, they do not live and most people give the impression that they exist only to make money, or that their unique interest on this planet consists in keeping alive until they happen to die, without knowing in the faintest way why all this fuse and fury of daily living.

           People usually exist in casual manner, automatically, lackadaisically, unwarily and delusively, often making mistakes which invariably end in suffering and sorrow, and rather seldom in happy way.

          Looking more perspicaciously at it all, we discover that most people are like phantoms, if not victims of some sort of omen and ever battling forces in their own surrounding.   They are pushed from one place to another, unconsciously and distraughtly, as they never actually enjoy life.   That is the plain, unstained and absolute truth.

          There are some other people, however, who study life and so to say strive to make true the rhymes of the poet: “I am the captain of my soul, master of my own destiny”.   In fact, they have discovered that Mind animates Matter and rules life.   They are familiar with the science of better living:  SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA, which enables them to develop a wonderful physique and a brilliant mind, build a personality of positive character, grow good temper, vibrate youthful vigor, breed radiant health and all the qualities that make for true success in life.

          SCIENTIFIC INTEGRAL YOGA is the method and technique that puts to work the powerful reservoir of inner consciousness, enabling each one of us to promote human metamorphosis and spiritual excellence on a planned basis.   Not only it permits people to enjoy life completely but it likewise facilitates the better understanding of people and lends us a more expressive presence and makes us live triumphantly.   As the sage Om Lind puts it: “Human beings become more respectable as they succeed in knowing more about themselves, and the better they learn to live according to the laws of nature and in tune with universal harmony the nearer they get to appreciate and love God”