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Association Internationale de Charité et de Protection aux victimes des Descriminations raciales, des absolutismes religieux, aux réfugiés de guerre, objecteurs de conscience, apatrides, emigrants necessiteux, exiles politiques et peuples opprimés

Charitable and Protective  International Association of victims of religious persecution and racial discrimination, war refugees, conscientious objectors, sans  patrie, needy  emigrants, oppressed people and political exiles

 Asociación  Internacional  Caritativa y Protectora  de víctimas de la persecución religiosa, refugiados de  guerra,  objetores   de   conciencia, apátridas, personas oprimidas y exilados político





This is to INVITE you and your friends to take part in a great Humanitarian endeavor. Knowing as we do your great spirit for noble causes and your unquestionable stand on the HUMAN RIGHTS and HUMAN DIGNITY - which constitutes the very essence and foundation of true democracy - we are positive that you will serve this ideal to the best of your possibilities.

Considering that there is a constantly growing number of people -HUMAN BEINGS - who become for one reason or another REFUGEE, EXILE, APATRID or that LOSE THEIR NATIONALITY DUE TO POLITICAL REASONS, we have undertaken to assist and rescue, within possibilities, all such victims of modern civilization. Others suffer beyond description the worse kind of treatment in different sort of prisons in many countries, pending their possible escape or liberation, and huge flocks of miserable creatures increase the number of such folks, each time there is a revolution or a new international war focus.

Surprising as it may seem, there is at present no Official International Organization for the Defense of Human Rights or to Protect persecuted Human Beings. Neither is there any Official World-wide Organism destined to Rescue Innocent Victims in strife infested regions of this planet. In fact, there is not even a really Humanitarian an Impartial (Religiously Unbiased), No-Political, International Bureau or system for the Assistance and Protection of Refugees, Exiles, and Apatrids or Political Asyled People. It is this empty space, indeed, which we are striving to fill. With the help and support of all Humanitarian, Fraternal, Religious and Cultural organizations interested in this kind of RESCUE, DEFENSE AND PROTECTION OF HUMAN CONSCIENCE, we are aiming our efforts in three different directions, namely:

  1. Enlist the sympathy and cooperation of all organizations authentically interested in partaking in this Humanitarian Work.
  2. Register all people who are really in the different categories of victims of modern civilizations as above expressed, so as to extend to them all possible assistance as well as legal defense, and
  3. Press our already made requests that, either the United Nations, or any other non-political and unbiased Officially Established Humanitarian Bureau, may recognize and enforce universally an INTERNATIONAL HUMAN STATUS, as well as issue a LEGAL INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT, besides rescuing, assisting and defending all REFUGEES, EXILES, APATRIDS and Victims of POLITICAL PERSECUTION and all forms of extremism.

We have been active along these for a good many years, but now, it seems, the moment has come for a better concerted action! We believe that this task is NOT EXCLUSIVELY OUR'S, and that many more organizations of all sorts should step in to give us a helping hand. We do not appeal for Funds. All we seek is more HUMANITARIAN "practical positiveness". Words and doctrines do not suffice. We ask the many people interested in these problems to assist us DIRECTLY, INMEDIATELY, or otherwise address letters to the United Nations, the UNESCO, the Organization of American States and all effective International organisms requesting them to take notice of ours endeavor and make a definite stand.

The crucial problem is, to say it straight, is to be a little enough HUMAN to afford a respectable INTERNATIONAL HUMAN STATUS for these tens of millions of people who are without country, whose nation has been either "captured" or "liquidated", or whose nationality has evaporated because their passports are no longer VALID. It is possible that people without problems are so happy that they do not understand until THEY also actually become such victims. ALL WE CAN SAY IS THAT IT IS SIMPLY FOOLISH, OR OF IRRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE TO IGNORE WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WITHOUT PASSPORTS. A person without legal papers, or with his passport VOID, cannot travel or do anything a normal person can, for they are out casts, despised by everybody, they are not human beings. They may be a Beethoven, an Einstein or a Jesus Christ, but if they have no legal documents they are morally derelicts of civilization. Their problem is unquestionably one of CONSCIENCE, for they have too much of it. But the rest of mankind has not enough CONSCIENCE to consider them as human creatures, people of God. If they were really without conscience, they would compromise with the evil forces of the world; and then they would fare better; they would have more means to face the world's immanent cruelty of man towards man.

Of what good can it really be to these tens of millions of victims of modern violence, that DEMOCRACY, CHRISTIANISM, CIVILIZATION, DIVINE LAW be so much vaunted, if they have no part or share in these Glories which they cannot bear witness to?

Our APPEAL is GENERALLY meant, and this means, above all, YOU and yur religion as well as your Social Club or Government. If YOU think you cannot be HUMAN enough to assist us, at least, please send a letter to the United Nations, the Pope, the Emperor, the King, the President, all important people of this planet, requesting them to DO SOMETHING INSTANTLY TOWARD SOLVING SUCH PROBLEMS. If YOU are not human enough, or if your religion forbid you to use the Golden Rule with people of other faiths, simply forget all what we said.

But REMEMBER this: The tragic plight of refugees, exiles, apatrids, etc., could befall you also. Look at what happens in so many countries around you. A SINCERE GESTURE on your part can contribute toward the relief of so much misery, grief, want and despair. Think of all the elderly people, the children, the women, the young folks who also deserve to live, yet cannot meet but with anxiety and forlornness.

Should you be in a position to reprint this Message, do not hesitate to do so. It is neither Copyright nor for sale. If you can translate it and make it known everywhere you are also welcome. IN THE NAME OF HUMANITY, do something.

Another way in which YOU can be of assistance: Send us good, practical suggestions as to more effectively carry on our presently expressed task. Send us the address of really serious and humanitarian lawyers, also. REMEMBER, we have to solve the problems which are nearer to us first, as they also affect us. When problems grow too much, they are bound to also disturb or destroy us.



New York City - May 1962

*  *  *



¿Are not such problems YOUR'S also?

¿Would it not be presumptuous as well as ridiculous to brush our arguments off, without consulting YOUR conscience?

JUST THINK OF IT: ¿What does YOUR Religion or Fraternity or Cultural claims really amount to if YOU must ignore the derelict victims of modern civilization?.

Pr. OM Lind - Schernrezig Foundation
Apartado Postal 126 - Barcelona 08080- SPAIN
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