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"I am certainly happy that this happens to me, as I can fight it out for those who need my help and understanding, which are not to be found elsewhere".  Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig



Issue: 1960  Reissue 2001.  Nowdays it is enough to increase the figures and places where refugees are generated. According with the information from ACNUR, we estimate today that, meanwhile you read this article, one of 240 people in the world have had to abandon their original places looking for help in a foreign country. In addition, the internal people out of places looking for help in the same country, the figures would be more scandalous, around one of each 110 people. Reproduction ot this article is authorized.

It is so easy to ignore the problems and tragedies of humanity, but this does not deter them, nor brings any remedy. It seems, in fact, that the more religious and nationalistic assertiveness is pronounced, the greater number of people and nations are over flown with problems, suffer democratic inefficiencies and moral or cultural incapacities, in order to reach the levels of an equitable and dignifying peaceful life. Sure enough, there is a complete catalogue overloaded with Codes, Charters of Man, Decalogues, Centilogues, Holy Scriptures, etc., well enough classified, commented and duly seasoned with categorical facts that history presents us. But reality is undeniable and the actual facts, if only they were better known, are difficultly contestable, and if all the official and religious organizations, however rich and so powerful in their way, would do the indispensable, in order to AVOID the world's sufferings, instead of condemning them, while at the same time, tolerating, indulging, blessing, encouraging and glorifying them. Could one be able to comprehend the infernal tragedy of the victims of the nowadays diabolical spirit? One attempts to undertake interplanetary voyages and develop monstrous engines for the destruction of enemies, pretending even to colonize soon the Moon and the planet Mars, as well as to create artificial planets; however, man still is not dominating his instincts and atavism, nor controls his passions and is not yet capable to scientifically utilize telepathy and dreams!

Alas! Does anyone know that there exist this very day more than 40 millions refugees, exiles, stateless people (apatrids) in the world and that their number grows daily more? Is it well enough known that there is here and there too much religious and racial intolerance and even mutual persecutions of certain Churches, as well as of different countries, very officially and in a word (according to them) morally undertaken? Is humanity informed on the useless debates and confusion that are displayed during every United Nations meeting or session? Is the TV, the radio and the powerful press denouncing or relating the above mentioned misfortunes of the world? Are people in the Temples, in Universities and in Schools well enough informed on the true causes of mankind's miseries, while one valiantly pretends than the human species are extraordinary intelligent, democratic and even Divinely inspired? Does humanity real know why there are so many furnaces of passions and hundreds of thousands of victims in countries like Cuba, Santo Domingo, Brazil, Rhodesia, Vietnam, Congo, Ciprus, etc? The "Holy Land" of three great Occidental Religions is in reality a hell of hatred, violence and diabolical passions, but does mankind know why, how and for what reasons, or even all the monstrous atrocities perpetrated there in the name of the Religion and the race?

The UN is powerless to solve all those problems in their root-causes and is thus unable to do anything for the miserable victims. But where are and in what lie the Dignity of Man, the too much famous Human Rights, the Atlantic Charter, the Code of Manu, the Sermon of Benares and the Sermon of the Mount, etc.?

Is it not grand time to solve certain vital problems of man? What is the good of all these fabulously rich Temples, all the grandiose Universities, all these super Palaces or Capitols, while so many problems subsist, inciting accusations for their miseries and purulence and the vanity and incapacity of all those who claim to be almighty and more genial or better inspired by God? It would be necessary, at least, to be a little more thoughtful amidst all these splendors, having a little more HUMANITY and especially a little more HEART and SANE REASONING. And if one is no up to it, why not find at least some valid solutions, practical formulas and finally collaborate in order to solve the most heart-rending problems. And if one does not want to do the indispensable, then why not give to these miserable victims of this inhuman civilization some land, some islands and still desert regions, so that they could constitute their proper "way of life"? If democratic misfortunes are retracted by means of more democracy, could the accidental sufferings of these victims be avoided by giving them islets, bits of deserts, unutilized remote mountains, allowing them to reestablish their life, in spite of brutalities of a world that treats them so inhumanely?

The UNIVERSAL ALLIANCE works for such a solution and if all those who dislike certain aspects of the civilized life, all so-called pacifists, all honest idealists and all lovers of cultures would join us, we could meet complete success in jus one year. But have they enough courage?... Will they have the necessary practical sense? Are they truly sufficiently sincere? --- The "other", those who prefer to ignore problems, crimes, meannesses, degradations, monstrosities and turpitudes will certainly never do anything, as they are the beneficiaries of this abominable inhumanness of aberrations and of gaping (roaring-bawling) stupidity, as dehumanizing as possible. The worst is that human stupidity makes law by its amount and it menaces to utilize one day atomic, nuclear or refined hydrogen bombs, with the aim of liquidating all its enemies? ¡But could one at least fabricate an engine annihilating human stupidity?! ...

Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig

Original: French

--- ALL OVER AGAIN. NAPS: After the terrible tragedy suffered in communistic Cuba, where all our assets were either destroyed or confiscated by official command, then during an endless starling odyssey of Refugees still without refuge, we can only continue our work as best we can under the circumstances. Those who know us understand the hardships we are going through. NOW all we can expect is to see the continuation of our gallant work, thanks to YOUR Cooperation, YOUR Collaboration, YOUR Patronage, or simply YOUR Sympathy.

---  SPIRITUALDOM, through its legal Representatives, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Universal Religious Alliance, INVITES all its Members and all earnest people to partake in the forthcoming Grand Assembly of the WORLD CONGRESS OF MAN (of all the Religions, Faiths, Fraternities and Philosophies). The main theme is to be: THE UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD - COOPERATIVE - COMMONWEALTH OF WORLD CITIZENS FOR PEACEFUL AND FREE WORLD.

May we hear from YOU soon 


"Devils and wicked people are allies, among vice-ridden and evil-minded folks. That is why scurrilous slander and villainous vilification are so easily believed everywhere"

"We INVITE sound and wholesome reasoning, and constructive criticism. Those who only have hatred, scurrilous slander and vicious attacks to offer should begin by getting their conscience readjusted, their mind cleared up, and their heart fumigated"

"The more a person is slandered and vilified the more she or he deserves our compassion, goodwill and unconditional help". "Evil minds and wicked souls must either dirty or destroy what they loathe and abhor"

"SCIENCE WILL PROVE all the absurds so that mankind be completely free from the BRUTAL IMPERIALISM of absurdity".

"May the weapons of hatred and violence be substituted by the Divine tools of Love, Kindness, Friendship, Universal Brotherhood, Righteousness and Holiness. May Spiritual Communion be the real refuge of all"

Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig

--- People and Organizations are judged by their character and virtues, by what they love and do, not by what they claim or by what other people say of them. For obvious reasons, HENCEFORTH, WE SHALL NOT COOPERATE WITH PEOPLE WHO REFU SE TO COOPERATE WITH US. They exclude themselves.

Universal Alliance of the GOLDEN RULE
Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig
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