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Barcelona the 11th of July, 1966

Ill Raja Mahandra Ptratap
Aryan Peshwa
The Religion of Love
Dehradun, India


Much obliged for your kind recent notes. I have been travelling considerably these last months. Now I am to work for a while in New York, as I have been named as candidate for the office of Secretary General of the U.N., in lieu of Mr. U Thant who is ending his term soon. I have accepted the nomination of the prevision that I be always myself, free to represent Human Conscience above all and in all circumstances.

Were I elected as Secretary General, I would be happy to serve India as well as all the world. But it would be a note to have a hindu like myself there, although I am a rather watered one.

Your work is well meant, and I hope you are successful in your efforts. Mankind certainly needs some upbringing and cleaning up inside.

If I do get elected for the post in reference, I shall visit all the countries of the world so as to know exactly how I can better fulfill my mission at the helm of that world organization of the so-called United Nations. Anyway, they will know what a genuine Spiritual Guide is. It is about time the world felt such an influence from the high places.

By the way, you else may send to the UN Headquarters, Grand Assembly, in New York City, a support of my candidacy, stating why. Should you do so, kindly send me a copy of such document. Infinite thanks. We must help one another if we want the world to enjoy real peace and human dignity. As well as Spritual values.

The Vietnam affair is rather ugly. The Pakistani imbroglio is perhaps ended, for a whole. Mankind is rather sick, not knowing how to live peacefully.

Well, these are good cheers for your own good work, and have my respect and highest Blessings,

Pr. OM Lind