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Letter of Master K.H. to his Disciples

foto k.h. turbante

Havana August 9th of 1960

Cali, Valle. Colombia

Dear Sister and Disciple

Your highly appreciated letter dated July 11 is in my hand, and I think it is about time to answer it before it grows mildew among thousands of letters from the wide world that are also waiting to be answered as soon as possible.

You are right, life teaches us so many things, even though we fail to understand it until the moment that we set to think about them with our pure heart and with dignity in our mind. Likewise happened to you, that suddenly became aware of the infamy of the world.

All this very well deserves the rebelliousness of emancipated souls, as I indicate on different courses of study. Our holy rebelliousness is not with weapons, nor on public places or on the hillside, but rather, within ourselves.

Our revolution is within ourselves, because it procures the dignification of our being by means of rebelling against vices, low passions, ignorance, superstition and everything that represents idiocy (foolishness) or wickedness.

Needless to say, naturally, wicked forces from the environment are also powerful and should be deal with accordingly. Thus the Luminary Centers (Hearts) and our endeavor for realizing The Grand Universal Brotherhood (White or Spiritual).

You will notice that these are not simple doctrines and empty wording, but rather, effective conquest in ourselves, the only possible base for greater realizations and genuine spiritual conquest.

Vicious, ignorant, crude and foolish hardhearted one cannot understand our rebelliousness, neither our revolution means nothing to them, and it matters not where it stands.

We must not fear our heart. It never deceives, even though often may be disappointed.

What is important for us is not to deceive ourselves and let the heart speak, because it is thru it that the consciousness can manifest better. The mind can also speak, but intellect is deceiving, malleable, ductile and at times very accommodating, on the other hand the heart does not know half measures. When it talks, we see the evolutionary course of life. For that reason it cannot be deceived.

Very well, dear Sister and Disciple, I trust that with this letter you will be able to better fulfill your assignment. It is better to be prudent in order not to be defeated by treachery by the common enemy that awaits underhanded everywhere, but with moral dignity and a pure heart, we always triumph.

Receive all my affection in unity with all of your kin, and my greatest Blessing.