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Association Internationale de Charité et de Protection aux victimes des Descriminations raciales, des absolutismes religieux, aux réfugiés de guerre, objecteurs de conscience, apatrides, emigrants necessiteux, exiles politiques et peuples opprimés

Charitable and Protective  International Association of victims of religious persecution and racial discrimination, war refugees, conscientious objectors, sans  patrie, needy  emigrants, oppressed people and political exiles

Asociación  Internacional  Caritativa y Protectora  de víctimas de la persecución religiosa, refugiados de  guerra,  objetores   de   conciencia, apátridas, personas oprimidas y exilados políticos



PAKISTAN                                         “WATAN”  August 2002

 Spokesman of Stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh



General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, arrived in Dhaka on Sunday 29th July, 2002, on a three-day state visit of Bangladesh to cement the existing bonds of relationship between the two countries.  It was the first visit of a SARC head of state since the 4-party alliance government was installed to power after general elections of October 2001.

The news of arrival of President Musharraf  has infused  new vigor, zeal and  enthusiasm among frustrated Stranded Pakistanis leading most appealing and    appalling life in camps for the  last  three decades.  They had most eagerly been awaiting for the day when the visiting Pakistan President would meet their leader.   Thanks  to  God,  the  historic  moment  arrived   at 9.30 a.m.  on Monday, 30th July, 2002   when a 5-man delegation of SPGRC  led by the undersigned met with Pakistan President General Perver Musharraf at Hotel Sonargaon in Dhaka.  Mr. Enamul Haque, State Minister of Pakistan of Foreign Affairs, Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Pakistan High Commissioner in Bangladesh, R.H. Bokhari, First Secretary, Pakistan High Commission in Bangladesh  and  high  officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan were also present on the occasion.  The meeting held in a cordial atmosphere lasted for about an hour.

The President of Pakistan most cordially received the delegation and gave a patient hearing to the grievances and sufferings of  Stranded  Pakistanis.   The  delegation presented  a memorandum  and  two  copies of  book  lets viz. Stranded  Pakistanis – “From  the  eyes  of  a  Journalist” and   “Blood  and  Tears” wherein two senior and reputed journalists of Bangladesh and Pakistan have freely expressed  their  views on the issue  of  Stranded  Pakistanis  to the visiting President.  A big portrait of President Musharraf  and First Lady  Sehba Musharraf  was also presented to him as a token of love and affection of  Stranded  Pakistanis.

Seeing the portrait  the President became emotional and exclaimed !  So much of love,  affection  and  sincerity  you  have  for me.  With emotional voice and tearful eyes I narrated to President Musharraf  the challenging faced  by about 6.000 poor and oppressed  Stranded Pakistanis living in Adamjee  Nagar Camp. 

With the closure of Adamjee Jute Mills, the largest jute Mill of Asia, the entire locality has turned into a ghost area depriving these poor and unfortunate  Stranded Pakistanis  of their livelihood and means of survival – who had been keeping their body and soul together by doing odd and casual jobs.  Their very existence and survival have been threatened.  I most humbly  urged  upon  the  President  to  take  immedaite steps to save  these unfortunate brethren from death and destruction as 1000 housing units at Miah Chunnu  in  Punjab are lying vacant.  ----Reciprocating  is feelings  and  sentiments  the  President became emotional and replied   “LEAVE  THE  TASK  TO  ME” and  repeated it thrice.  –Then I appealed to him to hold a  “TRIPARTITE  MEETING”  of Pakistan, Bangladesh and SPGRC  to resolve the long-lingering humanitarian issue  of  Stranded  Pakistanis  amicably  through  mutual  negotiation  across the table to save them from total ruination. – He assured that  “his government will do everything possible to get the issue resolved”, and  expressed  his utmost  sympaties  and sincerity.

It  is  widely  believed  the  recent  visit  of  President  Musharraf  would be a welcoming step for forging  better  understanding  between  Pakistan  and  Bangladesh  in  a  changed  and  difficult world in  which  we  are  living  and  would  bring  flowers  and  fruits  for  not  only  for brotherly people of Bangladesh but  Stranded Pakistanis  as well. Stranded  Pakistanis most sincerely hope the work initiated by one General (Shaheed Ziaul Haque)  will be completed by another General within shortest  possible  time.  Historians of coming generation  will write down  your name in golden letters.   It  would  be  a sheer dishonesty  if  we don’t express our gratitude to H.E. Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Pakisstan High Commissioner in Bangladesh for the cooperation and assistannce he had been extending to

Alhaj M. Nasim  Khan

A 5-man SPGRC delegation meets Pakistan President

Report: Mohammad Nisar, Private Secretary to the Leader of Stranded Pakistanis

and  Chef Patron, Stranded Pakistanis General Repatriation Committee

...Alhaj M. Nasim Khan appraised the visiting Pakistan President of pains and agonies and the challenging situation Stranded Pakistanis have been facing in squalid camps of Bangladesh with special reference to Adamjee Nagar and appealed to him to act immediately to save them from starvation and total destruction. Reciprocating his feelings and sentiments the President became emotional and said “leave the task to me” and repeated it thrice and assured the delegation that his government will do everything possible to resolve the issue.  The meeting lasted for about an hour..  We firmly believe President Musharraf will keep  his  words to uphold the image of his government  and  save these unfortunate and suffering humanity from disaster and destruction.


“Watan”                                                                                    August 2002


-         Report  Mushtaque  Ahmed


Rangpur is located at the most remote corner of North Bengal  about  430  kilometers  away  from  Dhaka, housing  about  26.000  Stranded  Pakistanis  in  different  camps.  Their condition  is  comparatively  worse  than Stranded  Pakistanis  living  in  Dhaka  and  Chittagong.   It is a well known fact  that a devasting tornado which swept  over  Rangpur  last  year  in  October  had  caused  extensive  damage  to  Isphani  camp  N° 2, 3 and others.  Moreover, continued torrential rains had added to the miseries of poor  Stranded  Pakistanis.  Almost  all  camps  and  latrines  have  been  damaged.  Unfortunately, despite repeated approach and appeals nothing positive could be done to get the damaged camps repaired.


Misfortune  never  comes  alone.  The  recent  on-rush  of  flood  waters  in  North  Bengal  have  affected  several  camps.  Latrines  have  totally  gone  out  of  order.  No  immediate  relief  have  yet  been  made available  to  them.  In exigency  of  situation  the  poor  Stranded  Pakistanis  are  facing  in  Rangpur  we  most  humbly  appeal  to  Pakistan  High  Commissioner  in  Bangladesh  to  extend  financial  assistance  for  immediate  reconstruction  of  damaged  camps  and  latrines  to  mitigate  the sufferings of  poor  and  oppressed  humanity.

Alhaj M.Nasin Khan 5-6-1996

Miserable Life of Stranded Pakistanis and Role of NGO’s

Now a few words about our miserable lives and condition of camps scattered all over Bangladesh. Since inception of camps in 1972 neither repair nor reconstruction has been done by the Govt. or any NGO. Bangladesh is a land of NGOs where more than 1200 national and international NGOs have been working in different sectors. No NGO turned ever to Stranded Pakistanis to help them despite the fact we have been leading miserable lives in camps in sub-human condition. It is only Rabita, IIRO and Concern who did some thing for us with their limited resources. I strongly protest against this negative attitude of all NGO’s  and hope they would change their policy towards Stranded Pakistanis – who are the most oppressed class of humanity of this century.  Most of the camps, today are in a deplorable condition and  call for immediate attention of the authorities concerned.  We live in camp like miniatures in a sub-human condition. There is neither privacy nor secrecy of life.  All camps lack in basic amenities. For instance in Chittagong, Sardar Bahadur Nagar Camp, there is no supply of drinking water. It  has now turned into a Karbala.  Some camps lack in electricity, in some camps electricity had never been provided. Eviction and demolition of camps is still going on in contravention to govt. orders. A few camps in Dhaka and elsewhere are under constant threat of eviction. Safety and security of Stranded Pakistanis is also threatened by vested quarters. Reference may be made to stabbing of Shamim Ahmed who succombed to his injuries on 2 June last year just for resisting the eviction of D-Block Relief Camp at Mirpur, Section XI.

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Universal Religious Alliance. January of 2003
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