(Reissue for Ariel, 2006. Unfulfilled hopes. This letter was written in Paris. We remind our readers the recent problems in France with the illegal immigrants, as a mirror to be considered in other regions and countries)

Paris, the 14 th of July, 1965

The General Secretariat
Mr. U. Thant
New York
City – N.Y. – U.S.A.

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to the attention of all the civilized nations the great need for an  immediate, drastic solution to the problem of REFUGEES, EXILES, HOMELESS WANDERERS, APATRIDS who are victims of modern civilization as they suffer either the persecution or the indifference of religious intolerance and political strife through untold ways of VICIOUS VIOLENCE AND OMINOUS WAR.

We request that all the Official Representations of the UNITED NATIONS duly consider this harrowing problem of the REFUGEES with the view of contemplating a prompt if not immediate solution.

Each new Revolution or War increases by millions the number of REFUGEES, and such ominous designs as religious discrimination and intolerance as well as racial prejudice and social inadaptability equally contribute toward the creation of a fast growing portion of mankind. This problem, if it is to prosper, as the MALTREATED  of today shall become the MISFITS, UNSTABLE and UNRULY of tomorrow. We are referring to a genuine menace, indeed, for it is not possible to have hundreds of millions of people without nationality, without legal status, without juridic protection and without human dignity. Without the least exaggeration, there are today ever one hundred million persons disseminated over the whole planet who fall into the category of REFUGEES, APATRIDS (Sans Patrie, Heimatschloss, Emigrants), EXILES or PERSECUTED MINORITIES due to religious intolerance and political conflicts. The situation of many millions of these unfortunate victims of modern civilization is simply desperate.

Our organization is the only one which has really faced this tragedy of the REFUGEES in general. Since 1919, in fact, we have worked conspicuously toward solving their problems in manifold ways. Since 1945 when the United Nations was established, even at San Francisco, we pressed demands and sent request in due form. But our progress has not been entirely satisfactory, inasmuch as the number of victims continues to increase.  One of our first solutions was to implement these REFUGEES with a LEGAL INTERNATIONAL STATUS, but as the solution did not mature, we made an option for a sort of temporary INTERNATIONAL LEGAL PASSPORT, so that these people could at least seek a residence in countries of their choice, provided they be accepted. But even this solution is slow to come.

We have made appeals to several nations, recently, regarding the grant of a piece of territory to the effect of establishing a WORLD HOME for these poor victims. In 1946 we made, in fact, a general plea to a good many nations, but to little or no avail. Now we are again making a dash for a winning goal. For instance, the United Nations could seek to transfer one of the numerous existing MANDATE TERRITORIES – or part of them – to an International Committee Ad Hoc, or to our organization which has specialized in these problems of HUMAN DIGNITY.

We are in a position to furnish telling statistics in regards to the number of REFUGEES and about their unutterable plight which depicts the extent of the inhumanity of man toward man in this respect. We can also prove that our organization constitutes a greatly appreciated instrument for the defense of Human Dignity. The nations integrating the UN could solve instantly this problem of the REFUGEES, by simply granting it a piece of land, a small island, a speck over of ocean wave, big enough to plant the Flag of Internationality, or of the maltreated, unwanted and despised REFUGEES. This is, to say the least, worthy of an essay, indeed the noblest human experiment ever attempted.

One the REFUGEES would have a LEGAL HOME  of their own, they could easily obtain World Citizenship papers – upon effective demonstration of their conditions. They would, then, immediately regain a legal status of Human Dignity, and through their own great experiences they might offer to the whole world a Pilot Nation based on positive HUMANISM. As they are now, REFUGEES have no legal protection, as most of them have no legal documents or passports.  They are not considered as authentic or integral HUMAN BEINGS. Most of them cannot own properties of any sort, develop a business, marry, register their children, or even make legal complaints as they have no legal papers and they are only tolerated in certain countries.

As we speak in behalf of the REFUGEES, we realize that we are defending one of the greatest INJUSTICES of all times. It is, indeed, a problem that repels and furthers utmost indignation, and we consider that it is ludicrous to speak of democracy, Christianism or civilization when such a problem subsists as the worse blot to HUMAN DIGNITY.

We know whereof we speak, for since 1912 we are holding the WORLD CONGRESS OF ALL THE RELIGIONS, FAITHS, FRATERNITIES AND SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHIES, and we cannot but remain askance when we realize that all the religions themselves have not been able to solve this problem of the REFUGEES. Of course, this problem is not exclusively theirs´. It is obviously more of the nations themselves. But even today, our organization is still witnessing the impervious indifference of most people. It is not enough to condemn a problem, of course, WE MUST SOLVE IT. That is why, in fact, we are now addressing a new plea to the NATIONS UNITED there. The REFUGEES´ tragic lot is due to the world´ Revolutions and Wars. Their fate is entirely dependent on the humanism of all the nations.

But if there existed only a simply handful of REFUGEES – instead of so many millions, it would still be a grave problem which all the nations should attend and solve. Or are the nations not yet big-hearted enough, not enough christian, not democratic enough and not sufficiently civilized to bring this inhumanism to and end?

We address our appeal to all the nations individually as well as collectively, THERE MUST BE A WAY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM AND ERADICATE ONE OF THE WORLD´S MOST INGNOMINOUS AND ABOMINABLE TRAGEDIES?

Awaiting a favorable verdict, we remain,


Pr. OM Lind Schernrezig
Grand Patron